The Return of JOHN GIBSON & Ducks debut of Chris Kelly & Jason Chimera= 4-2 Victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets

After missing 3 games, John Gibson is back and showed those Blue Jackets that they weren’t going to be getting the win in Honda Center tonight. The Blue Jackets wanted the win for 2 reason they needed the points and wanted to end Gibson because of what happened the last time that these two teams met.

Here is what happened the last time these teams met:

Now there was none of that from Gibson but it was a physical game and you had a pissed off Kesler that started early, started in the first period.

Game Highlights:

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks get their athletic goaltender John Gibson in the lineup and came into the game strong and technically sound right from the start. It was like he didn’t missed the 3 games that he missed due to a lower-body injury.

The Ducks get the man advantage early on in the game with a JMG POWER PLAY!!! As David Savard is off to the penalty box for tripping Chris Kell (the Olympic captain for team Canada for the 2018 Olympics). The Ducks didn’t generate goals but the Ducks generated so many shots on goal. Penalty Killed, we are back at full strength.

With 9:54 left in the period Gibson makes a sweet glove save, first one since returning from injury.

The Blue Jackets managed to find the back of the net, Columbus Blue Jackets Goal. Sonny Milano managed to make it happen and put them on the scoreboard first. It’s 1-0 Blue Jackets.

Click here to see the Blue Jackets strike first: Milano Stashes Rebound

Rickard Rakell is the Duck that has been red hot and on fire this season and really has stepped up his game. That’s why social medial calls him #RickRakAttack because he just attacks the net and this time… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! SCORED BY THE #67 RACKARD RAKELL!!! ASSISTED BY THE #10 COREY PERRY!!!! ASSISTED BY THE #4 CAM FOWLER!!! It takes just minutes later for Rickard Rakell to find the back of the net. Something that Corey Perry is good at is distracting and getting under the skin of the opposing team and he did that to, he did that to Jack Johnson which allowed Rakell’s backhanded shot to go in. We are now tied at 1-1.

Click here to see Rakell’s goal: Rakell Pots Slick Backhander

Before the period comes to a close the Ducks go on the penalty kill as Jason Chimera is off to the penalty box for tripping Jack Johnson.

The Ducks head into the locker room tied at 1-1. They are going into the second period knowing that have less than a minute remaining to the tripping penalty on Chimera. The Ducks need to come into the second period in full force attack mode and basically get the puck and get to the net and shoot the puck as many times and chances that they get.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks start the period off on a JMG POWER PLAY!!!! Jack Johnson is off to the penalty box for interference on Ryan Kesler. The Ducks had the chances but just couldn’t capitalize off of this power play. Penalty Killed.

The Ducks go on the PK as Josh Manson is off to the penalty box for interference on Seth Jones. Good things happened for the Ducks during the penalty kill. A PK goal by Cogliano and an on fire John Gibson.

Andrew Cogliano is one of the fast skaters that gets a bunch of breakaways and a lot of the time it doesn’t go his way but tonight was a different story because… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! SCORED BY THE #7 ANDREW COGLIANO!!!! UNASSISTED GOAL! He gets the turnover and a breakaway and finds a way to get the puck in the back of the net. He scores on the Ducks Penalty Kill. Cogliano puts the Ducks in the lead, it’s 2-1 Ducks which leaves the Blue Jackets trailing by 1 for now.

Click here to see Ducks shootout like goal: Cogliano with the Shorthanded Goal

Here comes Josh Manson out of the box with the breakaway and ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! SCORED BY THE #42 JOSH MANSON!!!! ASSISTED BY THE #23 FRANCOIS BEAUCHEMIN!!! Perfect playBeauchemin lobbs the puck into the Columbus zone and Manson out of the box jumps on the puck and gets a beautiful breakaway goal. The Ducks extend their lead, it’s now 3-1 Ducks thanks to Josh Manson.

Click here to see the goal by Mason: Manson out of the box with the breakaway goal


Started off with Andrew Cogliano and Pierre-Luc Dubois going at it before the players on the ice join in. Andrew Cogliano, Ryan Kesler, and Pierre-Luc Dubois are off to the penalty box. Ryan Kesler is off to the penalty box for unsportman-like conduct. Andrew Cogliano and Pierre-Luc Dubois are off to the penalty box for roughing.

The Fight: around 6 min remaing in the period


 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Time to wrap this one up and get the win in the final 20 minutes remaining in the game.

The period got off to a bumpy start, the Duck go on the penalty kill, Francois Beauchemin is off to the box for slashing Artemi Panarin. With good goaltending by John Gibson the Ducks were successful in killing that penalty. The Ducks are back to full strength.

All of the sudden Nick Ritchie started to looked pissed at Ian Cole, so much that it looked like he wanted to punch him. Minutes later that is exactly what happened. I guess Ritchie couldn’t help himself. It’s 4-on-4 hockey as Nick Ritchie and Ian Cole are off to the penalty box for roughing. Nothing but good goaltending was generated on the 4-on-4. Penalties Killed and now are back at full strength.

The Henrique line has been doing really strong in this game and they show off when the fourth line that does things like… AND THE ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #4 CAM FOWLER!!! ASSISTED BY #14 ADAM HENRIQUE!!!! Rickard Rakell takes away the line of sight of the goaltender and makes a nice screen that just helps that puck to fly past the goaltender. The Ducks extend their lead thanks to Cam America, it’s now 4-1 Ducks

Click here to see Cam America goal: Cam America finds the back of the net

The Columbus Blue Jackets get one more with a little over 2 minutes remaining in the game. The Columbus Blue Jackets Goal. Scored by the #8 Zach Werenski. There was plenty of traffic in front of John Gibson which made it difficult to see the puck. They got another goal but doesn’t put them in the lead, it’s 2-4 Ducks.

Click here to see Blue Jackets goal #2: Werenski gets one in but not enough

Columbus pulls their goaltender for the extra attacker at 1:59, but with an on fire rock solid John Gibson in net they were denied pucks trying to find the back of the net.

Ducks come away with the 4-2 victory over the Blue Jackets and get the much needed 2 points.

Ducks Logo.jpg

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches:

Cogliano.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Andrew Cogliano (on the penalty kill/his shorthanded goal): It was good. We’ve had a good rhythm lately. That’s been a big part of our game. Whenever you can score a shorthanded goal and get one after, usually you can win the game. That was the difference tonight.

Andrew Cogliano (on the importance of the victory with Getzlaf out of the lineup): It’s huge. We’re in a tight race. To make the playoffs, you need to get going. It was a good resilient win by our team in terms of missing our best player. That says a lot about the guys here, says a lot about the guys that have come in and the new guys we brought in.

img_20171117_154957-11618037778.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

John Gibson (on the four-day layoff): If you ask any team, it’s nice when you have four days off, but it’s also tough, especially when teams are playing and we have a few days to sit back. Sometimes you might come out slow, but we had a good start and played pretty well.

John Gibson (on coming off their break with a win): We wanted to make sure we held ourselves accountable when we have two days off. We wanted to make sure we worked hard with two days of practice and followed up with a good game.

Out of the box with a breakaway = GOAL vs Blue Jackets.jpg Photo by The Edwardsville Intelligencer

Josh Manson (on the penalty kill): Great goal by Cogs. It’s nice to see him bury one. Guys got the job done to kill the two minutes. It was big.

Josh Manson (on winning with Getzlaf out of the lineup): When your leader is out, you have to rally the troops. That’s what we did tonight.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle.jpg Photo by Google Play Newsstand

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the penalty kills/shorthanded goal): When you win the special teams battle, you usually have a very good chance of winning the game. Though we didn’t deliver on the power play, our penalty killing kept them off the board. That was a big turning point, momentum wise, when we get a shorty [shorthanded goal]. Manson follows up with another one. Two goals made the difference and turned everything in our favor.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on Gibson’s performance): We started with the puck. He was good in the faceoff circle. He was around the puck. We score the first goal with Rakell off a rebound. Good play from Cam Fowler. That gets those guys going. It’s always good when you’re missing your big guy that somebody else steps in that position for you.


1- Columbus Blue Jackets.jpg

Thoughts on the game from the Columbus Blue Jackets players and coaches:

Zach Werenski (on tonight’s game): We started strong and got the first goal. They came back and answered right away. I think we played well the rest of the first period, but on our power play we gave up a shorthanded goal and then to give up one when Manson came out of the box. We kind of beat ourselves in those situations so we have to find ways to not let that happen.

Zach Werenski (on physical play): I think we stood in there. I think we played physical. They are a good, hard team, so it is tough to play against that. I think we did a good job of it.

Sonny Milano (on getting more minutes and big goals): It’s good that he [Coach Tortorella] has that confidence in me, that I might score a goal for us. It’s part of my game, so it was big for me.

Sonny Milano (on moving forward towards the playoffs): It’s that time of the year where every team is going to be going 100%. It’s going to be physical and you just have to expect it at this point.

Head Coach John Tortorella (on overcoming the second period): We didn’t overcome it. We certainly tried, but that’s the game there. On a power play, you end up with a great chance. Great play by Thomas [Vanek] to Luke [Sedlak], and then before that power play is over we are down by two.

Head Coach John Tortorella (on playing against Ryan Kesler): I’ve coached Kes and Kes is always looking to try and get an advantage in those little things that go on in a game. It’s a great learning experience for a young center, for this team here to go through it.

Blog post coming up next… Ducks vs Blackhawks


LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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