Ducks Send the Blackhawks fly home with a DEVISTATING 6-3 loss at the “DUCK POND” AKA Honda Center

It’s game 3 of a 4 game homestand. The Ducks coming off a win over the Blue Jackets and having an on fire red hot John Gibson in net, there is this gut feeling that going into this game that the Ducks are going to make them work hard to get pucks past John Gibson.
With the Ducks playing so good Blackhawks coach does a goalie switch at the halfway mark of the hockey game.

Game Highlights:

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks start the game off to a good start… the Ducks go on a JMG POWER PLAY!!! Anthony Duclair is off to the penalty box for slashing Cam Fowler. This is a power play that the Ducks capitalized off of… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! A JMG POWER PLAY GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #67 RICKARD RAKELL!!! ASSISTED BY THE #15 RYAN GETZLAF!!! ASSISTED BY THE #26 BRANDON MONTOUR!!! Ryan Getzlaf gets the puck to Rakell positioned in the front of the net and giving Anton Forsberg no chance at saving this one. Ducks scored just 2-minutes into the period. The Ducks take the lead it’s 1-0 Ducks.

Click here to see Rickard Rakell PPG Goal: RickRakAttack gets us on the board

Good things happen when Corey Perry happens to be in front of the net and goaltender because… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! SCORED BY THE #10 COREY PERRY!!! ASSISTED BY THE #15 RYAN GETZLAF!!! ASSISTEB BY THE #42 JOSH MANSON!!! This was such a beautiful goal by Perry. He gets the puck from Getzlaf and gets through those tight spaces like most people know he can and does a 360 spin around move on Forsberg and Perry left no chance at him saving that puck from going into the net. The Ducks extend their lead it’s now 2-0 Ducks, Blackhawks trail by 2.

Click here to see Perry’s unbelievable goal that finds the net: Perry with the greasy goal

The Ducks go on the penalty kill as Nick Ritchie is off to the box for slashing Thomas Jurco. Good goaltending, a very athletic and technically sound John Gibson in net. Gibson denied every puck that came his way. Penalty Killed, the Ducks are back to full strength.

Ducks goalie John Gibson continues to make those unbelievable athletic saves and that came in handy when the Ducks go on the penalty once again with about 3 minutes remaining in the period. Brandon Montour is off to the penalty box for high-sticking Anthony Duclair and because no blood was drawn it is a 2-minute minor high sticking penalty to Montour. The Blackhawks failed on getting one past Gibson. Penalty Killed.

The Ducks head to the locker room with the 2-0 lead over the Blackhawks. Basically the Ducks just need to keep it up for the rest of the game and shut them down. That was a solid 20 minutes, lets play 40 more solid minutes.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Seconds into the period Ryan Kesler makes things interesting with a fight against Jonathan Toews. Such an epic fight between Kesler and Toews. Just know when Kesler gets mad, angry, pissed off or frustrated with an opposing player he tends to play with grit and sometimes ends up with a fight and that is exactly how he started the second period.

The Ducks will be without the aid of Ryan Kesler as he is off to the box for fighting Jonathan Toews and the Blackhawks will be without the aid of Jonathan Toews as he is off to the penalty box for fighting with Ryan Kesler. Both will be serving the 5-minute fighting penalties.

The Ducks newest defender makes a difference in the score when… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #65 MARCUS PETTERSSON!!! ASSISTED BY THE #3 KEVIN BIEKSA!!! ASSISTED BY THE #38 DEREK GRANT!!! A slap shot from above the circles and the puck finds it way past traffic and over the shoulder of netminder Anton Forsberg. It’s Marcus Pettersson’s FIRST NHL CAREER GOAL AND AS AN ANAHEIM DUCK!!!!! The Ducks extend their lead, it’s now 3-0 Ducks.

Click here to see Marcus Pettersson’s goal: Pettersson 1st goal as a Duck

The Swed’s are on the board with the goal by Rakell but now it’s our other Swed that made his move… It’s Jakob Silfverberg with an… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #33 JAKOB SILFVERBERG!!! ASSISTED BY THE #7 ANDREW COGLIANO!!! ASSISTED BY THE #38 DEREK GRANT!!! Derek Grant keeps the puck alive and gets it to Cogliano who gets it to Jakob Silfverberg who just hammers it in and past Forsberg. The Ducks continue to extend their lead, it’s now 4-0 Ducks.

Click here to see the #1 Swed goal: Silfverberg with the Swed Slap Shot

Now it’s time for a JMG POWER PLAY!!!Patrick Sharp is off to the penalty box for slashing Ondrej Kase. Ducks putting a lot of pressure in the Chicago zone which most likely got the Blackhawks thinking “what should we do?” The Blackhawks were successful on their PK. Penalty Killed and we are back at full strength.

What are the Blackhawks going to do to try to get in the game and at least get some goals and shut the Ducks down? The coach has made the decision and is pulling Anton Forsberg out of net for the game so J-F Berube is in the net for the rest of the game.

Just 5-minutes left of the second period, the Chicago Blackhawks Goal. It’s Thomas Jurco who finds a way to get one past netminder John Gibson. The Blackhawks get one but they are still trailing, it’s 4-1 Ducks.

Click here to see Blackhawks goal: Jurco gets the Blackhawks on the board

The Ducks head to the locker room with the 4-1 lead over the Blackhawks. A solid 40 minutes just 20 more minutes to go. Lets keep it up, put pressure on them and for Gibson to keep on making those rock solid on fire athletic saves to wrap this one up and get the much needed 2 points.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Here we go the final 20 minutes start now lets watch the Ducks finish on top to take home the 2 points and move on to the next game (same goal different team).

Not the start to the period that we would’ve liked… the Chicago Blackhawks Goal. Scored by #8 Nick Schmaltz. Just 1:07 into the period he gets the puck past Gibson and into the back of the net. Josh Manson couldn’t catch up to Schmaltz to knock the puck out of harms way and it was basically a breakaway goal. They still trail but are starting to catch up to the Ducks, it’s 2-4 Ducks.

Click here to see #1 Schmaltz’s goal: Schmaltz gets one in

The Swed’s are on fire and they clearly show it because… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #33 JAKOB SILFVERBERG!!! ASSISTED BY THE #7 ANDREW COGLIANO!!! ASSISTED BY THE #17 RYAN KESLER!!! Silfverberg comes in late who gets the puck from Cogliano and standing right in front of netminder J-F Berube goes 5-hole and into the net the puck goes. Blackhawks challenge for goaltender interference- the call on the ice was goal. “After review of the play the call on the ice stands, we have a good goal” The Ducks continue to extend their lead in the game, thanks to our Swed’s who have 3 of the 5 goals tonight, the Ducks lead 5-2 over the Blackhawks.

Click here to see #2 Swed goal: Another Swed Goal by Silfverberg

The Ducks seem to be on fire and with 8:53 John Gibson shows just how good he is with another one of his outstanding glove saves. I just don’t know how he makes those glove saves, he impresses me every single time.

Corey Perry… so many words that people in the world call him but if you’re a Ducks fan you love him when everyone else hates him… one great goal-scorer and agitator and you can see the joy he gets from being booed and getting under the skin of the opposing team especially goaltenders. He is good with getting the puck in the net when you think there is no way that’s going in based on where he is on the ice… that’s what he did when ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #10 COREY PERRY!!! ASSISTED BY THE #4 CAM FOWLER!!! ASSISTED BY THE #15 RYAN GETZLAF!!! It’s one of those tick-tack-toe passing, Fowler gets it to Perry who is close to being on the goal line and somehow taps the puck and into the back of the net the puck goes. That’s his second goal of the night. The Ducks extend their lead even farther, how are the Blackhawks going to catch up to the Ducks who lead 6-2 in this game.

Click here to see Perry getting another one in: Perry with the tip-in from Fowler

Noooo…. they got another one. Chicago Blackhawks Goal. Scored by the #8 Nick Schmaltz. His second of the night. He trips Josh Manson behind the net which is why he was late to protect the net. Then seconds later the puck goes in and there was no chance for Gibson to save that one because he couldn’t find the puck and didn’t realize it was in until the referee blew the whistle. The Ducks remain in the lead, it’s 6-3 Ducks.

Click here to see Schmaltz’s #2 goal: Schmaltz gets another one

With 2:28 remaining on the clock the Blackhawks in need of 3 goals to tie the game but for the rest of the game he denied every single puck that came his way.


Postgame Quotes: Ducks vs. Blackhawks 3-4-18

Ducks Logo

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches

Getzlaf.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Ryan Getzlaf (on jumping out a 2-0 lead): It was important for our group to continue what they built on from the game before. Guys played really well the night before. It was nice to see us come out and do what we did tonight.

Ryan Getzlaf (on the power play): We were ready. We came out and executed with a plan.

Silverberg-1 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Jakob Silfverberg (on his two-goal performance): We’ve had a few guys, me included, that haven’t been able to find the back of the net consistently. Hopefully this gets me going. We need everyone, especially at this time of the year. These were two big periods for us.

Jakob Silfverberg (on the game): We played almost a full 60 minutes of good structured hockey. They had a little bit of a push in the second [period], but we started off the right way.

Marcus Pettersson 1st goal as a Duck Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Marcus Pettersson (on his first career NHL goal): I thought it was [Derek] Grant at first. I didn’t quite see the puck going in, so I was surprised when they said it was mine.

Marcus Pettersson (on the emotions of scoring his first NHL goal): Joy. Just complete joy. It was a great game. Fun time to score your first [goal].

Head Coach Randy Carlyle Photo by Edwardsville Intelligencer

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the Cogliano-Kesler-Silfverberg line): We had to have energy and we showed we had it early. It was nice to see we got contributions spread throughout the lineup. The checking line had lots of energy and they were skating. That’s what you have to do when you play up against [Jonathan] Toews, [Patrick] Kane and [Brandon] Saad. Those are very talented hockey players.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on scoring 15 goals over the past three games): If you look at where the goals are being scored from in the league now, we’re doing a much better job getting people towards the net. Prime example is the Silfverberg goal – he drove to the net and followed up with a rebound. It sat there and he was able to tap it into the net.

1- Chicago Blackhawks

Thoughts on the game from the Chicago Blackhawks players and coaches

Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews (on trying to comeback from a bad start and giving up a few goals): Early in the second and first period, we gave up goals where maybe we could be helping our goaltenders and maybe getting some bodies in front of those wrist shots, and just being tougher in front of our net.

Jonathan Toews (on momentum shifts): I think the guys played really well later on in the second period and even in the third. We were hunting pucks down. We wanted that puck and traffic. We were taking hits to make plays. I think we played the way we needed to for half the game. We probably felt we would have had a better result if we had started with that same impact and same emphasis.

Nick Schmaltz

Nick Schmaltz (on trying to make the comeback happen in back-to-back games): I still think we had some fight back late in the second and the third. We didn’t give up. Yesterday they went in for us and were able to come back, and today they didn’t. You have to move on from it.

Nick Schmaltz (on Chicago’s defense): Especially against these California teams, they do a really good job of just ripping pucks from the point. I think our coverage after shots needs to be better.

Head Coach Joel Quenneville (on defensive breakdowns):  We had some stretches yesterday that were pretty consistent. Today, we had a good stretch for about ten minutes in the second period. Other than that whether it was gap or puck possession, or puck management from the back end, I think as a group, it is not good enough. I think the other team is in the playoff mode. I thought there was a good response, but in the first period there, we were lucky it was only two [goals].

Head Coach Joel Quenneville (on Jonathan Toews):  Jonny did a good job and sparked the team. It wasn’t reflected in the scoreboard, but you could see that there was some energy as the period progressed and some enthusiasm.



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Sources: Anaheim Ducks Player News- Ducks Daily and Twitter @AnaheimDucks

Sources are all by The Anaheim Ducks/

Source Dan Arritt- “Ducks Top Blackhawks, move into third in Pacific”

Source: Anaheim Ducks- “Quotes and notes- March 4 vs. Chicago”

Photos by The Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks

Videos from YouTube and the Anaheim Ducks

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