Ducks Buyout Perry, Putting an End to a Legendary Era

The Ducks decided to put an end of an era when they made the tough decision and probably one that the Ducks’ owners Henry and Susan Samueli, and GM Bob Murray made when they bought out the remaining 2 years of Corey Perry’s 8-year contract.

Corey Perry is know for being a pest for the opposing team to deal with and for an unbelievable scoring touch when he broke into the NHL at 20 years old but the once 50 goal scorer has slowed in his production the now 34 year old has been unable to reach a 20 goal season in the past 3 seasons.

He isn’t just known for the creative ways he can find the back of the net, Perry is just one of those guys that you hate if you’re not a Duck or a Ducks fan because he is a player that was so good at getting under players, especially the goaltenders skin. Jonathan Quick knows what that feels like. Ducks and Kings fans may still recall when Quick went after Perry in a game at Honda Center.

A nasty side of Perry.

Will be posting a Ducks article that is written by one of the Ducks writers who knows Perry better than I do.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

YouTube video by SportsNet

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