The Duck Empire will be standing strong tonight vs Hurricanes with Ryan Getzlaf back in the lineup

The Anaheim Ducks enter the game with their Jedi Captain Ryan Getzlaf and Jedi Alternative Captain Corey Perry and Jedi Master Randy Carlyle leading the Ducks into Battle against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Ryan Getzlaf is back in the lineup tonight and ready to take on the Hurricanes. Just know that this may be an emotional night for our captain, his last game played was on October 29th against the Carolina Hurricanes when a deflected puck fractured his cheekbone which required some surgery.

December 8th Ryan Getzlaf took part in practice and the Ducks caught up and had a chat with the Captain.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on having Getzlaf and Kesler on the ice): It’s always a huge boost because we know they’re not far away. Once they join your hockey club for your practice sessions, then it’s a timetable we can work through. It’s going to be our job as a coaching staff to get those players up to speed. It’s going to take some time. It’s unrealistic to expect players that missed two and three weeks or two and three months to come back and have an impact.

Ryan Getzlaf (on injury and recovery and not playing in the game): It’s been a good last couple of weeks. I had two weeks where I couldn’t do anything, so it was really boring. It was nice to get back on the ice skating again. Watching from the sidelines has been a difficult process.  It’s been frustrating to put it lightly. That’s basically where I’ve been at the last couple weeks. Feeling good physically and not being able to be out there is pretty tough. Watching the guys grind and go through it right now has been hard knowing I’ve only played six games. We’re treading water and playing some good games here and  there. Consistency hasn’t been where we’ve wanted it to be. We have expectations for this group and that doesn’t change based on our personnel. They’ve been battling hard and working to keep this team going.


Tonight Getzlaf finally gets to contribute to his team and help the Ducks begin their road trip off to a good start with playing a good game and being victorious on Star Wars Night.


Let’s go Ducks! It’s Ducks vs. Hurricanes coming up next at 7 pm in Honda Center…


Source: Kyle Shohara- “Getzlaf, Kesler Join Ducks for Morning Skate, Inch Closer to Return.”


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