Thanks to Brandon Montour scoring twice and John Gibson, Ducks get the 3-0 Victory over the Canucks

This is game 2 of the Ducks’ 4 game homestand. After losing to the Blues the Ducks are looking to bounce back from the loss and start getting points so they can take a playoff spot they have their eye on. Currently they are on the outside looking in- so lets see if they can change their point of view with some wins starting tonight. Tonight was a game of firsts for our newest Ducks Jason Chimera and Chris Kelly. Also solid game for defender Brandon Montour and AN ON FIRE JOHN GIBSON!!!

Game Highlights:

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

It took the Ducks only 2:26 minutes into the game to get on the board…it’s by a defenseman…AND THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #26 BRANDON MONTOUR!!! ASSISTED BY THE #20 JASON CHIMERA!!!! It is one of those give and go goals and that puck finds the back of the net. With the assist by Chimera officially marks as his first assist as an Anaheim Duck. The Ducks take the lead early on in the game, the Ducks have the Vancouver Canucks trailing early, it’s 1-0 Ducks.

Click her to see Monty’s give and go goal: Montour scores minutes into the period

The Ducks go on a JMG POWER PLAY!!!! Derrick Pouliot is off to the penalty box with a double minor high-sticking penaly. He high-sticked Jason Chimera and there was blood so the Ducks get a 4-minute power play. Unfortunately for the Ducks they didn’t capitalize off of that power play but they had great puck control but just not enough chances or shots on goal.

This wasn’t really noticed much but if you watch the game closely the way that I do this is something that you would notice and is something our broadcasters caught. Corey Perry loses his stick and quick gets to the bench to get a new one to join the rush but when the whistle was blown picked up his stick and gave the second stick back to the Anaheim Ducks equipment staff on the bench. I guess he liked his stick he had (the one he dropped) better than the other one. SO FUNNY. Corey Perry making the game interesting in a way for the fans.

IT’S GIBBY TIME!!! The Canucks attacked the net and being that it is GIBBY TIME no matter how many pucks came his way every single shot was DENIED BY GIBSON.

With just 2:12 remaining in the period Markstrom is forced to cover up because a speedy Josh Manson (who is the only Duck to appear in every game this season) was on the rush to get a rebound puck to the back of the net.

The Ducks are off to the locker room with the 1-0 lead over the Vancouver Canucks. John Gibson is on fire making those unbelievable saves that we know and are amazed by all the saves make. The Ducks need to maintain the good puck control and basically give a hard time getting to Gibson and also make Markstrom work hard and also uncomfortable with shooting over and over at him that way more and more pucks get past him.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Ducks got off to a good start in the beginning of the period… The Ducks go on another JMG POWER PLAY!!! Sam Gagner is off to the box to sit for interference made on Ondrej Kase. The Ducks continue with having good puck control but once again the puck couldn’t find the back of the net…and 46 seconds before the penalty is killed, Adam Henrique is off to the penalty box for slashing Brandon Sutter. It’s 4-on-4 for 46 seconds before the Canucks get their first power play of the night. Still mad at refs for letting this slide during the Canucks power play. Hampus Lindholm is struck by a puck right between his nose and on his chin and they made no call. It looked intentional to me but that could be my wishful thinking coming out. He was in distress on his way to get to the Ducks bench and went straight into the Ducks’ locker room to have it looked. Once again NO CALL MADE for Lindholm being struck in the face by a puck… it should’ve at least been reviewed after all he was struck in the face.

One word to describe Josh Manson is… BEASTLY and he really showed it with a big nasty hit on Nic Dowd the two ended up shoving and pushing and wanting to throw punches behind the net just a second after John Gibson smothers the puck up with another big glove saves which are always unbelievable.


Click here to see the new guys get one in: Chimera’s 1st goal as a DUCK

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Hampus Lindholm is back on bench after being struck by a puck in the face towards the beginning of the second period. That is definitely a good sign for the Ducks blue line.

The crowd cheering on John Gibson after killing a few penalties in the early going. His athleticism is one of the main reasons that I feel that his team can rely on him to make those big saves.

It’s Penalty Killing time for the Anaheim Ducks, Hampus Lindholm is over to the box for cross-checking Jake Virtanen. During our penalty kill goaltender Jacob Markstrom is called for interference on Jakob Silfverberg. Sam Gagner is off to serve the interference for Markstrom. Good goaltending is the result of the 4-on-4 penalty kills, both teams didn’t capitalize off of it. Both teams back to full strength. Penalty Killed.

A big name for the Vancouver Canucks is ‘Sedin’ and the Sedin twins don’t normally take penalties but there goes Daniel Sedin off to the penalty box for delay of game. Puck in the stands. Unfortunately for the Ducks they couldn’t get one past Markstrom so… Penalty Killed.

A pissed off Corey Perry is never good because unless you’re a Ducks fan that is one person in the NHL that everyone hates. Alexander Edler got some of Perry’s rage up close and personal because of the shove and collision that he made on Corey Perry. For that the Anaheim Ducks go on a JMG POWER PLAY!!! Alexander Edler is off to the penalty box for interference on Corey Perry. The Ducks aren’t the best team on the power play but this time is different all because of Ritchie and Montour.

ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! A JMG POWER PLAY GOAL!!! SCORED BY #26 BRANDON MONTOUR!!! ASSISTED BY #37 NICK RITCHIE!!! Ritchie feeds the puck to Montour who finds the wide open net and the puck goes right to the back of the net with only 40 seconds remaining in the game. The Ducks remain in the lead it’s 3-0 Ducks.

Click here to see the PPG GWG: Ritchie feeds Montour for the PPG

THE ANAHEIM DUCKS WIN 3-0 AGAINST THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS!!! It’s a 3-0 shutout for netminder John Gibson. The Ducks take home a much needed 2 points from this one and will get a day off before playing an East Coast RIVAL… the Detroit Red Wings which will be a bloody and aggressive game.

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches:

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

John Gibson (on the playoff race): We just worry about us. We can’t be looking at other teams and we have to keep ourselves accountable and worry about what we have to do.

John Gibson (on ending the losing streak): We didn’t have a few good ones and this time of the year you can’t have those. It was nice to bounce back and get a big win tonight. Hopefully we can carry that into the rest of the homestand.
 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Brandon Montour (on goal drought): It’s just one of those things. It is what it is. Shots were still there. Just wasn’t going in. It was nice to get a few tonight, for sure.

1st goal as a Duck.jpg Photo by Edwardsville Intelligencer

Jason Chimera (on the win tonight): It starts with Gibby [John Gibson] back there making some big saves. He has always played so good for us and has been good when we have been losing too. These types of games are always do-or-die and the standings are so close. One point means so much and two points means so much, so you have to have them all.

Jason Chimera (on his goal): You want to score goals and help the team out and not just coexist. You want to score some goals and help them out and it’s nice to be on the scoresheet.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the fourth line): They are veteran guys that understand their role and the situation they are in here. They put pressure on the puck and weren’t a liability defensively. That’s the key, that they can play 200 feet away from their net more often than they play closer to the net and that’s always a plus for a fourth line.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the defense): Anytime you pitch a shutout, you have to credit the hockey club and it starts in goal and you build from your defense. We were much more mobile with the puck and much more involved up on the play. We moved the puck and skated with it more effectively.

1- Vancouver Canucks.png

Thoughts on the game from the Vancouver Canucks players and coaches

Daniel Sedin (on being unlucky tonight): You’re lucky throughout the year. I think everything evens out. We were scoring there for a bit, a lot of goals. Now, they aren’t going in. It evens out throughout the year. At the end of the year, you are going to end up with what you deserve.

Daniel Sedin (on moving forward): I think you take a lot from this game. Last game against L.A. too. We are not backing away from battles. We are in there and we are doing it together. That’s a sign of a good team. We have to make sure we keep this up until the end of the season.

Brandon Sutter (on tonight’s game): Obviously, moral victories don’t count for much. Our last six periods of hockey have been really good. We just haven’t had a way to score goals. Tonight, we got some shots to the net. Anytime you get more than thirty shots on the road, you give yourself a pretty good chance to win. We were pretty sound defensively too.

Brandon Sutter (on frustration level and future): This game is a lot more fun when you are winning. Right now, we know where we are at standings wise. We still want to have fun with it and try to improve as a team. We are playing well, but we have to find ways to win too. Tonight we did all the things you expect to, especially on the road, but we are having a tough time finding the back of the net.

Head Coach Travis Green (on being engaged in the battle): It was a competitive game, I liked how our guys went toe to toe with them. I felt we got the short end of the stick a few times. That I didn’t like.

Head Coach Travis Green (on the team’s opportunities to score): We created a lot of chances, a lot of shots. We got to find a way to get one in.

Head Coach Travis Green (on the penalty kill): That is a big killer when you are down a goal and you get a double minor called. Our guys did a good job on it.


Blog post coming up next… Ducks vs. Red Wings- their East Coast Rival (BLOODY and EMOTIONAL and AGGRESSIVE GAME)


LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks


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