Ducks Defeat the LA Kings 2-1 on an Eventful Night at Honda Center- Return of Cogliano

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks (made by a Ducks Fan)

It’s another edition of the #freewayfaceoff but this is going to be an extra special one because… Tonight marks the return of Andrew Cogliano after being suspended in a game against the Kings. Kind of ironic that he would return from suspension to take on the LA Kings. The suspension was the reason behind the end his 830 games played streak, BUT Anaheim Ducks Fans are still counting because Andrew Cogliano will always remain our IRONMAN of the Anaheim Ducks.

This is going to be another physical and emotional games as it’s the Freeway Face-off against the Ducks rivals just up the 5 freeway. It was nasty the last time the Ducks met up with the Kings and that is what I will expect in this RIVALRY match-up.

For the goaltenders it’s going to be John Gibson vs. Jonathan Quick. They are going to have to stay on their toes and play their best in a game that will seem like a Playoff atmosphere to be the team that takes home the 2 points. Who will be the goalie to DENY the shots on goal tonight?

Tonight Carlyle is going to make every effort to make sure that Ryan Getzlaf is on the ice the same time that Anze Kopitar is on the ice.

Game Highlights:

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Just as expected, line brawl has started early in the game behind the net of John Gibson after he makes a glove save and the net is knocked off.

The Anaheim Ducks go on a JMG POWER PLAY!!! Marian Gaborik is off to the penalty box for hooking Cam Fowler. The Ducks were unsuccessful from capitalizing off that power play. Penalty Killed.

Adrian Kempe does indeed have interference with John Gibson but no call was made by the zebras they must be blind cause that was an obvious one.

Getzlaf has collision with Tyler Toffoli, it’s the toe of the skate that is the point of collision but Getzlaf lands on his knee pretty hard after the collision. Getzlaf is off to the locker room once he gets to the Anaheim bench.

The Anaheim Ducks head to the locker room scoreless. They played solid hockey in the first period against their rivals from LA. The Ducks need to get the puck and control it and keep on shooting at Quick until one goes in. The defense needs to protect Gibson and keep pucks in the LA zone and limit entry into the Anaheim zone that allows them a shot at John Gibson.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

GOOD NEWS: Ryan Getzlaf is back and on the ice right at the beginning of the second period.

Now Corey Perry and Jonathan Quick  have an interesting and most hated relationship. Corey Perry was shoved into Quick by one of the Kings deffenders. Then minutes later Perry ends up landing on top of Quick. I say that a true hobby of Perry’s is getting under the skin of Johnathan Quick, and honestly it is very entertaing to watch.

The Anaheim Ducks are on a JMG POWER PLAY!!! Derek Forbort is off to the penalty box for hooking Brandon Montour. The Ducks had great puck control and possesion during the power play but they just couldn’t capitalize off of this one. Penalty Killed.

Being that it’s Ducks vs. Kings emotions fly high in Honda Center and when these players meet. Kesler goes hard at Forbort it kinda looked like Kesler didn’t think the 2 minutes was enough or that he just stirred something up inside of Ryan Kesler… it was very INTENSE when they went at it behind Jonathan Quick.

Now the Ducks go on the PK as Andrew Cogliano is off to the penalty box for hooking Alex Iafallo. Nothing was generated and due to good goaltending… Penalty Killed

The Ducks go into the locker room still scoreless after 40 minutes of play. The Ducks need to come into the final period and attack Quick and get one past him.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

With just 2 minutes into the period we finally have a goal in the entire game… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #14 ADAM HENRIQUE!!! ASSISTED BY THE #25 ONDREJ KASE!!! Henrique taps in a rebound in off of Kase’s shot from the top of the circles.  We finally have a goal in this game, it’s 1-0 Ducks.

Click here to see: Henrique’s Fortuitous Goal

Then 2 minutes later the Kings catch up and tie up the game. The Los Angeles Kings Goal. It’s Iafall with the rebounded shot that gets past Gibson. We are all tied at 1-1.

Click here to see: Iafallo’s rebound goal

The Ducks are getting so many chances at Quick to get one in, so it’s only a matter of time for the puck to go in and then… ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #17 RYAN KESLER!!! ASSISTED BY THE #23 FRANCOIS BEAUCHEMIN!!! ASSISTED BY THE #7 ANDREW COGLIANO!!! It’s a go ahead goal by Kesler and that little puck goes right through the wickets of Jonathan Quick and into the back of the net. The Ducks take the lead over the Kings, it’s 2-1 Ducks.

Click here to see: Kesler’s Deflection Goal

John Gibson is standing tall and strong in net for the Anaheim Ducks. He makes one BIG stop after another. Gibson is contiually showing off his athleticism and relies on it and that is what helped the Ducks win this one over the Kings. The Kings kept getting DENIED by John Gibson even with the extra attacker on the ice with 1:35 remaining in the game.


The Anaheim Ducks win 2-1 over their rivals the Los Angeles Kings!!!!

Ducks Logo

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches

Andrew Cogliano (on his return to the lineup): It’s important for me to take the time to express my gratitude of how special it’s been over the last 48 hours and tonight. That was something I’ll remember for the rest of my life and my career. This was probably one of the tougher parts of my career, but that evened it out for me in terms of support. The video, the fans. It’s pretty special to have that done in my career. I really want to thank the people who took the effort. It means the world to me.

Andrew Cogliano (on his emotions seeing the fan support): It’s tough to describe. There are a lot of emotions that have kind of gone through me the last little bit. That was more closure for me in terms of the reception, in terms of the effort the fans went through. It means the world to me. It shows how much they appreciate me and all the work I’ve done over the last seven years here and the time I’ve put in. I just want to thank them. They made me feel great. I’m sure my family and my wife will appreciate everything that went on tonight.

Andrew Cogliano (on the go-ahead/game-winning goal): I thought we had a good third period and came out hard. Silvy [Jakob Silfverberg] made a good forecheck and I was able to intercept the pass. Good tip by Kes [Ryan Kesler]. In the third, our line played a little bit better. Kaser’s [Ondrej Kase’s] line had a great third. That’s a huge two points for us.

Ryan Kesler (on the fan support for Cogliano): It was well-deserved. I know in this locker room we don’t agree with the suspension and ending a 23-year streak. For the fans to come out and do that, and for the team to do that, it was pretty special.

Ryan Kesler (on continually improving): We’re not perfect. Until then, we’re going to strive to be perfect. Today was a good step in the right direction. We had too many turnovers, but it didn’t hurt us.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the fan support for Cogliano): It shows the commitment not only he’s made to the organization and to being a solid pro and represent the hockey club very professionally, it shows the appreciation they have for them. It’s not easy to do to play 800-something games and not miss any. It’s an unfortunate situation. A suspension takes him out of it. We all have our views on the suspension.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the importance of the win): We’re striving to garner as many points as we can until the All-Star Break. That’s our mindset. We’ll use that as a segment. We’ll take a little bit of a break and then try to break down the month of February. Everybody knows March is one of the busiest schedules for any club in the NHL. There’s only 10 days in April and then we’re at the end of the season. There are only so many games left and these four-point games are paramount for us to climb into the playoff picture.

1- Los Angeles Kings

Thoughts on the game from the Los Angeles Kings players and coaches:

Anze Kopitar (on their six-game losing streak): We are definately not playing the game that we want to, but I think we are inching closer. Inching closer is not good enough. It’s usually good to lose by one. I think we are just not playing with enough urgency.

Anze Kopitar (on the lack of offense): Scoring one goal a game is not going to get it done. It’s not like Quickie [Jonathan Quick] didn’t give us a chance. We just didn’t deliver up front.

Jake Muzzin (on the lack of offense): I hate to say it’s bad luck. I’m not going to say that. We had opportunities to score, not bearing down on those opportunities. The goal we scored tonight. Get the puck to the net. Get ugly goals. We have to start with those and it will turn around from there.

Jake Muzzin (on the six-game losing streak): We have been talking about it and we just have to go and play. Losing streaks are going to happen throughout the season and it’s how you respond to them. We have to respond to this.

Head Coach John Stevens (on tonight’s start): Anaheim came out ready, knowing we played last night. Clearly they had a plan to put every puck deep and really get after us on the fore-check.

Head Coach John Stevens (on getting close to breaking the losing streak): I think we played hard tonight. I think we played the game the right way. I would like to see us get to the net a little more. A game like this, where you get a couple power plays and get momentum. We had one that wasn’t very productive, so we certainly have some work to do there. The last two games we played the right way, but we need more from everybody quite honest.


Blog post coming up next… Ducks vs. Rangers


LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks

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