Silverberg and Getzlaf are back in the lineup for the Ducks on Star Wars Night. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

The Anaheim Ducks just announced that Jakob Silverberg and Ryan Getzlaf are off IR and are in tonight’s line up in the Ducks vs. Hurricanes game.

Ryan Getzlaf (on the game): I’m excited. I have to go out there with some energy. These guys have been grinding the last little while. I’ve been trying to prepare myself. It’s going to be the first game. I don’t want to set things too high. I just want to go out and play.

Ryan Getzlaf (on the team): They’ve shown a lot of resilience getting points. Also, we can’t be satisfied at this point. Now is our time where we have to push hard, especially until our break in January.

Potential Line Combinations for Anaheim:







Bieksa-Welinski (from AHL and has played with Bieksa in the past)

Gibson in net


Source: Kyle Shohara- “Getzlaf, Silverberg Set to Return to Lineup Tonight vs. Hurricanes”

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