Ducks with the Epic Comeback in a 4-3 OT Win over Colorado. Ducks KASE in the 2 points

The Ducks take on the Colorado Avalanche on a momentous night at Honda Center for a certain Ducks defenseman. This game marks Francois Beauchemin’s  900th NHL game. Since it was a special night for Beauchemin he had a few good luck charms in the stands, his children were there to cheer for him and the Anaheim Ducks.

It’s Ducks netminder John Gibson vs. former Ducks netminder Jonathan Burnier. The game starts off on GIBBY TIME!!! but ends up being MILLER TIME after an injury to Gibson occurs during the first period.

The Anaheim Ducks are coming off a big OT victory over the LA Kings and lets see if they still got some of the momentum in that game to carry over to this match-up against the Colorado Avalanche.

We know that the Ducks struggle on the power play and at times the penalty kill but a challenge for the Ducks is to shut them down on the power play. Based on statistics the Colorado Avalanche are really good on the power play. They are going up against 2 veteran goaltenders who are on fire I would say there chances at a power play goal is slim to none, it would be a lucky goal if they got one past the Ducks netminder’s in this game.

The Ducks will have to be real good to make the puck find the back of the net. In the game both teams found the back of the net which led us into overtime and that is when the Ducks Kase in the much needed 2 points.

Game Highlights

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks get the first save of the night with a big glove save by Gibson but another shot… the Colorado Avalanche Goal with a deflection bounce in the back of the net and Gibson is more shocked than anyone on that play. The puck is deflected of Perry’s skate and into the net. It’s an unassisted goal by Alexander Kerfoot and the Avalanche announcer wasn’t even sure that the puck touched an Avalanche player’s stick. The Avalanche got lucky with that one. It’s 1-0 Avalanche.

Click here to see: Avalanche Goal #1

Huge glove save Gibson, he completely DENIES Sven Andrightto of a goal. Gibson’s glove was ready and in the right position to make this easy looking glove save.

The Anaheim Ducks go on a JMG POWER PLAY!!! Nikita Zadorov is off to the penalty box for hooking Ondrej Kase. The Avalanche were successful on the PK, Jonathan Burnier stopped every puck that came his way. Penalty Killed and the Avalanche are back to full strength.

It wasn’t until after the power play expired when the Ducks get a big break in the game… THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY #7 ANDREW COGLIANO!!! ASSISTED BY THE #33 JAKOB SILFVERBERG!!! Silfverberg gets the puck and a homerun pass to a speedy Cogliano who gets it past a wide open Burnier. The Anaheim Ducks have just tied up the game, it’s tied 1-1.

Click here to see: Cogs with speed gets a breakaway goal

After the Ducks tie up the game, this game starts to get physical and players getting pretty angry with hard hits and fights starting early in this game. Maybe the Ducks have some physicality left over from the Kings game the other night.

Tyson Barrie got to taste the wrath of a BEASTLY RYAN KESLER with one big hard hit that sent him hard into the boards. Clean hit=NO PENALTY for #kesboss

The Ducks go on the penalty kill as Hampus Lindholm is off to the penalty box for interference against Nathan MacKinnon. Strong Goaltending and Ducks penalty killers playing strong. Penalty Killed, Lindholm is out of the box and the Ducks are back at full strength.

The physicality continues, JT Brown and David Warsofsky start to go at it after the whistle is blown. NO PENALTIES.

There should be a red light going off in a referee’s head when they see a player getting sandwitched by two of the opposing teams players. That is exactly happened to Andrew Cogliano, he go hit into the side-boards by Sven Andrighetto and Mikko Rantanen and this caused Cogliano to fall hard and skate off to the bench in a little distress but not enough pain that would result in going to the locker- he stayed on the bench NOT in the locker room. There was NO CALL for roughing or boarding by those zebras in black and white.

One thing that is never good is when you have an over the edge angry BEASTLY RYAN KESLER. Let’s just say things don’t end well when he gets like this and his emotional and physical play come together. That’s what happened when Nikita Zandorov tripped Ryan Kesler and the rediculous thing was that Ryan Kesler was also sent to the box for embilishment on Nikita Zandorov. It’s 4-on-4 hockey but due to good goaltending, penalty killed, both teams are back at full strength.

My understanding of goaltender interference is a penalty any time a player physically comes in contact with the goaltender, don’t know why the referees didn’t call this one which is so rediculous. This happened with a couple minutes remaining in the period. So Gabriel Landeskog completely runs over John Gibson and because Nathan MacKinnon was there with Landeskog the Ducks are starting to get angrier and angrier at both of them because of what he did to Gibson.

Now Gabriel Landeskog  and Nathan MacKinnon have huge targets on their backs because he ran right through John Gibson. One thing that brings out the aggressive emotional anger out of the Anaheim Ducks is when something happens to either one of their goaltenders, tonight that’s Gibson.

The Ducks go on the penalty kill just 5 seconds in the period, Hampus Lindholm is off to the penalty box for having interference with Sven Andrighetto.

The Ducks are off to the locker room tied 1-1 against the Avalanche. The Ducks know they will start the 1:55 of the second period on the PK. Also, knowing that Gibson is out for the night and what they want to about that which is that the one thing that the Avalanche should expect is that the Ducks will want blood and revenge for messing with their goalie.  The Ducks need to get more time in the offensive zone attacking the net and trying to get one past Burnier. The Ducks go into the rest of the game knowing that it’s MILLER TIME. Miller needs to wrap this one up and get the win for the injured Gibson.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

John Gibson is out for the game with an injury because #92 Gabriel Landeskog completely runs over Gibson and now for the remaining 40 minutes of play #92 has a big target on his back. and because #29 Nathan MacKinnon was there he aslo has a target on his back just not as big of a target that Landeskog has.

With Gibson out for the rest of the game… What time is it now?

It’s MILLER, MILLER, MILLER TIME!!! Ryan help the Ducks win this one… Do it for Gibson…He’s counting on you to help us win tonight and the next 3 games left of the regular season.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks have 1:55 to kill off the interference penalty on Lindholm… this was one that the Ducks unsuccessful in killing…

The Colorado Avalanche Goal. It’s a power play goal.  Scored by #17 Tyson Jost. It’s a rebounded goal off Nathan MacKinnon shot on goal. With traffic up in front Miller couldn’t see that one coming. The Avalanche take the lead over the Ducks, it’s 2-1 Avalanche.

Click here to see: Jost goal #1

The Ducks go on another PK when Ryan Kesler is sent to the penalty box for high-sticking Mark Alt. This is not that good of a penalty to take, could hardly see it on the replay. Miller stood tall and denied entry of each puck that came his way. Penalty Killed, Kesler is out of the box and the Ducks are back at full strength.

By now everyone knows that Corey Perry is one of the most hated players on the Anaheim Ducks, he gets booed all the time but that just means he gets motivated all the time. A penaty could’ve been called on this but NO PENALTY. Gabriel Landeskog shoves Perry hard into the boards, Perry wasn’t angry enough to fight back so all he did was stand there and wait for the referees to get Landeskog off because he had a good grip on Perry.

Now the Anaheim Ducks go on a JMG POWER PLAY!!! as Mikko Rantanen is off to the penalty box for having interference with Brandon Montour. Corey Perry is off to the penalty box for roughing Gabriel Landeskog and Gabriel Landeskog is off to the penalty box for roughing Corey Perry. Sounds like the revenge for the hit on Gibson to me. With Burnier and Miller standing strong, good puck control but not enough to get one in. Penalty killed and the Avalanche are now back at full strength.

The Colorado Avalanche Goal. Scored by #17 Tyson Jost. Gets a breakaway and Miller doesn’t see this one coming. The Avalanche extend their lead, it’s 3-1 Avalanche, leaving the Ducks trailing by 2.

Click here to see: Jost goal #2

Another penalty coming up against the Ducks, Brandon Montour is off to the penalty box for hooking Nathan MacKinnon. Ryan Miller denied evey single puck during the penalty kill. Penalty Killed, Montour is out of the box and the Anaheim Ducks are now back to full strength.

Even though Landeskog already spent time in the penalty box, Lindholm thought he deserved some pain for running over Gibson. Gabriel Landeskog gets completely decked from the BEASTLY D-MAN HAMPUS LINDHOLM. It was clean so NO PENALTY for that hit.

The Ducks are off to the locker room trailing 3-1 to the Avalanche. Basically they need to come out and fight and be aggressive with the puck to get back in this game. They took way too many penalties is the second they need to spend less time in the box and more time scoring and shooting pucks at the net. Score some goals to get the win and bring home the 2 points. Lets win this one for John Gibson to give him a taste of the playoff action

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Avalanche start the period with 1:20 remaining on the PK to the hooking penalty on Brandon Montour. The Ducks playing strong on the PK and Miller shutting them down, DENIED BY MILLER. Ducks strong on the PK. Penalty Killed, Montour out of the box and the Ducks are back to full strength.

Took about 9-minutes for the Ducks to get something going when the… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #14 ADAM HENRIQUE!!! ASSISTED BY THE #10 COREY PERRY!!! ASSISTED BY THE #26 BRANDON MONTOUR!!! Montour gets it to Perry behind the net with patience waiting for the Ducks to finsh changes finds Henrique and gets it past Burnier. The Ducks still trail but are catching up to the Avalanche, it’s 3-2 Avalanche.

Click here to see: Henrique gets it in from the hard angle

Just 96 seconds later… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY #17 RYAN KESLER!!! ASSISTED BY THE #7 ANDREW COGLIANO!!! ASSISTED BY THE #33 JAKOB SILFVERBERG!!! Cogliano with the puck near the side boards fires at the net and Kesler is there to burry the puck into the back of the net. The game is ties up. The Ducks tied it up, now it’s 3-3.

Click here to see: Kesler burries the rebound and GOAL

With outstanding goaltending the score remained the same… we now go into a 3-on-3 overtime period.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Manson with a turnover and a 2-on-1 break with Ondrej Kase and the… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #25 ONDREJ KASE!!! ASSISTED BY THE #42 JOSH MANSON!!!

Click here to see: Kase with the OT GWG


record breaking image

Beauchemin.jpg  Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Francois Beauchemin appeared in his 900th NHL game and became the 13th active defenseman to log 900 or more NHL games. Beauchemin logged his 589th career game with the Anaheim Ducks, which is second-most among Duck defensemen (Ruslan Salei, 594). In his three stints with the club, Beauchemin earned 56-138=194 points.


Ducks Logo.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches 

ryankesler.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Ryan Kesler (on executing the game plan): That’s the way we’re built. They’re more of a skilled team over there. We want to play to our strengths, and we did tonight. You can see they were stuck to the outside all night.

Ryan Kesler (on Kase’s overtime goal): He’s a special talent. We know how good he is and how good he can be. That’s the stuff he does. He does something stupid every night. That was definitely pretty stupid. [Laughs].

GOAL by Kase Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Ondrej Kase (on his goal): We’ve played two pretty good games. Today, the third period was great. We scored two goals and we were the better team tonight.

Cogliano Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Andrew Cogliano (on finding ways to win): We don’t have a young team, per se, here, so we’re in a situation where we want to be in the playoffs. It’s that simple. We’re going to need to find ways to make that happen. It seems like we’re crawling to the point of the playoffs right now. At the end of the day, it’s been a long year, it’s been a hard year. It’s been a grind in terms of injuries and how we’ve played. We want to make it count. You don’t want to not be in it. We’re pushing ourselves right to the bitter end to get in there.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the comeback): We found a way to tie the hockey game and Kase makes a big play in overtime to get us the extra point. These are big points. The next one is going to be bigger.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on Miller’s relief appearance): That’s a veteran player there. He wasn’t rattled by the situation. He just goes in and does his job. That’s why you pay for that experience. He was calm and cool even though they scored two goals. He held us in there and made some stops for us. He allows you to get your feet underneath you.

1- Colorado Avalanche.jpg Photo by Colorado Avalanche

Thoughts on the game from the Colorado Avalanche players and coaches

Jonathan Bernier.jpg Photo by The Denver Post

Jonathan Bernier (on playing his former team): They’re a good team. They know how to play this game at this time of the year. Obviously, we have to move on really quick. We have a big game tomorrow.

Jonathan Bernier (on his first start and full game since February 11): Felt pretty good right off the bat. I think it was more towards the end, the third period, that’s when physically and mentally it is a lot harder, but for the first game I felt pretty good.

Jonathan Bernier (on the defense stepping up with Erik Johnson out of the lineup): I think they played really well. Our PK [penalty kill] was really good. I thought we kept most of the shots on the outside. Unfortunately, the one rebound I gave all night goes right on the guy’s stick and ends up tying the game. I just gotta find a way to control the puck better and either put it in the corner or keep it in my glove.

Gabriel Landeskog.jpg Photo by The Denver Post

Gabriel Landeskog (on adding confidence going into the final few games): Yeah. No doubt. I think our power play helped us getting on the board tonight which is important and Jost had a really nice shot on the third one. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t feel confident this time of year. We are in the race for a reason and now we just have to show up.

Colorado Avalanche v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by The Denver Post

Head Coach Jared Bednar (on getting a point): A point is a point, I don’t know, yeah, we don’t know. You’re not going to know what it is. If it is enough, if it’s not enough until, like I said the only day the standings matter is next Saturday. It’s a point, it’s what we got. Disappointed we didn’t get two because we played okay for a lot of that game and we were in a position to win the game. We turned a few pucks over and a part of that is their doing, and part of it is our doing. We had some puck luck early and they had some late.

Head Coach Jared Bednar (on playing like this was a playoff game): Well, I thought they were good. We competed, we got the scoring areas, we scored some goals, we didn’t take any penalties, we capitalized in the power play, so for a lot of that game I thought we were fine. I’d like to see us push a little bit harder, push back a little bit harder in the third period. You have to be able to execute, you have to be able to have a little poise with the puck to do that and we lacked a little bit of that in the third period.

Head Coach Jared Bednar (on Bernier’s play): He’s pretty good. You know, that’s not an easy situation to come into. He’s battled three injuries and he’s been out, and he saw five minutes in one game and came in late in another game as well. It’s the only games he’s seen. He made some big saves, we needed one more save out of him and one more play out of a lot of our guys on the ice. We didn’t get it tonight but it’s a point and we got to get ready to go for tomorrow.


Blog post coming up next… Ducks vs. Wild


LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks, Colorado Avalanche, and The Denver Post



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