The Duck Side is victorious defeating the Dark Side 3-2 – A team of Jedi’s (Ducks) is no match for the Dark Side (Hurricanes)

In a galaxy far far far away… the Duck Side and the Dark Side go head-to-head in a battle, a battle that will help the Duck Side start their journey on the road with a victory by defeating the Dark Side. The Anaheim Ducks enter the Honda Center as the Duck Side (empire) and they will be in a battle with the Dark Side (Hurricanes). The Ducks went into the game knowing that 2 of the 3 key big players were back in the lineup. Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf and Jedi Jakob Silfverberg are back in the lineup tonight. Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf missed 19 games after taking a puck to the face and had to have surgery because the cheek bone fractured. He took the puck to the face in a game where the Ducks met the Hurricanes for the first time of the season round 2 against the Hurricanes tells a different story just like any trip in the galaxy that the Jedi’s have taken is different this game was different for Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf. Jedi Jakob Silfverberg has missed the last 5 games with an upper-body injury. It was good to have them back they made a huge difference in the game.

With the Duck Side having a 3-2 victory over the Dark Side, the win marked the Duck Side’s fourth straight battle won over the Dark Side (Hurricanes) and its 12th in the last 15 battles between these 2 sides of the Force (Duck Side vs. Dark Side).

Here are the highlights of the battle of Duck Side vs. Dark Side:

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Yes the Duck Side was victorious but there seems to be a word that they can’t seem to get rid of INJURY. During the game… Jedi Corey Perry collided with a storm trooper and he ended the night at the hospital…

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

And let the battle begin… it’s Duck Side vs. Dark Side… Jedi vs. Storm Trooper… Jedi Goalie John Gibson vs. Storm Trooper Goalie Scott Darling…

The enemy strikes first. It’s Storm Trooper Justin Williams that gets the puck in net. It was one of those pucks where there was little to no chance for Jedi Goalie John Gibson to protect it from going in. The Dark Side takes the lead early in the game, it’s 1-0.

Click here to see the Dark Side Goal: Storm Trooper Justin Williams redirects the puck

That was a wake up for the Duck Side especially for our Jedi Goalie John Gibson who continued to protect and deny the puck entry into the net with his outstanding goalie and athleticism showed the enemy exactly what he was thinking… Fight you must to get one past this Jedi goalie (words that might be said by Jedi Goalie John Gibson).

When it came to Jedi Derek Grant and Jedi Logan Shaw there was no chance of him saving that one, you could tell by the way Storm Trooper Goalie Scott Darling was positioned for this shot. AND THE DUCK SIDE GOAL!!! SCORED BY #38 DEREK GRANT!!! ASSISTED BY #48 LOGAN SHAW!!! The Dark Side goaltender fell on his glove hand and with his blocker in the air instead of his glove there was no was for Storm Trooper Goalie Scott Darling was ever going to save this one. Now it’s all tied up at 1-1.

Click here to see the Duck Side goal: Jedi Derek Grant dives to get this one past Darling

The Dark Side gets the man advantage as Jedi Cam Fowler is off to the penalty box for holding Storm Trooper Sebastian Aho. With the Duck Side having Jedi Goalie John Gibson being focused and using the FORCE he denied puck after puck. Penalty Killed.

Jedi Josh Manson is a big and uses force in a different way, he was like Obi Won Kenobi who seemed to always fight with Dark Side. Jedi Josh Manson had it out for Sebastian Aho. The Jedi Josh Manson delivers a hard hit on Storm Trooper Sebastian Aho right into the boards, looked like it really hurt.

What I don’t like seeing is Dark Side colliding and ultimately injure one of the Duck Side’s Jedi and that is what they did with just about 7 minutes left in the first round of the battle. Jedi Corey Perry is a hated by many but that’s just the way he is, so there must be many cheers for all the other Dark Side teams because of what this team did to him. Jedi Corey Perry’s right knee buckles as he sollides into the fully extended leg of Storm Trooper Jeff Skinner. That contact sent 2 Duck Side trainers to aid him and help him off the ice and into the locker room to evaluate his leg (put very little to no pressure on his leg on his way to the locker room). The hated Jedi Corey Perry did not return to the game since he went to the hospital to get further examination to see how bad it was.

Seeing a player needing aid off the ice DEFINATELY stirs something up in his teammates leaving them possibly filled with rage and wanting to take their anger out on a Storm Trooper and that is exactly what Jedi Josh Manson did. Once again he slammed Storm Trooper Sebastian Aho into the boards very hard, so hard that you could hear Jedi Josh Manson slam him into the boards.

Jedi Ondrej Kase gets all tangled up with Storm Trooper Derek Ryan and once they get untangled they mix things up. Then shortly after Jedi Ondrej Kase is sent to the penalty box for boarding Storm Trooper Derek Ryan.

Penalty Killing time for the Duck Side. Jedi Goalie John Gibson continues to use the FORCE and because he uses the force and relies on training he was able to stop and deny every puck and before he knew it… Penalty Killed.

Part one of the battle is completed… time to collect their thoughts and discuss the game plan for Round 2 of the battle. The Duck Side and Dark Side head to the lockers tied 1-1. Also with the Ducks knowing that they will be without the aid of Jedi Corey Perry for the rest of the battle. The Duck Side need to go into the next part of the battle with Gibson continuing to rely on his training and the FORCE to continue to deny the enemy from striking. For the Jedi forwards and defenders to go out into the battle with aggression and some emotion because of what happened to Jedi Corey Perry.

Leaving with Jedi Goalie John Gibson thinking “Powerful you have become, the Duck Side we sense in you” In my words of what Jedi Goalie John Gibson might mean, just watch me rob you I am the Jedi Goalie John Gibson and I am going to stand tall and stop with whatever you shoot at me.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Let round two of the Duck Side vs. Dark Side battle continues…

Right from the first shot in the period Jedi Goalie John Gibson shows that he is using the FORCE right from the start making save after save and denying the puck any entry into the net.

Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf and Storm Trooper Derek Ryan exchange words they don’t mix things up but Storm Trooper Derek Ryan does recieve a big shove from Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf.

The Duck Side is on their first power play of the night. Storm Trooper Trevor Van Riemsdyk is off to the penalty box for holding Chris Wagner. Nothing but outstanding goaltending happened during that power play. Penalty Killed by the Dark Side.

There was an obvious call that should’ve been made but wasn’t because of those blind zebras. There should have been a call on Storm Trooper Sebastian Aho for tripping Jedi Josh Manson but there was no call made.

The Duck Side goes on the power play once more, as Storm Trooper Sebastian Aho makes his way to the penalty box for slashing Jedi Kevin Bieksa. Penalty Killed by the Dark Side.

With only 34 seconds left in round 2 of the battle… THE DUCK SIDE GOAL!!! IT’S #33 JEDI JAKOB SILFVERBERG!!! His first breakaway goal of the season. He made a shot at the top shelf glove hand and that puck went in. The Duck Side takes the lead, it’s now 2-1 Duck Side.

Click here to see Duck Side breakaway goal: Jedi Jakob Silferberg’s 1st breakaway goal of the season

The Duck Side heads to the locker room in the lead and with a little bit of momentum from Jedi Jakob Silfverberg scoring his first game back and with only 34 seconds left on the clock. All the Duck Side really needs to do is keep it up and end this battle with the lead before they go on a long road trip starting off with a win before their first game on the road is what I like to call a plus.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Duck Side is in the lead 2-1 going into the final round of the battle against the Dark Side. Let’s finish this one strong… and remember USE THE FORCE DUCKS USE THE FORCE.

The Duck Side definately used the FORCE and started this final round of the battle against the Dark Side right. THE DUCK SIDE GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #48 JEDI LOGAN SHAW!!! ASSISTED BY #73 JEDI -in training- ANDY WELINSKI and #50 JEDI ANTOINE VERMETTE!!! With great passing and being in the right place at the right time the Duck Side were able to get another one past Storm Trooper Goalie Scott Darling.

Click here to see Duck Side’s goal: Jedi Logan Shaw nice wrister from the slot

Looks like the Dark Side gets the man advantage as Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf is of to the penalty box for hooking Storm Trooper Elias Lindholm. Jedi Goalie John Gibson says don’t worry guys I got this. Made some top notch unbelievable saves, he must be using the FORCE to make those saves and denying puck after puck. Penalty Killed.

With just 2:40 left in the battle the Dark Side gets a lucky rebound bounce one that goes in. The Dark Side strkes, Storm Trooper Victor Rask with the goal. That goal was one that the Duck Side’s Jedi Goalie John Gibson just couldn’t get a hold of the puck which means that there was no way of preventing that puck from going into the net. The Duck Side is still in the lead, it’s 3-2 Duck Side, they are now only trailing by 1.

Click her to see the Dark Side Goal: Storm Trooper Victor Rask gets the rebound

A battle tatic that team Darth leaders and Jedi Masters use when they are down in the final minutes of the battle they pull their goalie to put an extra attacker on the ice. That’s what Darth Bill Peters did with 1:30 left in the battle. Having an extra didn’t strike fear in the eyes of the Duck Side’s Jedi Goalie John Gibson who seemed to rely on his training and the power of the FORCE. They didn’t stand a chance of getting one in on a Jedi Goalie that has been using the FORCE of the Duck Side to wrap it up.

Until we meet again… The Duck Side will be ready for another take-down battle… whenever the Dark Side feels that they are ready for a rematch… Maybe you’ll have to practice or wait a season to be ready enough to take on another big battle against the Duck Side and all the Jedi’s and Jedi Masters that live in their home base Honda Center… BEWARE THE FORCE IS NEAR THIS BUILDING… DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE FORCE… THE FORCE WHERE THE JEDI’S HAVE FORMED TOGETHER TO DESTROY THE DARK SIDE, THE STORM TROOPERS, AND THEIR LEADER DARTH VADER, AND ALL OF THE DARK SIDE TEAMS. That includes: Arizona Coyotes, Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes, Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild, Montreal Canadiens, Nashville Predators, New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, New York Islanders,Ottawa Senators, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, San Jose Sharks, St. Louis Blues, Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Vegas Golden Knights, Washington Capitals, and the Winnipeg Jets…ALL BELONG TO THE DARK SIDE…

A close look at Duck Side Jedi Goalie John Gibson

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          On Star Wars Night you must use the FORCE and that is exacty what Jedi Goalie John Gibson did… He was the Duck Side STAR OF THE GAME on Star Wars Night and many nights yet to come.

Jedi Goalie John Gibson continues to show just how athletic he is by the way he protects the Duck Side base from those Storm Troopers that are coming at him, they came all the way from the Dark Side based in Carolina to fight in this battle against the Duck Side.

This is just two of the amazing saves that Jedi Goalie John Gibson made during this battle against the Dark Side.

This battle was Jedi Goalie John Gibson’s ninth NHL battle victory this season. He saved 28-of-30 shots during this battle against the Dark Side.

Tonight marked a special game for 2 of the Jed’s who battled against the Dark Side and were victorious. Jedi Chris Wagner played in his appeared in his 100th NHL battle with the Duck Side. The new Jedi Andy Welinski played in his first NHL battle where he was playing on the Duck Side of the battle.

Thoughts on the game from Duck Side Jedi’s (players) and Jedi Master Randy Carlyle (coach)

Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf (on his return to the lineup): It was good. It was fun to get back out and feel the support from our fans. It was really nice for me and uplifting to start that game. As the game went on, I felt a little bit more comfortable out there. I was losing a few pucks in my feet, those kinds of things. Overall, I was happy with the way the team played.

Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf (on Silfverberg’s goal): Silvy had a great shot. Great goal scorer. Cogs [Andrew Cogliano] made a heck of a play battling the puck out on the wall for us. We caught a bounce. That’s what happens.

Jedi Goalie John Gibson (on his highlight-reel saves): It’s part of the job. You don’t really get to pick and choose what’s thrown at you. Just try to get something in front of it and do the best you can. I was fortunate to make a couple of them.

Jedi Goalie John Gibson (on the game): That game was a little different. I wasn’t tested too much early. We knew they were going to have a push in the third. I wanted to put a little bit of extra pressure on myself to make sure I rose to the occasion.

Jedi Jakob Silfverberg (on his goal): I was kind of surprised. It was a lucky break, I guess. Just tried to get a quick shot off. Just tried to beat him with speed and precise shot. It was nice to see that one go in. It’s about time I scored on a breakaway. I think I’m 0-for-4 in the shootout this year, so it’s nice to see one go in.

Jedi Master Randy Carlyle (on Getzlaf and Silfverberg coming back to the lineup): Injection of skill and top-level players. I feel good about our hockey club. I thought our team was off a little bit in the early going. Carolina came in and had a little bit more jump and were hungrier for the puck than we were in the early going. Once we got our game going, it kind of evened out the hockey game.

Jedi Master Randy Carlyle (on Gibson’s performance): That’s what the goalie is supposed to do. He’s supposed to stop the puck. We’d be better served if we didn’t tax him as much for those 10-bell saves. That’s for sure.


Thoughts on the game from the Dark Side storm troopers (players) and leader Darth Bill Peters (Coach/ Darth Vader)

Storm Trooper Justin Faulk (on playing a full 60 minutes): We just have to work. Every game we got to keep working. If there’s a key point that we can say is the reason why this is happening we would be trying to get enough and fix that right away. We are just trying to work and we have to work for sixty minutes every game.

Storm Trooper Justin Faulk (on fighting through mistakes): Mistakes happen in this game. It’s a game of mistakes, we all say. It gets tough when we’re in a little bit of a tough stretch right now. Every mistake I guess weighs on you a little bit more. You think about it more. You end up gripping your stick a little tighter trying to bare down and make those plays.

Storm Trooper Victor Rask (on his offensive contributions): I’m just trying to skate more than I did before and obviously give credit to my linemates. I’ve been feeling good about our line. Just going to keep going and try to get some wins.

Darth Bill Peters (on mistakes being magnified): They are magnified when you’re struggling to score and obviously we are struggling to score. We got it to 3-2 and in the third when we pushed I thought we had some real good looks.

Darth Bill Peters (on the key to their push in the third period): Just some desperation. The “D” [defense] did a better job getting involved in the rush and getting more pucks to the net.

The Ducks end the battle with a victory and heading on their 11-day road trip, starting with the St. Louis Blues on Thursday @4:30. There is word that has been said but is not a definate that this is what is going to be what happens for some of the current IR players. I heard that Lindholm, Kesler, Ritchie, and Blandisi are the players that could be joining the team on this 11-day road trip.

Coming up next… 1) Update on Perry… 2) Ducks vs Blues…


LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks


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