Ducks fall to the Sharks in OT, 4-3

2- Ducks vs Sharks Photo by NHL

The San Jose Sharks enter the Duck Pond… looking for redemption after losing to the Ducks on their Season Home Opener.

The Ducks come into this one wanting to end their 4-game losing streak in game 1 of their 4 game homestand.

The Ducks recalled Jacob Larsson and Andy Welinski to add some grit to the blue-line to take on the Sharks – a physical playing team. They both have played in NHL games with the Anaheim Ducks.

A weight is starting to lift off the forwards for the Ducks as the Swed Jakob Silfverberg returns to the lineup after his hand injury.

The Ducks will need to keep their eye on Evander Kane since he is the most physical player on the San Jose Sharks. Former Duck Erik Karlsson is still looking to find the back of the net with his new team and will try to get his first goal as a Shark here tonight. The Ducks have many physical or BEASTLY DUCKS as I like to say… Josh Manson, Hampus Lindholm, Luke Schenn, Ryan Kesler, and John Gibson (most penaltized goaltender in the NHL).

What time is it? Only the starting goaltender can answer that…

John-Gibson defeats penguins 4-2_ 1-23-18 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

IT’S GIBBY GIBBY GIBBY TIME!!! The Sharks will have to get pucks past the technically sound athletic goalie JOHN GIBSON.

Game Highlights:

Here is the lines before the puck is dropped… will change throughout the game.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Here we go the freeway faceoff with the Sharks begins now… the puck is dropped and we are underway.

Just 3 minutes for the Sharks to get things going… it’s Logan Couture that makes things happen when he takes the point blank shot at the net… the San Jose Sharks Goal. It’s Logan Couture that gets the Sharks on the board. He gets the puck into the yawning net, his point blank shot was an easy goal but a difficult one for Gibson to prevent from going into the net. It’s 1-0 Sharks.

Click here to see: Sharks Goal #1

Looking like it’s GIBBY TIME… Joe Pavelski coming alone and with speed  towards Gibson but… completely DENIED by Gibson.

We are 5 minutes in… Manson shows he is a 2-way play not only can he defend Gibson but he can make things happen in the offensive zone as well. He makes that know to Martin Jones because… THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY #42 JOSH MANSON!!! ASSISTED BY #15 RYAN GETZLAF!!! ASSISTED BY THE #14 ADAM HENRIQUE!!! Josh Manson gets it to Getzlaf from the dot and Manson rushes to the middle shoots and into the puck finds the back of the net. The Ducks and Sharks are tied, it’s 1-1.

Click here to see: Manson with the Backhanded GOAL

The Swed with the breakaway but Jakob Silfverberg fans on the shot due to pressure coming from behind.

It’s GIBBY TIME… Gibson completely robs Tomas Hertl’s point blank shot because the shot is DENIED by Gibson.

Click here to see: Gibson’s two point-blank stops

Gibson standing tall and he completely DENIES the 2-on-1 shot by Brent Burns to take the lead in this one. It’s no wonder why Gibson is the Ducks 1A goaltender.

With less than a minute remaining in the period… the Ducks go on the penalty kill as Josh Manson is off to the penalty box for cross-checking Timo Meier. MANSON DOES NOT LIKE THE CALL.

The horn sounds and the Anaheim Ducks head to the locker room tied 1-1 to the San Jose Sharks. The Ducks will come into the second period with 1:07 left on the penalty to Manson. GIBBY TIME… he has been on fire and is the reason we are just tied at 1 after 1 period of play. The Ducks need to apply more pressure especially at the start of the second being down a BEAST on the blue-line for 1:07. The Ducks need to apply pressure to keep the sea of Sharks away from Gibson. The Ducks need to spend time in the offensive zone and attack Martin Jones and get the rebounds and keep shooting because the odd are that a puck will go in.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The puck is dropped… Manson is in the box for the 1:07 remaining on his penalty for cross-checking Timo Meier. The second period is underway.

From the start Gibson was on fire on the Ducks penalty kill, he denied every shot that came his way. Gibson completely smothers the puck shot by Joe Pavelski who was hoping to get the lead and a power play goal but Gibson says NOT A CHANCE and shot is DENIED. Penalty killed and the Ducks are back to full strength.

The Sharks making things happen 3 minutes into the period… the San Jose Sharks Goal, it’s Rourke Chartier with the goal. Chartier with the wrap-around and the 22 year old  Canadien native gets his first NHL goal. Was a difficult one for Gibson to keep out of the net. The Sharks take the lead, it’s 2-1 Sharks.

Click here to see: Sharks Goal #2

Just 2 minutes later the Sharks get lucky… The San Jose Sharks Goal, it’s Timo Meier with the goal. His shot gets through the hole between the pad and arm of John Gibson. The Sharks have extended their lead, it’s 3-1 Sharks.

Click here to see: Sharks Goal #3

Gibson is being strong and he DENIED access into the back of the net for Kevin Lebanc’s shot on goal.

Tempers start to flare when Joseph Blandisi and Marcus Sorensen go at each other near the Ducks penalty box.

img_20181030_0933467441081745369545846.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks [end look of Blandisi and Sorensen going at it]

Both Sorensen and Blandisi go into the penalty boxes. It’s going to be 4-on-4 hockey… For the Ducks, Joseph Blandisi is sent to the box for roughing Marcus Sorensen. For the Sharks, Marcus Sorensen is sent to the box for roughing Joseph Blandisi.

Looked like Sharks were going to make things worse… and the San Jose Sharks Goal, Timo Meier with the goal. Head Coach Randy Carlyle uses coaches challenge… Carlyle challenges offsides when Meier entered the zone. The call determined by the video room in Toronto… after video review the player was offsides when he entered the zone… goal is overturned there is NO GOAL. the Ducks still trail but just by 2 goals not 3 goals. The score remains, it’s 3-1 Sharks.

Pontus Aberg gets things going just minutes before… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY #20 PONTUS ABERG!!! HIS FIRST GOAL AN ANAHEIM DUCK!!! ASSISTED BY #15 RYAN GETZLAF!!! ASSISTED BY #45 ANDY WELINSKI!!! Aberg shoots the puck towards the net and goes off the leg of Brent Burns, and his shot goes in top shelf short side. The Sharks still in the lead, it’s 3-2 Sharks, the Ducks trail by 1.

Click here to see: Aberg’s 1st NHL Goal as a Duck

The Ducks head to the locker room being down 3-2 to the San Jose Sharks. As always the goaltending was good thanks to having a technically sound and athletic goaltender by the of John Gibson back in net for the Ducks. The Ducks really need to test Martin Jones in the third period and attack the net to tie and take the lead in this one. The Ducks need to keep it in the offensive zone and apply pressure to deny them access into the zone to take a shot at Gibson.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The puck is down and the third period is underway… GIBBY TIME CONTINUES…

We are 5-minutes in and the Anaheim Ducks are on a JMG POWER PLAY!!! Joe Pavelski is off to the penalty box for high-sticking Pontus Aberg. Gibson is forced to make the glove save, he would rather play it when the Ducks are on the power play. The Ducks are attacking the net and having good puck movement but Jones DENIED every shot that the Ducks fired at him. They couldn’t get one past him… penalty killed and the Sharks are back to full strength.

Former Duck Erik Karlsson takes a shot… then Kesler goes down because the puck got him in the face. The puck hit the visor of his helmet so hopefully there is no damage done to the BEASTLY RYAN KESLER.

The Swed does it again.. Pontus Aberg… AND THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY #20 PONTUS ABERG!!! UNASSISTED GOAL!!! Aberg with a breakaway and shows off his skill and speed to get it past Jones. The Sweden native Pontus Aberg is just 1 goal away from a hat trick. We are tied up, it’s 3-3.

Click here to see: Aberg’s perfect breakaway GOAL

The Ducks go on the penalty kill as Brandon Montour is off to the penalty box for hooking Joe Pavelski. Pavelski causes the official to make the call on Montour. While on the PK the fans at Honda Center go crazy with 9:56 remaining in the period because… Ryan Kesler is on the ice and returns with 1:30 remaining on the PK. The special team line (Cogliano, Kesler, and Silfverberg) bounced on loose pucks to clear the zone that helped the Ducks kill off time on the PK… penalty killed and the Ducks are back to full strength and with a full bench with Kesler back out on the ice.

As getting out of the box Brandon Montour had a chance to jump on the loose puck but he just couldn’t get a handle on the puck.

IT’s GIBBY TIME!!! Gibson denies the sea of Sharks attacking him in the scramble to get the puck in the back of the net… Ducks come to clear the water in front of Gibson and shoving the Sharks back and away from Gibson.

Down to 5 minutes remaining in regulatio… Kevin Lebanc experiences some pain when he completely gets CRUSHED by a huge hit into the boards by the BEASTLY JOSH MANSON.

Goaltending has kept us tied and the horn sounds… we are tied so that means that we are going to the 3-on-3 sudden death overtime 5-minute period.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks [The goal that leads to the OT period]

Evander Kane is DENIED by Gibson with his bad shot on goal and he knew it was a bad shot the moment the puck left his stick.

Gibson couldn’t find the puck in the scramble in front of him… Timo Meier finds the puck and shoots it in behind Gibson. The Shark win 4-3 in overtime.

Click here to see: Sharks OT Goal


Ducks Logo Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches:

Manson with the puck- by panow Photo by Panow

Josh Manson (on the final half of the game): We weren’t getting caught in our d-zone as much. When you’re not in your d-zone that much, it means you’re in the o-zone a little more. That’s where it started for us tonight. That’s what we knew we needed to build on.

Josh Manson (on building positives): Even though we played well in the third, there are things we can do a lot better. We’re still giving up a lot of shots. We have to get to the bottom of that. Offensively, we were creating more and playing faster. We were chasing them down and putting pressure on their defense. Those are good signs.

Aberg with breakaway goal vs Sharks- SocialZon Videos Photo by SocialZon Videos

Pontus Aberg (on his two-goal game): I got a lucky bounce on the first goal. It was a confidence builder. It’s been a while since I’ve scored in this league. I’ve shown I can [score] in the American [Hockey] League.

Pontus Aberg (on his highlight-reel goal): Their [defenseman] turned his back after my first move. I tried to pull it back. It worked out.

Getzlaf Photo by NHL

Ryan Getzlaf (on the third period): We took some better steps executing with the puck. We had some great individual goals from Bergy [Pontus Aberg], but we turned the tide a little bit with some physicality and playing the puck a little better.

Ryan Getzlaf (on building positives from the game): We have to come to work again. It’s all about buying into our system and doing the things we want to do. Having fun again, and trying to play hockey at a high level. Enjoying what we’re doing.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle-NHL NBC Sports Photo by NHL NBC Sports

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the final half of the game): We got emotionally involved and started moving our feet. We got involved in the physical part of it. We didn’t make as many mistakes with the puck in the second half as we did in the first half. The turning point if we had a break when they were offside on the goal. It kind of turned things in our favor, and we started to play. Question is, what were we doing in the first 30 minutes that was so much different than the last 30?

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the ability to tie the game): We just have to find a way to make sure we stay positive and stay on top of the things we need to improve on. There is our fair share of work that needs to be done, but for us it’s about taking the next step. Right now, we’re a hockey club that has to try to create an identity, and we did that in the last 30 minutes of this game.

1- San Jose Sharks.jpg Photo by San Jose Sharks

Toughts on the game from the San Jose Sharks players and coaches

Welcome Erik Karlsson- by sports net Photo by Sports Net

Erik Karlsson (on ending the road trip with a win): Even though we let them back in the game at the end of the second period, I think we stuck with it and did the best we could with everything that we’ve got to come away with two points. Even though we are not happy with giving away one, but that’s the way it is sometimes. At the end of the day, we got two points. I think it’s a successful road trip and that’s the way we wanted to end it.

Erik Karlsson (on making things difficult for Gibson): I think we scored three good goals. We could have had a few more. He’s a great goaltender and you know, he sees the puck and he is going to make saves. That’s what he did today. I think that we still put pucks in the net and put ourselves in positions to score goals, and we got four by him. If you score four goals, that should give you the win most nights.

Timo Meier- Zimbio.jpg Photo by Zimbio

Timo Meier (on winning tonight’s game at the end of a road trip): I think it was a big win by us. Like you said, we had a tough schedule last week. We stuck with it. We stayed positive and got two huge points.

Timo Meier (on having an extra day of rest in Southern California by flying in directly after game against Carolina): That always helps, getting a good night of sleep and yesterday we had the option of skating. I think it was a big win for us. It was a character win too, I think after they came back. The same thing kind of happened in Carolina, but this time we found a way to win the game.

Head Coach Peter DeBoer- by getty images Photo by Getty Images

Head Coach Peter DeBoer (on being able to come back and get the win tonight): I don’t know about a comeback. I thought we deserved to win. There was a big swing in the second period when our goal was disallowed and then they got the ‘seeing eye’ one. I thought we had an opportunity there to probably put them away and we wouldn’t have come down to what it did, but that’s hockey. You gotta give them credit for hanging around. Gibson gave them the chance to do that.

Head Coach Peter DeBoer (on Erik Karlsson’s play tonight): He wasn’t bad tonight. He was pretty good. He was great. What are you going to say? That is what he is capable of doing. Like I’ve said, I think he is getting more and more comfortable. He was fantastic.


The Anaheim get a point but fall short in overtime to the Sharks. The Ducks need to find a way to spend more time in the offensive zone and not spending most of the time defending. They need to kick up the defense to give the goaltenders a break from making 40+ shots on goal in a game.

Blog post coming up next… Ducks vs. Flyers

This season marks the 25th Anniversary of the Anaheim Ducks franchise. It is going to be a season filled with many surprises and who knows maybe one of those many surprises might be going far in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!!

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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