Player Review: Brandon Montour

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Brandon Montour showed early on in the season what kind of defensemen and what he is capable of doing out on the ice. He was a deferder that had offensive chances where it was like he was a sniper shooter that found the back of the net 4 times.

He helped the Ducks as being a quarterback on the power play and produced more than stellar defense when in his end of the ice.

According to the Anaheim Ducks, “His Corsi numbers sat just below two of the best in the league – Hampus Lindholm and Josh Manson – and proved what many saw – his improved defense and his innate ability to produce quality offensive chances.”

Season outlook according to the Anaheim Ducks:


The organization signed Montour to a two-year contract this summer, giving the restricted free agent security and the ability to continue his progression into a potential two-way impact player.

“For the most part, as a player, I didn’t really know what exactly I am right now,” Montour said after signing the contract. “I know my strengths and believe in myself helping this team and being a key contributor to my team as of now and moving forward.

“We all agreed with a shorter term. Getting better as we keep going on. I’ve only played close to 150 games. The shorter term was the best fit for both of us. As we go on in the next year or two, we’ll chat for hopefully a longer term like the rest of my D corps.”

It’s clear the organization and coaching staff believe in his abilities. By the end of the season, Montour found himself among the team’s top four defenseman, facing the tough minutes and opponent’s top lines on a nightly basis. The expectation remains he’ll continue to improve his defensive game while providing more consistent offense.

It’s easy to see why Montour became a fan favorite. His mix of high-end skill, exciting play – and a strong social media presence – make him one of the team’s key young pieces to sustain success.


With a fresh 2-year contract with the Ducks and through the years to come Montour will only continue he belongs and he is becoming one of the big guns on the blueline. I have a gut feeling that he will become one of the BEASTS in this next season and seasons to come with the Anaheim Ducks.

Blog post coming up next… Player Review: Ryan Miller

This season marks the 25th Anniversary of the Anaheim Ducks franchise. It is going to be a season filled with many surprises and who knows maybe one of those many surprises might be going far in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!!

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sources: Anaheim Ducks Player News- Ducks Daily and Twitter @AnaheimDucks

Sources are all by The Anaheim Ducks/

Source: AJ Manderichio- “Ducks 2017-18 Player Review – Brandon Montour”

Photos by The Anaheim Ducks

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