Ducks fall short 4-2 loss to the Blue Jackets

The Anaheim Ducks fell short to the Columbus Blue Jackets with a 2-4 loss. December 1st marked the first day of their career NHL game wearing an Anaheim Ducks Jersey. That’s right it was Henrique and Blandisi Duck Debut. Adam Henrique will be wearing the #14 for the Anaheim Ducks and Joeseph Blandisi will be wearing the #39 for the Anaheim Ducks.

The bad news for the Ducks was that Jakob Silverberg is out with injury making him unavailable for the game. The good news for the Ducks is that we got Ondrej Kase and Brandon Montour back in the lineup.

This game was a good one for the Ducks I feel that they really laid all they had in this game and I do think that Henrique and Blandisi are great additions to the Anaheim Ducks. There was chemistry already there with Henrique playing in tournaments on the same team as some of the Anaheim Ducks.

After missing nearly a month of playing in a game, Ondrej Kase showed that he is one of those dangerous players on the ice. Had so many chances and opportunities, he just couldn’t capitalize on any of his shots on goal (SOG).

In this game John Gibson shows that there is many sides to him and the way he plays his game. This part of him comes out when a player gets under his skin or when he has just had enough of a player and has to do something about it and sometimes it ends up with Gibson being penalized.


Gibson and Foligno- dec 1 vs Columbus Photo by Fox Sports

That is the photo of the aftermath of what happened with Gibson Foligno and Manson in the second period…keep reading to see what happened.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Just a few minutes into the game the Anaheim Ducks go on the power play. Scott Harington just drilled Antoine Vermette into the boards, he is off to the penalty box for boarding Antoine Vermette. GOOD NEWS- Vermette is all good and DID NOT go into the locker room to get looked at.  Unfortunately for the Ducks they weren’t able to capitalize from that power play.

With about 5-minutes into the game the Columbus Blue Jackets Goal. It’s Brandon Dubinsky with the goal. A lucky goal… part of the reason that the puck went in net was that Josh Anderson shoved Hampus Lindholm and it went off of Gibson’s shoulder and into the net. Blue Jackets are in the lead 1-0.

Click here to see the Blue Jackets lucky goal: Dubinsky’s lucky goal

Then just minutes later ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! CAM FOWLER!!!! It’s a slap shot from between the blue-line and the top of the face-off circle he shoots and score, the Ducks are on the board. Assisted by #38 Derek Grant and the #22 Dennis Rasmussen. Cam Fowler is one of those patient and smart players, to get that goal that tied up the score, he was patient and waited for something to open up and he just took the shot and what do you know…it went in the net. We are now tied at one thanks to Cam Fowler.

Click here to see Fowler’s Slap shot goal: Fowler’s Slap Shot from the blue-line

So wish I had a video of this one but can’t find one, with just 9 minutes to go in the period Adam Henrique takes his first shot on goal as an Anaheim Duck not only was it a great shot it was a high one that the puck hit the goalie and instead of going in the net or glove it went down the jersey of goaltender Joonas Korpisalo. Was so fun to watch that happen.

The Anaheim Ducks have their first Penalty Kill of the night as Corey Perry is off to the penalty box for hooking Tyler Motte. Since Gibson was on top of his game from the first shot on goal, sad to say but all the shots on goal during their power play were denied by John Gibson.

This is something that makes me mad all the time is when players mix things up and punches are thrown and the officials who are right there only call a penalty one of the players. That is what happened to Chris Wagner. So basically Pierre-Luc Dubois punches Wagner straight in the face and they start to mix things up and it’s Chris Wagner off to the penalty box with a roughing penatly, for roughing with Dubois. Those blind officials clearly didn’t see the hit and punch to the face that initated it in the first place. Even though I think it is a terrible call. The Anaheim Ducks killed that penalty. Their penalty killing unit was looking strong.

Good news Ducks, Alexander Wennberg is off to the penalty box for high-sticking Adam Henrique (right in front of Anaheim bench) and because there was blood with the high stick to the face of Henrique it is a double minor penalty to Wennberg. The Ducks have a 4-minute power play.

The Ducks head to the locker room tied at 1. The Ducks will start the second period with 3:27 minutes left on the power play. They need to find a way to score and get the lead in this game.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks are on the power play, the time remaining left from the Wennberg double minor penalty for high sticking Adam Henrique.

With just about 2 minutes left on the power play, Chris Wagner is headed off to the penalty box for tripping Zach Werenski, now there is 2 minutes of 4-on-4. Penalties are killed and because of good goaltending neither team capitalized from their power play or the 4-on4.

Just as the penalty is coming to the end…ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! KEVIN ROY!!!! Adam Henrique forces a turnover and gets it to Roy and its a breakaway and he justs slides the puck through the five hole. This puts the Ducks in the lead 2-1. This is his third NHL goal. He scored the goal on the 4-on-4.

Click here to see Roy’s goal: Kevin Roy Backhand goal

Hampus Lindholm takes a beastly hit on Brandon Dubinsky, a nice hard hit by Lindholm, but he is off to the box with an interference penalty because he interfered with Dubinsky. During their power play Chris Wagner got a nice breakaway but is his shot is denied by Korpisalo. John Gibson is in the zone-denied shot after shot. PENALTY KILLED.

The Anaheim Ducks announcers Brian Hayward and John Alhers, they described the way they were playing was “pond hockey” pond hockey is when the players are not displaying the heart or concentration upon the game that their elite professional level demands them to be playing at.

Now Kevin Bieksa is off to the penalty box for high sticking Josh Anderson. Anderson was sticked in the face by Bieksa but because there was no blood it was NOT a double minor penalty to Bieksa.

Columbus Blue Jackets Goal. A power play goal by Josh Anderson. There was nobody around him so he just picks his spot shoots the puck and into the back of the net it goes.

Once again Gibson is the most penalized goalie in the NHL and he gets 2 minutes added to his penalized minutes. He has almost 25 penalty minutes in his NHL career, that is from 2013- current season. So this is what happened in the game that gave him 2 more penalty minutes to his record.

It really all starts with a trip, when John Gibson tripped Nick Foligno seconds later whistle is blown and gets a drink (goalie mask is off) he does that after every whistle but this time is interrupted by Nick Foligno who comes at Gibson challenging him to a fight. Teammates are very protective over their goaltender so when Manson sees this going on he steps in to defend and protect his goaltender and Manson ends up mixing things up with Foligno. The penalties given out by the officials were to Josh Manson, Nick Foligno and John Gibson. Penalties: Kevin Roy is off to the penalty box to serve Gibson’s penalty for tripping Nick Foligno. Nick Foligno is off to the penalty box with a roughing penalty on John Gibson. Protective teammate that defends his goalie, Josh Manson is off to the box for roughing with Nick Foligno, (in my opinion he deserved what he got from Josh Manson).


Here is the video OF GIBSON and FOLIGNO and MANSON stepping in and protecting his goaltender. MUST WATCH

The Ducks head to the locker room energized from the fight between Gibson and Foligno and Manson going into the penalty box for roughing up the player that messed with his teammate John Gibson. The teams are tied at 2. The Ducks need to go out and take charge and get in the lead.

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Emotions against Nick Foligno carry over into the third period, I think that it is hard for players not to get emotional when a player lays it out on your goaltender.

Kevin Bieksa is off to the penalty box for roughing Nick Foligno, hey Nick say hello to PAYBACK and it’s friend REVENGE from Ducks fighter Kevin Bieksa. During that PK Jenner completely rocked by Josh Manson. Manson is always an interesting player to watch especially when he’s playing physical and dishing out some big hard hits and punches. Penalty Killed.

The Columbus Blue Jackets now get 30 seconds of a 2-man advantage as Logan Saw is off to the penalty for delay of game. Puck goes over the glass and into the stands. During that time Henrique gets a breakaway and has a great shot on goal but it is one that is denied by Joonas Korpisalo.

Perry got a good chance at a goal but he just couldn’t get it through the five hole. It was a bummer that he couldn’t get the puck through the five hole.

After being so well positioned for some big saves one slides through John Gibson. And the Columbus Blue Jackets Goal. It’s Josh Anderson with the goal.

Click here to see the goal: Blue Jackets goal #3

Ducks got many chances in the final minutes of the game but could not get one. In the last 2 minutes Foligno scores in Anaheim’s empty net.

The Ducks lost 4-2 but it was a good game that was well played by the Anaheim Ducks.

Corey Perry (on the game): It’s a tough one. They played well. They came at us pretty hard. We took too many penalties tonight. Some guys played a lot of minutes on the PK, and those are tough minutes. If we played the way we did in the third- on our toes, getting on the forecheck. We’re a tough team to play below the circles.

Corey Perry (on Adam Henrique): He’s going to be solid. He’s a good player; scored many goals in this league. He can make plays. He got his feet wet tonight.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks


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