RIVAL TIME!!! It’s Ducks vs. Kings on Good Friday. Will it be a Good Friday for the Ducks tonight at Honda Center?

It gets ugly even brutal with this freeway faceoff when the Kings come to Honda Center and when the Ducks go up to meet the Kings at Staples Center.

It is a safe bet that either Ritchie, Manson and possibly Kesler that the Ducks fighters, instigators, agitators (KESLER and PERRY), revenge attacks for messing up, injuring or nasty hits made on players

1704050871_5638900196001_5638870677001-vs-470x264124794391.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Gotta add Perry to the list, after all he is one of the most hated or loved player in the NHL, just depends on what side of the line you are standing on. If you’re a Kings fan than you hate him, who remembers when Jonathan Quick got pissed off at Perry and before we knew it, GOALTENDER FIGHT.


Who do you think will be fighting tonight? How do you think this game will be like? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. So please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

LETS GO DUCKS!!!! BEAT LA BEAT LA (might hear that tonight at the game)!!!

Next 2 blog posts… Ducks vs. Oilers and the RIVAL matchup when it’s Ducks vs. Kings

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