The Anaheim Ducks Didn’t Win the Lottery in Sin City, The Ducks Lasted Long but they Lost in a Shootout, 4-3 Vegas


The Anaheim Ducks were in Sin City for the first time in franchise history to play the Golden Knights  in Vegas. They lasted long enough to make it go to a shootout but they couldn’t get one past Subban during the shootout rounds. The Ducks played very well but needed to play the whole game the way they played in the second period. The Ducks had plenty of chances and breakaways but those are things that Malcom Subban denied, he denied the many chances that they had for the puck to find the back of the net.

Corey Perry is a player that people may say is one of the dirtiest players in the NHL today and that is because he loves getting under players skin, you rarely see him smile outside of photo opportunities, he is aggressive and he shows it and players know that about him. Other teams hate him but the Ducks and ALL ANAHEIM DUCKS FANS LOVE HIM!!! He has said on many occasions that he loves being booed cause hearing it makes me play my game better. He gets booed a lot but with a new expansion team I didn’t expect to hear it but the boos came out of the Vegas Golden Knights fans. So it’s official, Corey Perry gets booed in every NHL center and arena- GOOD THING.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Vegas Golden Knights Highlights of the game

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

John Gibson is in net for the Anaheim Ducks and Malcom Subban (P.K. Subban’s brother) in net for the Vegas Golden Knights. Tonight is Rickard Rakell’s first game back after being on injury reserve.

Right from the start John Gibson was in the zone and he showed it with an amazing and outstanding save. The fans in the T-Mobile Arena thought that it was a good goal but no… IT IS DENIED BY JOHN GIBSON. The sad thing for the Golden Knights fans was that the lamp was lit and the goal music started but there was no goal. John Gibson lunges to the left and catches the puck with the left hand and his glove was completely outside the blue paint the entire time there is no was that would be called a good goal. That save is what some people call a snipper shot.

John Gibson unbelievable save, it is one you just have to see this one:

Both Ondrej Kase and Adam Henrique got a breakaway but unfortunately for the Ducks the pucks were DENIED by Malcom Subban.

All of the Ducks blue-liners are beasts that’s just the way they look and play and it shows in every game. And Brandon Montour gets hit hard by Lucca Sbisa and he doesn’t fall down, TOUGH GUY.

Penalty Killing time for the Anaheim Ducks. Brandon Montour is making his way to the penalty box with a penalty for high-sticking and because Erick Haula was bloody from the high stick, Brandon Montour sits with a double minor penalty (4 minutes). During the penalty kill Gibson was outstanding he made a butterfly save, the puck went under his left arm and then it went in between his legs but that puck DID NOT find it’s way past John Gibson. Penalty Killed.

Now there is just about a minute and a half on the clock, and that is when the Vegas Golden Knights goal. It’s Oscar Lindberg with the goal, that goal was a rebound that came from teammate James Neal. Just 16 seconds later It’s Erik Haula with the goal. There was nobody in front of the net to protect Gibson which doen’t help especially he was in a bad position to where it was hard for him to even save the puck from going into the net. The Golden Knights are in the lead 2-10 leaving the Ducks trailing by 2.

As the period is coming to an end Pierre- Edouard Bellemore just runs Nick Ritchie over. Now the Ducks need to come into the second period more aggressive and get back in the game and turn things around from what they did in the first.
 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks broadcasters John Ahlers and Brian Hayard said that this is a completely different period and I totally agree with that.

Just minutes into the period, ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #23 FRANCOIS BEAUCHEMIN!!! ASSISTED BY #26 BRANDON MONTOUR and #25 ONDREJ KASE. The goaltender was blinded by the screen from Antoine Vermette and that puck just flew right in the back of the net. The Ducks now trail only by 1, it’s 2-1 Golden Knights.

Click here to see Beauchemin’s goal: Beauchemin’s Long-Range Tally

Anaheim Ducks are on a power play, Lindberg is off to the penalty box for high-sticking Kevin Roy. Blood is Drawn. It is a double minor penalty for Oscar Lindberg, he sits for 4 minutes.

ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! POWER PLAY GOAL!!! SCORED BY #50 ANTOINE VERMETTE!!! ASSISTED BY #3 KEVIN BIEKSA and #23 FRANCOIS BEAUCHEMIN!!! Bieksa just hammers the puck right at the net and with a tip from Vermette the puck finds the back of the net. Such an awesome goal, at one point I thought it was a Kevin Bieksa goal. We are all tied up at 2.

There should have been a call but the blind zebras what was a clear an obvious call. Former Predator James Neal just clearly runs right into Gibson which is a penaltized offense for goaltender interference but there was no call made for goaltender interference. So uncalled for- should totally have been called.

Old-school and vintage Perry came out in the period, such a beautiful thing to see. Watch out Subban here comes SCOREY PERRY (#scoreyperry). ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! SCORED BY THE #10 COREY PERRY!!! ASSISTED BY #14 ADAM HENRIQUE!!! Corey Perry gets the puck from Henrique and he gets the breakaway and Malcom Subban had no chance in saving the puck from a vintage Perry move. That goal basically was a shootout looking type of goal. The Anaheim Ducks take the lead 3-2.

Here’s the video of the Corey Perry goal:


The Ducks head to the locker room in the lead 3-2. All they need to do is finish stong, protect Gibson and make life miserable for Malcom Subban.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Gibson made some great and big saves and that came in handy especally as Kevin Bieksa is off to the box for slashing James Neal. During that Penalty Kill John Gibson made some big saves and displayed just how good he is with his goalie stick. Penalty Killed.

As the clock is winding down the Vegas Golden Knights goal. It’s Erik Haula with the late goal and with the game all tied up we go into a 5-minute overtime period.
 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Here we go, it’s overtime.

The Anaheim Ducks are on a power play, as Alex Tuch is off to the penalty box for trippimg Rickard Rakell. Penalty Killed.

Penalty Killing time for the Anaheim Ducks. Kevin Roy heads to the penalty box for tripping Nate Schmidt. Penalty Killed.

Since there was no score in the overtime period.

Here is the video of what went down in the shootout rounds:

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches:

Corey Perry (on the game): We sat back too much in the third. We got away from what we were doing in the second period, like playing on the forecheck and getting pucks in deep. We received a little too much in the third period. Those are learning curves throughout a season. We’ll fix those and move forward.

Corey Perry (more thoughts on the game): We talked about what we wanted to do. We had a plan. Sometimes it’s works and sometimes it doesn’t. He made a pretty big save on Monty back door. We had a couple of chances. Raks [Rakell] hit the post. It can go either way at that point.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the game): We knew this was going to be one of our toughest road trips. We’re going to go home and play a tough team tomorrow night. It’s just a continuation. The road trip isn’t over. We don’t get much rest. It’s the first road trip I’ve ever been on in my career that you play six in a row on the road and then come back and play at home off a back to back. That’s a new one.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Source: Kyle Shohara- “Recap: Late Lead Slips Away in 4-3 Shootout Loss to Vegas”

Photos by The Anaheim Ducks


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