Ducks Defeated the Florida Panthers 3-2 on Hall of Fame Night

HHOF- Selanne and Kariya puck drop.jpeg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

That is the right way to start Hall of Fame Night by Honoring Paul and Teemu for making it into the Hall of Fame.

For the Puck Drop Corey Perry got to shake hands with former teammate and living Anaheim Ducks’ legends Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya who in the early days were known as the Dynamic Duo, it was like magic skating on ice with instant chemistry when joined together. I had a feeling that some of their magic would rub off on the Anaheim Ducks and it certainly did and they showed it throughout the entire game.


 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Here is the highlights of the game: Ducks vs Panthers


img_20171119_2142001828780414.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks are off to a good start when Keith Yandle is sent to the penalty box for tripping Corey Perry.  So the Anaheim go on their first power play of the night but they couldn’t generate anything during the Yandle penalty.

With just 4 minutes into the period, it’s Mike Liambas and Michael Haley going at it, a full on fight. They are both off to the penalty box to serve a 5 minute penalty for fighting. I think that the reason behind the fight is for payback for the hit that was made on Manson the last time that these two teams met in Florida.

There are many ways that John Gibson saves a puck but it was another outstanding soccer-goalie type save that was made just about 7 minutes into the game. He dove at the puck to stop it from going in, and that puck was denied entry into the goal by John Gibson.

There was some hard hitting by Linholm and Manson. The hit made by Josh Manson was so hard that it broke Aaron Ekblad’s stick. There was a lot of hits made throughout the fighting penalty on Liambas and Haley. Rasmussen, Grant, Manson, Lindholm, and Wagner made hits. The thing about Wagner is that it looks like it takes very little effort when he lands hard hits on the opposing teams. Now the Anaheim Ducks weren’t the only ones doing the hitting, Nick Bjugstad took a big hit on Lindholm and that hit knocked Hampus Lindholm right down.

The Panthers tried and tried to get one through but with a very confident Gibson in net they had little to no chance on the pucks entering the net. He was a goalie that stood tall and came through with pad saves and unbelievable glove saves, the kind where you are like “how in the world did he see that puck come flying at him?”

With just about a minute and a half to go in the period the unbelievable happens. I still am in awe of this goal by defenseman Josh Manson. ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! JOSH MANSON WITH THE LONE GOAL!!!! Josh Manson turnover’s the puck then he gets a breakaway from the blue-line and Jonathan Huberdeau chasing him down the ice but with a speedy Josh Manson he had no chance of catching up to him. Basically this was similar to a shootout goal, Josh Manson was no match for Panters goalie Roberto Luongo. The Ducks gain the lead late in the period. Ducks 1 Panthers 0.

And the Anaheim Ducks go into the locker room with a one goal lead thanks to Josh Manson for putting the Ducks on the board, it’s 1-0 Ducks.

img_20171119_2141381046201817.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Mike Liambas starts the period the same way that he did in the first period, Liambas is off to the penalty box for roughing up Ian McCoshen. Now it is time for the Ducks to kill a penalty.

During the power play Jonathan Huberdeau scores but the play is under review to determined if there was any contact with a high stick. “After review of the goal, there was contact with a high stick. NO GOAL” Since that goal was deemed NO GOAL because of the contact with a high stick there is no Florida goal, so the score remains 1-0 Ducks.

With still 1 minute left to go of the Liambus penalty, Nick Ritchie is tripped by Aleksander Barkov. He is off to the penalty box and for 1 minute it will be 4-on-4 before the Ducks go on a power play for the remaining 1 minute of the Barkov penalty.

The Ducks capitalized from the power play. ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! RICKARD RAKELL!!!! RickRakAttack is back in town. Corey Perry and Chris Wagner get it straight to him. Rakell shoots at the top of the net and that went right past Luongo. Anaheim Ducks still in the lead, it’s 2-0 Ducks.

Click here to see Rakell PPG: Wagner sets up Rakell for PPG

With Gibson feeling confident he makes a tremendous amount of saves. BIG SAVE GIBSON. He saves one puck after another. Completely oustanding watching his athletic abilities.

It’s time for the Anaheim Ducks to kill off another penalty, as Andrew Cogliano is being sent to the penalty box for hooking Nick Bjugstad. During the penalty kill the Ducks had a few breakaways but they were either shot high or shot wide. Penalty Killed. Then just 3 minutes later it’s Antoine Vermette off to the penalty box for interference. The officials called Vermette because he interfered with Chase Balisy.

Unfortunately the Ducks were not successful in killing this penalty. Panthers Goal, Vincent Trocheck with the Power Play Goal. It went off Cogliano and it was one of the goals where Gibson was slow to save. The Ducks now lead by 1, it’s 2-1 Ducks.

Click here to see Panthers PPG: Trocheck’s power-play goal

As many of us know who the beasts of the Anaheim Ducks are, Kevin Bieska is one of those and he took a seriously hard and ugly hit on Nick Bjugstad.

It’s time for the Ducks to kill another penalty, it’s Brandon Montour being sent to the box for slashing Vincent Trocheck. Many have said your best penalty killer is your goaltender and John Gibson came through and is the reason that the Ducks killed that penalty.

The Ducks head to  the locker room with the lead, it’s 2-1 Ducks. The Ducks need to come into the third strong and close this one off.

img_20171119_214100825036265.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks start the period off on the power play. Vincent Trocheck is off to the penalty box with a penalty for delay of game, because the puck went over the glass and into the stands.

ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! BRANDON MONTOUR WITH THE POWER PLAY GOAL!!! With Perry sending the puck to the middle and finds Brandon Montour and he just sneaks the puck right in the net. His goal had a lot of patience and Montour finds the back of the net. It’s 3-1 Ducks which leaves the Panthers trailing by 2.

Click here to see Montour’s PPG: Brandon Montour’s Sneaky PPG

Michael Haley gets under John Gibson’s skin when Haley jabs Gibson’s hand which is something that he did not like at all, you could tell by the way he stood up tall after that happened. Once Holtzer saw what was going on he starts to go after Haley for what he had done to his netminder John Gibson. The officials just stand there and did nothing, that’s right NO CALL was made.

With just 5 minutes into the period Perry is off to the box to serve a delay of game for netminder John Gibson. During his penalty he did nothing but deny the Panthers from scoring. He saved a puck that hit off the glass and positioned himself for the puck to land right in his glove. Penalty Killed. Then a few minutes later the Ducks have another penalty to kill as Brandon Montour is off to the box with a penalty for delay of game. During that penalty kill John Gibson had some issues but despite losing his stick and at the same time pucks flying at him, he saved so many pucks. His stick got away from him twice as being attacked by the Panthers. Kevin Bieska got Gibson his stick since it was way beyond the blue paint, as he is trying to get his stick he makes a save with his blocker hand and in process losses his stick again. Sami Vatanen to the rescue who gets him his stick just as he is making a huge glove save. Penalty Killed, it was one killed under pressure due to the fact that Gibson spent a good amout of the PK without his goalie stick.

Click here to see Gibson incredible saves: Gibson Unbelievable Saves without his stick

Sami Vatanen and Connor Brickley are both sent to the box for roughing, which makes it a 4-on-4. That is until Aaron Ekblad is sent to the penalty box for hooking Josh Manson. Now the Anaheim Ducks are on a power play 4-on-3. There was nothing generated during that power play for the Ducks.

Panthers goalie has been pulled for an extra attacker with about 3 minutes remaining on the clock.

With 3 minutes remaining in the game the Panthers Goal, it’s Keith Yandle with the goal. It was one of those goals where Gibson didn’t see the puck. He was made about that one and how he wasn’t able to see where the puck was at. Then Anaheim Ducks challenge the goal for goaltender interference. “After review of the goal the call on the ice stands we have a good goal…Anaheim loses the challenge and has lost their time-out”

Jammie McGinn makes a hard hit on Josh Manson just as Florida pulls the goalie back out for the extra attacker once more.

Gibson still making his effortless looking saves. It looked like to me that with 1:20 left on the clock there was no chance for the Panthers to get a puck past Gibson.

After the Florida Time Out, Josh Manson takes a seriously huge hard nasty hit on Vincent Trocheck. It was really a beautiful hit by Manson.

The Ducks kept icing the puck trying to get the puck into the emty net but that did not happen, the game ended with another big save by JOHN GIBSON.

Manson with the puck

Josh Manson scored a goal in his 200th NHL game tonight. With the goal that he scored was one of those goals that you had no idea that a defenseman who is known for hard hits and being one of the tough guys on the team was able to score in the way he did.

img_20171117_154957-11618037778.jpg Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Now, John Gibson really showed how flexible, solid and athletic of a goalie he is. The saves he made were completely outstanding, I don’t know how he does it but he is a goalie that the Anaheim Ducks are lucky to have on the team. Also that he is so good that he can block shots even when his goalie stick is out of his reach, he showed that during the game.

John Gibson is the star of the game. He really came through for his team with 50 of 52 shots on goals that were saved. He almost made a new Ducks franchise record. According to the Anaheim Ducks, “Gibson’s 50 saves fell one shy from the franchise record of 51 (four times, Mikhail Shtalenkov, Mar 22, 1998 at OTT 51-of-53; Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Mar. 21, 2004 vs. DET 51-of-57; Jonas Hiller, Dec 19, 2008 at EDM 51-of-53; John Gibson, Jan 1, 2017 PHI 51-of-54).”

Click here to see some of his goaltending saves of the night:

Gibson’s Glove Save On Ekblad

Gibson denies wrap-around bid

Gibson’s fantastic glove save

Gibson’s Incredible Stop

Thoughts on the game from Anaheim Ducks players and coaches:

Rickard Rakell (on the power play finding success):  We’ve been working on it a lot in practice. We’re feeling more comfortable and not as stressed throwing pucks away. Everybody is trying to be a threat all the time. We’re battling hard.

Rickard Rakell (on his goal): You’re just trying to get open. You’re hoping the puck is going to find your stick.

John Gibson (on facing 52 shots tonight): You don’t have a choice. When you come into a game, you might get 10 or you might get 50. You have to be ready to play every night.

John Gibson (on the extended breaks between games): You get days off like that and you pay for it like we have now. That’s the way it is. We have to find a way to get points.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on Gibson’s performance): He was the first star. He saved our butts. We didn’t have a very good outing from a standpoint of management of the puck. We turned the puck over 16 times in the second period alone. We were fortunate that our power play won the special teams battle. We got a stellar performance from out goaltender, simple as that.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the power play finding success): We were starving for offense in the first 10 games of the season. Our power play was popgun offense. It really wasn’t a power play. It wasn’t enough. Now, these are the types of situations that you need your power play to deliver. We were nowhere near where we needed to be tonight and our power play scored two important goals for us. Our penalty killing saved our butts. Our goaltender saved our butts. We have a lot of areas to be thankful for. We  have to clean those things up. It’s a win and we’ll move on.

Thoughts on the game from Florida Panthers players and coaches:

Vincent Trocheck (on the inability to capitalize on scoring opportunities): Obviously we want to capitalize on all our chances. We are definitely putting in the work right now and getting those chances. Puck luck definitely has something to do with it and obviously we have to keep the puck out of our own net. The goals that they did score tonight was on us.

Vincent Trocheck (on playing from behind): We’ve played way too many games this year from behind. Coming into the game and being ready to play in the first period like we do in the second and third.

Keith Yandle (on the inability to score against Gibson): We’re running into hot goalies. We are getting opportunities and it comes down to a couple bounces here and there. I thought our effort was great and we played hard. It’s never fun losing.

Keith Yandle (on playing from behind): It’s one of those things where you got to be good whether you’re up or down goals. I don’t think we had to change the way played. We played the right way the full 60 minutes.

Head Coach Bob Boughner (on coming away with no points): Same story, different night. My message after the game was we threw everything we had at them, keep our heads up, we are not getting any puck luck right now. It’s on us too. We got a few chances on breakaways where we missed the net or blew it over the net on some chances. That is probably the only negative thing I can say.

Head Coach Bob Boughner (on special teams): Our power play cashed in on one. Obviously, on the penalty kill we had a bad change and it cost us. The second one was a bit of a broken play off of Louie’s [Luongo] head and right on their stick.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks

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