Ducks Take on New York Islanders


Tonight the Ducks will face the New York Islanders. The Ducks are currently on a 3 game losing steak and I am hoping that tonight the Anaheim Ducks put an end to their losing streak before it gets any longer. This week the Ducks moved Joseph Blandisi down to the San Diego Gulls. Blandisi is a CENTER and I realized that there is only 1 center on the injured list that could be a reason behind Blandisi being moved. Ryan Kesler is the injured center and he is on the trip… so the question that you have to ask is will Kesler join the lineup. His projected time to reappear is before Christmas and there is a game tonight and another on Saturday so which game will he be in? As of late the scratches have mainly been defensemen (Montour, Holtzer, Beauchemin).

Pre-game starts at 3:30pm

Game time is 4:00pm

Puck Drop around 4:05-4:10pm

We will have to wait until then to see if Kesler is in tonight’s lineup or not.

One more thing:


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