Ducks Win 6-5 in a Shootout over the Devils, Sprong gets 1st SO Goal as a Duck

Ducks Win 6-5 in a Shootout over the Devils, Sprong gets 1st SO Goal as a Duck

2- Ducks vs Devils Photo by NHL

The Anaheim Ducks are looking to bounce back from the loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Both teams didn’t play last night so they come in rested and the Ducks are going to be ready to turn the tables to get a winning streak started against the New Jersey Devils.

The Devils have a few former Ducks on their team – Ben Lovejoy, Sami Vatanen, Stefan Noesen, and Kyle Palmieri have played for the Anaheim Ducks. The Anaheim Ducks have a few former Devils – both Adam Henrique and Brian Gibbons have played for the New Jersey Devils.

The Ducks will need to be aware of Taylor Hall when he is out on the ice, Carlyle will pair the Kesler or Getzlaf line to oppose Hall and Palmieri over the course of this game. The Ducks will need to apply pressure which will force turnovers, the Ducks need to attack the net on shots and pounce on the rebounds in front, the defense needs to kick it up a notch and force them to spend more time defending and less time shooting the puck at the net.

Speaking of defense… What time will it be when the Ducks take on the Devils? Easy to tell who will be in the net to start this one…

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

We start this one on MILLER MILLER MILLER TIME!!! Ryan Miller is starting in net against the Devils lets see if he will remain in this one. With a victory tonight Ryan Miller will become the U.S. goaltender on the U.S. born wins list.

Game Highlights

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The puck is dropped and the first period is underway…

Not the start we wanted because… the New Jersey Devils Goal. It’s former Duck Kyle Palmieri with the goal. Miller is down with the save on the shot but didn’t cover the puck. It’s Palmieri who gets to the rebound and flips it up over the pads of Miller and the puck finds the back of the net just 1:38 into the game. They are on the board first, it’s 1-0 Devils

Click here to see: Devils Goal #1

The Ducks need to get something going to react to the Devils early goal. When you mention that to a Swed like Silfverberg (who is heating up when it comes to scoring) normally good things happen and 34 seconds later… THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #33 JAKOB SILFVERBERG!!! ASSISTED BY THE #42 JOSH MANSON!!! ASSISTED BY THE #7 ANDREW COGLIANO!!! Ryan Kesler is in front with a screen who made it hard for Cory Schneider to see Silfverberg’s shot from the top of the circle, it’s a point blank shot that finds nothing but net. The Ducks tie with the 34 second reaction from Silfverberg, it’s tied 1-1.

Click here to see: SWED GOAL- Silfverberg’s quick response

When a rookie sees a that Montour gets a odd man rush he needs to speed down the ice to join the rush to get something going and that is exactly what Kiefer Sherwood did and it paid off when he joined the rush with Montour and Rowney… AND THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #64 KIEFER SHERWOOD!!! ASSISTED BY THE #24 CARTER ROWNEY!!! ASSISTED BY THE #26 BRANDON MONTOUR!!! It’s a 3-on-2 odd man rush from Montour and Sherwood gets the puck and was passing the puck to Rowney for the tip-in goal but he finds the back of the net instead. The Ducks take the lead 35 seconds after the Ducks tie it, it’s now 2-1 Ducks.

Click here to see: GOAL- Sherwood gets favorable bounce

IT’S MILLER TIME!!! Miles Wood with a good chance but being pressured with the diving effort by Jake Dotchin forces Miles Wood to fan on his shot which was DENIED by Miller.

The ‘Energizer Bunny’ tries to extend their lead but Kase’s spin-o-rama shot was DENIED by Scheider.

Just about 11 minutes remaining the BEASTLY Josh Manson takes a shot from up top once he spots Rowney down low to get the rebound but Schneider covers up before Rowney could get to the rebound from Manson’s shot.

Half-way through the period the Kesler line gets to work and Kesler with the wrap around DENIED but not covered. Silfverberg pounces on the rebounded puck his shot is steered away by Schneider. A few good chances but they were all DENIED by Schneider.

The Devils tie it up… New Jersey Devils Goal. It’s Kyle Palmieri with the goal. He fires a cannon and it’s too hot for Miller to keep this one out it goes over the blocker and in the back of the net. We are tied again, it’s 2-2.

Click here to see: Devils Goal #2

Miller covers up with a blocker and with 8:14 to go in the period a scrum starts to the side of the Anaheim net. The Ducks go on the PK after the scrum.

The Anaheim Ducks go on the penalty kill as Brandon Montour is off to the penalty box for hooking Travis Zajac. The Devils were in full attack mode on their power play and they got something out of their power play… the New Jersey Devils Goal. It’s Damon Severson with the power play goal. His one-timer gets through the stick of Ryan Miller. Miller allowed a pass in front of the goal crease and is frustrated because he didn’t cover the puck which would’ve prevented the puck to get in the back of the net. The Devils take the lead on the power play, it’s 3-2 Devils.

Click here to see: Devils Goal #3

The Ducks were unable to kill the penalty… Montour is out of the box and the Ducks are back to full strength.

Montour makes his feelings known about the power play goal they scored while he was in the box. Just about a minute after the penalty expired… THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #26 BRANDON MONTOUR!!!! ASSISTED BY THE #25 ONDREJ KASE!!! ASSISTED BY THE #15 RYAN GETZLAF!!! Kase finds Montour at the top of the circle and the sniper shot didn’t stand a chance and Montour’s sniper shot finds the back of the net. We are tied once again, it’s tied 3-3.

Click here to see: GOAL- Montour rips sniper shot home

The Anaheim Ducks go on the penalty kill as Jacob Larsson is off to the penalty box for holding the stick of Brett Seney. This was not a good penalty to take. The Devils were so close to getting another power play goal but Lindholm takes the puck just laying in the crease before the Devils could get there to get what would’ve been a really easy goal for the Devils. Miller kept denying the pucks that came his way… penalty killed and the Ducks are back to full strength.

The Anaheim Ducks are off to the locker room tied 3-3 with the New Jersey Devils. This was an entertaining period. The Ducks need to tighten up defensively to make entry into the zone is somewhat challenging, they also need to create more offense by attacking the net, pouncing on rebounds and loose pucks, and getting bodies to the net so they can cash in on rebounds. The Ducks know they are on MILLER TIME and are playing a team that tends to give up goals and lack in defense and that is an area that the Ducks can force them to play defensively which is something that possibly could give the Ducks more offense.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The puck is dropped and the second period is underway…

The Ducks in attack mode and Mahura with a good shot but was DENIED by the glove of Cory Schneider.

Just about 5 minutes into the period Montour is shoved into the boards by Blake Coleman, it was a hit that sent Montour to the ice. There is one Duck that takes matters into his own hands when there was no call made on the hit. The BEASTLY JOSH MANSON delivers a big hit on Blake Coleman it was a hard hit that sent him down to the ice and to make it worse went down with a beast on top of him. With Manson on top of him made it harder for him to bounce back up to get back in the game the way that Manson was able to do because Manson was on top.

Just about 9 minutes into the period the Devils strike again. The New Jersey Devils Goal. It’s Brett Seney with the goal. There is too much traffic in front  and there wasn’t really a chance for Miller to save that one from going in. The Devils take the lead, it’s 3-4 Devils.

Click here to see: Devils Goal #4

Sprong takes a shot and Schneider covers up. The way that Sprong shoots the puck is somewhat similar to the way that Silfverberg shoots the puck.

Just 5 minutes remaining the Anaheim Ducks go on the penalty kill as Hampus Lindholm is off to the penalty box for high-sticking Kyle Palmieri. Miller rock solid on the PK and DENIED all the pucks that came at him… penalty killed and the Ducks are back to full strength.

MILLER TIME!!! It’s the former Duck Kyle Palmieri with the breakaway and it’s completely DENIED by Miller.

Under 2 minutes to go Getzlaf begins to get frustrated because the officials are not making the obvious calls. His frustration began when Kase was tripped at the blue-line when he was all tangled up with Palmieri.

The dangerous Taylor Hall gets a breakaway and is completely DENIED of a breakaway goal by Ryan Miller.

Ryan Getzlaf doesn’t really hit on the ice but when the captain is frustrated he unleashes his inner beast mode and… just 24 seconds left in the period a BEASTLY GETZLAF takes his frustration towards the zebras out on former teammate Sami Vatanen. Getzlaf completely bulldozes by skating right through Vatanen and the former is down behind the Devils net.

Due to the captain being frustrated it is safe to say that Getzlaf will most likely to be playing the rest of the game with emotion…

The Anaheim Ducks are off to the locker room trailing 3-4 to the Devils. The Ducks need to play smart by taking chances, play more physical to create more offense, and the defense to join the rush to create even more offense. The Ducks need to have more control of the puck to limit chances of turning over the puck. Ryan Miller is strong because it’s MILLER TIME and he partly why the Ducks only trail by 1 goal. Montour keeps improving his game so he will start joining the rush and shooting the puck to score and create chances for his teammates to get the rebounded pucks into the back of the net. The Devils have made mistakes and helped the Ducks in getting pucks in the back of their own net and if they keep that up there is a good chance that the Ducks will get a lead. The Ducks need to attack the net and spend more time playing offense and to possibly get or force the Devils to make mistakes (like they did in the first 40 minutes of play) to tie and take the lead in this game.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The puck is dropped and the third period is underway…

In his second game as a Duck Daniel Sprong receives his first big hit by Will Butcher a little over 5 minutes into the period.

Just 12:47 remaining in the period is when Mahura does a real good job with taking away the shooting lane of Taylor Hall but in the process he slides into the post the same post that Miller was right on the post being ready for Hall’s shot but Ryan Miller is injured in the process.

Here is how it went down:

YouTube: Miller goes down after collision with Hall and Mahura video by Megan Williams:

The Ducks trainer out on the ice and Miller needed assistance to get off the ice from the trainer and Josh Manson. Miller goes straight into the locker room…

Image result for DUCKS VS STARS MILLER Photo by The Athletic


GIBBY- Knights on Ice Photo by Knights On Ice

John Gibson comes in net after Miller is injured and headed to the locker room. John Gibson comes in after sitting on the bench for about 50 minutes comes into the game with the Ducks down 4-3 and with 12:47 remaining in the game.

Just seconds after coming in Gibson makes a big pad save on Will Butcher’s shot from the blue-line.

Since Kase returned to the lineup he has become a threat shooting the puck every chance he got and it pays off… THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #20 PONTUS ABERG!!! ASSISTED BY THE #25 ONDREJ KASE!!! ASSISTED BY THE #15 RYAN GETZLAF!!! Kase shoots and Aberg gets the rebound but has a little help from former Duck Ben Lovejoy. The slap shot from up top by Aberg is deflected into the back of the net off of the skate of Lovejoy. It’s an own goal that is credited to Pontus Aberg. Once again we are tied up, it’s tied 4-4.

Click here to see: SWED GOAL- Aberg’s fortuitous goal

The Anaheim Ducks go on a JMG POWER PLAY!!! It’s Damon Severson off to the penalty box for hooking Ondrej Kase. The Ducks had shots but couldn’t get something generated and the goaltending DENIED shot after shot… penalty killed and the Devils are back to full strength.

Shortly after the penalty expired… THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #25 ONDREJ KASE!!! AN UNASSISTED GOAL!!! Kesler finds Kase on the side so close to the goal line he shoots the puck from an impossible angle that finds the back of the net. There is only one other Duck that could make that shot – Corey Perry could also make that shot. The Ducks take the lead with 6:02 remaining, it’s 5-4 Ducks.

Click here to see: CZECH GOAL- Kase go-ahead goal

Cory Schneider is off to the bench for the extra attacker with 2:05 remaining on the clock.

Under a minute and with too much traffic the Devils got to it before Gibson… The New Jersey Devils Goal. It’s Marcus Johansson with the goal. Gibson couldn’t get the glove on the puck and with traffic in front Johansson gets the puck elivated and it goes over the pad under the glove and it’s in the back of the net with just 57.8 seconds remaining in regulation. The Devils tie it again with less than a minute to go, we are tied 5-5.

Click here to see: Devils Goal #5

We are tied 5-5 at the end of regulation so we will be going to the 3-on-3 overtime and if it remains tied after the 5 minute overtime period we will go to a shootout to see who gets the second point at the end of this game.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Here we go the 3-on-3 5-minute overtime period is underway…

The Ducks created chances and both teams made good plays but due to good goaltending this game will be settled in the shootout.

This is the Devils first shootout of the season since their games have been won or lost in the overtime period.

Ducks and Devils battle for win in a shootout video by NHL:

This is Daniel Sprong’s Ducks debut in a shootout and he gives the Ducks the first goal in the shootout.

old school save in SO- Bleacher Report Photo by The Bleacher Report

Gibson comes in relief for Miller who was injured during the third period was strong  and in the shootout showed off when he DENIED Palmieri with an old school move to save the puck. This save is a move that goaltenders use – the lean on the goalie stick and save it with the body. This just shows that even sitting for a long period of time he is rock solid for his team when he is called upon.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks


In the game the Getzlaf line was very dangerous with Aberg and Kase on his wing. That line was very active, making good plays, and getting to the front of the net. Other teams will need to watch out and prepare for the time they are on the ice with the Getzlaf line.

record breaking image

Tonight there were a few milestones and records broken in this game:

12-9-18- Anaheim Ducks rallied three times from one-goal deficits to collect its sixth win in the last seven games (6-1-0, 12 pts.) with a 6-5 shootout victory over New Jersey at Honda Center. The Ducks earned their eighth win in the last 10 games (8-2-0, 16 pts.) and their fourth victory in the last five home games. Anaheim also picked up points at home for the seventh time in the last eight contests (5-1-2, 12 pts.). In addition, the Ducks reached overtime for the 11th time this season, tied for the most in the NHL.

12-9-18- Daniel Sprong was successful in his first career NHL shootout attempt.

12-9-18- Pontus Aberg scored his team-leading 10th goal of the season at 8:35 of the third period to tie the score at 4-4. The goal gave Aberg points in four of his last five games (4-2=6).

12-9-18- Ryan Getzlaf (0-2=2) posted multi-point efforts. Getzlaf recorded his 898th and 899th career points and moved into the team lead for assists (16).

12-9-18- Jakob Silfverberg scored his eighth goal of the season at the 2:12 mark of the first period. The goal extended Silfverberg’s goal streak to three consecutive games matching a career high that was established Dec. 22-29, 2016 (3-0=3).

12-9-18- Randy Carlyle made his 900th appearance as an NHL head coach. Carlyle ranks 34th all-time in games coached.

12-9-18- Anaheim Ducks extended its franchise-best home win streak vs. New Jersey to five games dating to Jan. 16, 2015. Anaheim also earned points for the ninth time in its last 10 home games vs. New Jersey dating to Nov. 26, 2003 (7-1-2, 16 pts.).

Postgame Quotes

Ducks Logo.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches

Getzlaf Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Ryan Getzlaf (on getting bounces to go their way): Our guys did a good job sticking with things. When you get a few of those bounces, it’s big. We didn’t get any in the first two months of the season. It’s nice to get a couple tonight.

Ryan Getzlaf (on Miller’s injury): We’re disappointed. Millsy has been battling hard all year and played well for us every game he’s been in. We hope he’s doing okay. We’re comfortable with Gibby [John Gibson] coming in, but you never want to see your goaltender go down.

Pontus Aberg- The Hockey Writers Photo by The Hockey Writers

Pontus Aberg (on getting bounces to go their way): We got a little bit lucky getting goals off their players, but we stuck to it. We played a pretty good third period. We took the puck to the net and it paid off.

Pontus Aberg (on sticking with the game plan): We stuck with it even though they got a goal early. We still managed to find a way to score on them, too. We stuck to our game plan and took the puck to the net, which led to scoring chances and a bunch of our goals.

Monty ready to go- NHL Photo by NHL

Brandon Montour (on finding a way to win): A weird game, definitely, but we stuck to it. We played our game and were good enough to get two points.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle-NHL NBC Sports Photo by NHL NBC Sports

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on getting bounces to go their way): It was a bizarre game. It was one of those games that seemed like the last shot would win it. The positive for us is we were down going into the third, and we found a way to get back. The negative was we gave up a goal with a minute left, but we found a way to get the extra point in the shootout.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the third period): We got some offensive zone time off dumping the puck more effectively than we did in the second period. We turned the puck over 17 times in the second period. You know you were receiving a good part of the game if you turn the puck over that many times.

1- New Jersey Devils Photo by New Jersey Devils

Thoughts on the game from the New Jersey Devils players and coaches

Cory Schneider- NHL Photo by NHL

Cory Schneider (on tonight’s game): I mean, that first period was a little helter-skelter. I think both sides, [played] a little looser. Not as many saves as we wanted, but you come out of it 3-3 and it is basically a 0-0 hockey game. You just have that mentality of starting over and I thought we did a good job in the second. I thought we took control of the game there and got the go ahead goal, and they [Ducks] made a push in the third.

Cory Schneider (on tying the game late and getting at least one point): I think lately 6 on 5 we have done a great job. I think three or four of the last times we have pulled the goalie, we seem to have scored and tied it up. It’s huge. It gets you points. Maybe earlier in the year we weren’t tying games late and losing in regulation. Lately, we have at least been getting into overtime.

Kyle Palmieri- NHL Photo by NHL

Kyle Palmieri (on Schneider’s goaltending performance): Cory did a great job battling for us. I think they had some big looks. He made a big save on Henrique’s breakaway late in the game there. I mean, he is battling for us. It’s hard to see him go through the bad bounces and not finding a way to win games, but he is a warrior and he is going to keep battling, giving us a chance to win hockey games.

Head Coach John Hynes Photo by NHL

Head Coach John Hynes (on Cory Schneider’s demeanor on the ice): I think it’s encouraging. You look at the last game we played in Tampa, he made a mistake then settled in and played pretty well. Then, he got the start tonight and made some strong saves. That’s what you’re looking for. I think you can see his game coming and he’s a true pro. He continues to work at it and maintain the right attitude and you can see his game is coming around. It’s just unfortunate tonight that there was some odd bounces that didn’t help him in his case as a goalie to be able to get a win.

Head Coach John Hynes (on goals that went in off their own players): It was the first time in my experience where you had three that went in. Something gets deflected in and hits someone else and goes in. Those were a little bit odd tonight. It’s situations where you have to find a way to overcome. It’s not something that you can let deflate you. You have to continue to play, continue to push and we felt as though we did that for the most part tonight. Unfortunately, there was too many and we didn’t find a way to either get it in overtime or in the shootout.


Blog post coming up next… Ducks game posts and updates

This season marks the 25th Anniversary of the Anaheim Ducks franchise. It is going to be a season filled with many surprises and who knows maybe one of those many surprises might be going far in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!!

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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