Ducks Lose 3-2 in Shootout After a very Physical and Emotional 35-Minutes in Smashville

Over time the Ducks and Predators have formed a rivalry similar to the Ducks vs. Kings where the game tends to be PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL, I haven’t seen a Ducks vs. Predators game that showed no emotion and no physicality or fights or hard hits into the glass. Not always but when these two teams face off there is a slight chance that a player who is hit ends of all bloody. A player, like in this game, may high-stick another player in the face which will cause a player a double minor penalty and the other well with a nasty scar, if you don’t know what I mean just look up Corey Perry and his chin injury. NASTY.

The Anaheim Ducks have not been to Nashville also known as Smashville since they lost to the Preds in the Western Conference game which was 6 months ago.

MILLER MILLER MILLER TIME!!! It’s Miller Time…That’s right starting goaltender for the Anaheim Ducks is Ryan Miller

Let’s take a look at the goalies- my take on tonight’s goaltenders:

Ryan Miller, he is a technically sound and smooth goalie that comes through with little and big movement to save the puck. Pekka Rinne is not so technically and smooth like Miller it takes effort from him to make the saves he sometimes looks like he’s scrambling for the puck when there is really no reason to.


Get ready for a very physical and somewhat unfair calls made type of game (in my opinion).

Highlights from the game:

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The game got started physical right from the start as Kevin Bieksa shoves Viktor Ardidsson into the glass. I wouldn’t mess with Bieksa if I were you, he is one nasty fighting machine- some of his recent fights one punch was all it took for the guy to go down on the ice. Next Ryan Johansen makes a hard hit on Cam Fowler.

There is one thing that teammates really hate is when you cross a line with their goaltender. Well, Filip Forsberg didn’t remember how protective the Ducks were of their goaltender until he plows into Ryan Miller and Andrew Cogliano came to the rescue because he wasn’t going to let that one fly, NO CHANCE. Cogliano and Forsberg both are sent to the penalty box for roughing. It is now 4-on4 for 2 minutes due to the roughing penalties. Penalty Killed.

Good News for the Ducks, P.K. Subban just interfered with Corey Perry, your Anaheim Ducks are on a power play. P.K. Subban is off to the penalty box with an interference call. During their power play the Ducks had endless chances for a goal but Rinne just didn’t let one sneak past him. It was a good power play but unfortunately for the Ducks the Nashville Predators killed the penalty to Subban.

As everyone clearly sees when you watch Corey Perry is that he really likes to get under the players and goalies skin. McLeod of the Nashville Predators was put in the lineup because of his physicality gave Perry a preview in the opening period. As Corey Perry is off to the bench for changes and McLeod comes off the bench when they pass each other McLeod gives Perry a VERY INTENTIONAL shove. I think he was warning Perry that he needs to watch his back cause there’s no telling what I might get myself into in this game.

As I said before the main reason that the Nashville Predators put Cody McLeod in the lineup for the game was because of his physicality that he brings into the game. He made a bad decision in initiating a challenge to fight with Josh Manson. Bad Idea.

Here’s a clip of what happened the last time Manson and McLeod were on the ice together last month:

In this game McLeod gets rocked and Manson gets to fighting and he must have been hitting hard because he knocked McLeod’s helmet right off. Both Manson and McLeod received a 5-minute penalty for fighting, off to the penalty box they go. The announcers called this match-up a heavyweight battle and I totally agree with that.

A raucous atmosphere reached new heights when Ducks defenseman Josh Manson and Predators left wing Cody McLeod dropped the gloves at 11:28 mark of the period. It started when McLeod delivered a check on Manson along the far boards. From there, the two jawed at one another before making it official.

Chris Wagner hits Matt Irwin hard into the glass- so hard that I thought that the glass might break- that didn’t happen. I have been to a game where the glass has shattered, it is cool to see but it takes so long to fix it.

Simple as this, Kevin Bieksa is one definition of a ‘tough guy’ no wonder players come away from him bloody or in pain. He shoved Viktor Arvidsson down and the way it looked, just looked so painful.

Just as Manson and McLeod are coming out of the penalty box a penalty is being called. Hampus Lindholm is off to the penalty box for hooking Frederick Gaudreau. With Miller making big saves he is the big reason behind the Ducks killing that penalty. Penalty Killed.

That was one PHYSICAL PERIOD, it was like they were playing like they do during the playoffs. It was so intense.


 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The period basically started with a who lot of hard hits, Manson, Wagner, and McLeod did a majority of the hard hits and shoving bodies into the glass.

Then it’s penalty killing time. Joesph Blandisi is off to the penalty box for hooking Mattias Ekholm. Corey Perry steps in and mixes it up with Ekholm, now Corey Perry and Mattias Ekholm are off to the penalty for roughing. The Nashville Predators have a 4-on-3 man advantage.

And the Nashville Predators Goal. Kevin Fiala with the power play goal. He finds a way to get the puck past Ryan Miller. The Predators are now in the lead 1-0, leaving the Ducks trailing by 1.

Click here to see the Preds PPG: Kevin Fiala Top-Shelf PPG

With just 12 minutes remaining in the period, it’s penalty killing time for the Ducks again as Nick Ritchie is off to the penalty for roughing with Kevin Fiala right after he scores the Predators power play goal.

When the Ducks face the Predators it is always physical, a beastly Josh Manson takes a huge hit on former Duck Nick Bonino.

Now the Ducks do have some issues with Ryan Johansen, I do recall him trash talking about Ryan Kesler in just game 2 of the playoffs last season.

And Kesler’s response to trash talk:

So there are emotional feelings when it comes to Ryan Johansen, he was so angry when he was sent to the penalty box with a roughing call, he roughed up Antoine Vermette, Johansen didn’t think that was roughing which made the Predators so unhappy.

ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! COREY PERRY!!! A POWER PLAY GOAL!!! The thing about this goal was that the call on the ice was Adam Henrique with the goal and Corey Perry with the assist, but after review the NHL recalled Adam Henrique with the goal and stated that it was deflected off Corey Perry which makes it a Perry goal instead of a Henrique goal. If Henrique got the goal that would’ve been his first goal as a member of the Anaheim Ducks. Now that they got the puck past Pekka Rinne, the Ducks and Predators have tied the game with that goal.

As coming to the final minutes of the period Henrique didn’t put the brakes on quick enough and went tumbling into the official and sticks him around the mouth and since the official was ok, there was no call made on Henrique who looked like he felt bad in the situation.

The Ducks head to the locker room tied at 1-1, they need to come out with momentum and the right amount of emotion and physicality to win this one. They need to focus on protecting Ryan Miller and focus on getting the puck past Pekka Rinne.
Photo by Anaheim Ducks

In the final period of regulation there was plenty of offense from the blue-line.

Just about 4 minutes into the period Craig Smith runs into the Anaheim net and completely knocks the net off. Don’t know if it was intentional or not. At least he didn’t hit Miller, players tend to get angry when that sort of thing happens to their netminder.

The zebras missed a very obvious call and if they were in Anaheim there would’ve been a whole lot of ‘BOO’s and ref you suck’ coming from the crowd. They would do this because the refs made no call when Kevin Fiala CLEARLY boards Kevin Bieksa which is a penalty for boarding and those blind zebras made no call on the play, and that makes a beastly Kevin Bieksa extremely mad and just looking for someone in yellow to take his anger out on.

ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! CAM FOWLER!!!! He gets the puck from Perry and Lindholm and just shoots the puck past Pekka Rinne. The puck went off of Mattias Ekholm’s stick which redirects the puck to find the back of the net. The Ducks take the lead 2-1.

Click here to see Cam Fowler’s goal: Fowler’s Go-Ahead Goal

Penalty killing time for the Anaheim Ducks as Chris Wagner is headed to the penalty box for cross-checking Mattias Ekholm. The Ducks failed at killing that penalty. The Nashville Predators Goal. It’s Calle Jarnkrok with the goal that ties the game 2-2.

Click here to see Jarnkrok PPG: Nashville Preds PPG

As time winding down to the final minutes of regulation, both teams desperate for a goal. Frusteration tends to kick in. There goes Nick Ritchie mixing things up with Alexei Emelin.

The Ducks and Predators are tied at the end of regulation so that means it’s overtime and if there is no goal in the 5-minute overtime period it all comes down to a shoot out.

With Miller being technically sound in the way he plays makes it hard for the Predators to get one past him. The Ducks try and try to get it past Pekka Rinne who was playing more aggressive than he did in regulation denied the puck from going in. With no goal at the end of the overtime period, it’s shootout time.

Here is how the shootout rounds went:

Round 1:

Ducks: Corey Perry- X

Predators: Filip Forsberg- X

Round 2:

Ducks: Adam Henrique- X

Predators: Kevin Fiala- GOAL

Round 3:

Predators: Kyle Turris- GOAL Kyle Turris ends Shootout

And the Nashville Predators win it in the third shootout round

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches

Brandon Montour (on the game): We knew we were coming into a loud building. It was a close game, just like the playoffs. The crowd was into it. Interesting, exciting game. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the two points.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the game): I thought we battled really hard. It was a game that was physically challenging for both clubs. When you play on the road, you have to establish your style of game. I thought we did a lot of good things in the hockey game. We’re just going to have to play our game and stay more disciplined. We’ll find our way.

Thought on the game from the Nashville Predators players and coaches

Pekka Rinne (on the game): It’s going to get nasty at times, but those are fun game and you get ready for those. I felt like it took some time for us to get going, but after the first period, I thought that we were the team that took over the game.

Pekka Rinne (on playing Anaheim Ducks): I feel like since a few years back, we have had some history with Anaheim over the years and over the playoff series. It’s gotten to a point where I feel like they don’t really like us and we don’t really like them, so it’s a good setup for a good match.

Head Coach Peter Laviolette (on the game): There’s an intensity; there’s a physicality that goes with it. I think our guys, after the first period, got a little more competitive, even toward the end of the first a little bit. There’s not a lot of room out there as there typically isn’t. You have to fight for space and fight in the battles and that’s just the way these games go.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to leave your comments and thought below in the comment section.


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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks


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