February Game Schedule


2/1- Ducks vs. Los Angeles Kings @7:30pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/4- Ducks vs. Ottawa Senators @4:30pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/6- Ducks vs. Montreal Canadiens @4pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/7- Ducks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs @4pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/9- Ducks vs. Buffalo Sabres @12pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/11- Ducks vs. St. Louis Blues @7pm [TV: Fox Sports West]

2/13- Ducks vs. Calgary Flames @7pm [TV: Fox Sports West]

2/16- Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks @2pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/17- Ducks vs. Calgary Flames @1pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/19- Ducks vs. Florida Panthers @7pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/21- Ducks vs. Colorado Avalanche @7pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/23- Ducks vs. Vegas Golden Knights @7pm [TV: NBCSN]

2/25- Ducks vs. Edmonton Oilers @7pm [TV: Prime Ticket]

2/28- Ducks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins @7pm [TV: Fox Sports West]

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