The Ducks Lost 2-1 in a Battle Against the Lightning -who is the best team in the NHL right now

The Anaheim Ducks fought so hard and it is because of the amazing goaltending by John Gibson is the reason that the Ducks only lost by 1. He is the man in the net that the Ducks will continue to count on and he proved that to his teammates and coaches in the game against Tampa Bay on Sunday night. I can confidently say that the star of the game for the Anaheim Ducks was John Gibson.

Gibson_3                             The Anaheim Ducks solid goaltender John Gibson. Photo by the Anaheim Ducks

John Gibson was the man in the net that stood tall and denied 35 of 37 shots on goal and if you ask me that is really good for a goalie going up against the #1 team in the league as of right now. If I wanted to I could write an entire post about John Gibson’s goaltending and his athleticism he showed especially in Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning because that is something that he really showed everyone, fans, his teammates, and the Ducks coaching staff. So thanks John Gibson for the hard work you put into this game, you continue to be my favorite goalie that is currently playing in the NHL.
 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The game started in the Anaheim zone and a significant amount of the period was spent in the Anaheim zone and the Ducks netminder (goalie) was in the zone and playing his game. He was on fire, Gibson kept saving those pucks, pucks that I thought how in the world did he see that and deny it from going in the net. He is a goalie that continues to amaze me.

The Ducks had such a great chance on scoring early with a shot by Corey Perry, but unfortunately for Perry the puck was trapped underneath the pads of the Tampa Bay goalie.

Just 3 minutes Tampa Bay gets their first power play of the night, when Corey Perry is sent to the box for hooking Victor Hedman. The Tampa Bay Lightning have the man advantage for 2 minutes. Gibson denied them from scoring, I have said this before but on the team your goalie is your #1 penalty killer and the Ducks killed the Lightning power play. And just as Perry gets out of the box he lands a real big hit on Ondrej Palat, and it was such an awesome hit by Perry.

So, with John Gibson on fire, what time is it? Well it really only means one thing and that is that IT’S GIBBY TIME!!!!! Saving pucks that some may think there is no way that a goalie could save that but they probably have never seen the athleticism of John Gibson and his rare talent to go beyond than expected to save the puck. He made a beautiful butterfly save but if your on the Lightning you’re thinking that I didn’t miss that by much. What is a butterfly save? It is a style of goaltending where in the goalie [John Gibson] tends to cover the lower half of the net with his leg pads or even his entire body.

John Gibson saved 17 shots on goal in the opening frame of the game, while the Tampa Bay goalie saved all 7 shots on goal by the Ducks.

The Ducks head to the locker rooms with a solid performance by Gibson and being tied 0-0 at the end of one period of play. John Gibson is a HUGE part for the Ducks with it being tied with it being 0-0. Now the Ducks need to come into the 2nd period aggressive and fighting to score and just get on the board.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Here we go and Gibson is giving the Ducks a spot on performance with the big saves, he didn’t really have many glove saves in the game but the saves that he made were big and good ones.

The period started with some big hits and really awesome goaltending on both sides. That included the BEAST known as Josh Manson who hit Steven Stamkos pretty hard a bunch of times and the other BEAST known as Chris Wagner made a big hit on Dan Girardi.

Then it is Brandon Montour who is skating into the penalty box for hooking Steven Stamkos. Tampa Bay gets the man advantage once again but this time the Ducks didn’t kill this power play. And it’s Vladis lav Namestnikov with the goal, a power play goal. To me that goal was a messy goal, one where it was a hard one for John Gibson to save. The Ducks now trail by 1.

Click here to see Tampa Bay’s Power Play Goal: Namestnikov PPG- Tampa Bay takes the lead

The Ducks head to the locker room trailing by 1 but lucky for them they still have their solid and technically sound goalie backing them up in the net. We are coming up on the final stretch of the game. It’s time to score and start getting more aggressive and physical and take more control of the puck.
 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Time to wrap this game up, it’s the final period of the game. In this period the Ducks were faced with having the centers being thrown out of the face-off circle, which leaves the wingers taking the draw. When that happens that could be a result of losing the face-off which gives them the puck and that is when John Gibson continues to show just how athletic of a goalie he really is.

Then all of the sudden, ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!!! JAKOB SILVERBERG!!!!!!! The Ducks are on the map and the game is tied at 1. Chris Wagner gets the puck to Silverberg and this is what happens….click here to see the Anaheim Ducks Swede goal: Jakob Silverberg GOAL!!!!

There is a lot of momentum going on and for the Lightning it really kicked it up a notch when the Tampa Bay Lightning Goal. It’s J.T. Brown with the goal. The Ducks trail by 1 once again in this hockey game.

Click here to see the Lightning 2nd goal: JT Brown’s goal- that puts Lightning in the lead

The zebras were blind in the game when there was a clear trip on Sami Vatanen but they made NO CALL on the obvious tripping call. I don’t like it when the officials don’t make calls on the obvious plays that deserve penalties.

The Anaheim Ducks finally get their first power play of the night when it’s Ryan Callahan off to the penalty box for holding the stick of Sami Vatanen.

The Ducks get the puck across the goal line by Brandon Montour and it looks like a goal but that was a play that went under review and then the officials said NO GOAL. The puck was under the leg pads of the goalie when it went over the line so it was unclear that the puck was definately on and/or over the line so the goal that would’ve tied the game at 2 was recalled. Tampa Bay still has the lead 2-1 and that is how the game ended.

Tampa Bay goes home with a victory over all of the Californian teams (Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, and the Anaheim Ducks) that is something that rarely ever happens for a team on there California road-trips.

The Ducks played really well after all they lost 2-1 against the best team in the league that is now 14-2-2 which in my opinion says a lot that the Ducks only let 2 goals go in against the best team in the NHL right now, well they’re the #1 for now cause there has only been 1 1/2 months of games played so it will be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes for Tampa Bay.

Tampa-Bay-Lightning-vs-Anaheim-DucksPhoto by sports network

Thoughts from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches:

Corey Perry (on the takeaways from the game): Our goalie held us in the first period. He made some big saves for us. That wasn’t the way to play a game against a team like that, but we found a way to claw back into the hockey game. A bounce here and there it could go either way.

Corey Perry (on the third period): If you look at our third period, we were on our toes and playing with desperation. We were effective. We started to hound some pucks. You have to play a full 60 minutes in this league. It was 0-0 after one, but at the same time, it could’ve been a different story.

Corey Perry (on the disallowed goal): I think everybody knows it’s in. You can’t see the whole thing across the line, but that’s the tough part. It goes either way. It evens out over the course of the season.

Brandon Montour (on the disallowed goal): I thought it was in. [We] thought it was in. But with the video [replay], you couldn’t really see the puck. They took a while to figure out whether or not to call it, so it’s a tough play. We wished to have that one, but we had three minutes or so left. It gave us a chance. Tough call, hard to make.

Brandon Montour (on moving forward): We’ve been happy with how we’ve been playing the last couple of games. Tampa is considered the best team in the league right now. To have an opportunity like that, in a close game like that, it’s a positive. Every team can beat every team. We would’ve loved to have that one.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the game): We didn’t have a very good start. They managed the puck and had control of the puck much more than we did early in the hockey game. We were standing around, watching, and we were playing in awe of them. If you allow that to a skilled group like the Tampa Bay Lightning, they’re going to make us look ordinary, and they did. We finally got our feet under us in the last half of the game. In the third [period], I thought we did a lot of good things. We came up short. We missed an assignment for the winning goal, and that’s how tight hockey is.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the disallowed goal): I think everybody in the building would say it appeared to be in, but you have to have definitive proof that the puck was in the net. That is the rule. It’s unfortunate it didn’t go in our favor, but, to truthfully tell you, could you tell if the puck entered the net? Everybody thought it was because it was under the pad, but that’s the reality. That’s the way rules are. Sometimes you get those breaks, and they go for you, and sometimes they don’t. Tonight was one of those nights it didn’t go for us.

1- Tampa Bay LightningPhoto by the Tampa Bay Lightning

Thoughts from the Tampa Bay Lightning:

J.T. Brown (on scoring against John Gibson): He was making some great saves. He played well all game. You just got to try not to get discouraged and keep going forward.

J.T. Brown (on gaining momentum with early scoring chances): As long as you keep moving the right way and not get frusterated because you’re not scoring. As long as we keep pushing forward like we did, we are going to continue to get those chances. That’s our mindset there.

J.T. Brown (on the undefeated roadtrip): Any time you can win three games in a row on the road, especially when you come out here and play the big boys, it’s definitely good for us.

Chris Kunitz (on the offensive effort): It’s been a long trip, but I think we came out and started the first period really well. We outshot them, out-chanced them by pushing the pace of the game. They came back in the third. They’re a good team, but hopefully the better team won tonight with us finding a way to get one in the end.

Chris Kunitz (on the current win streak): We’re obviously having fun because we’re winning. We are trying to do it the right way. We are tryingto take it on game-by-game basis and try to get better every single day. If you can tilt the ice in your favor for 31 or 33 minutes, you’re usually going to be doing a good job. We still have to keep getting better, keep growing as a team.

Head Coach Jon Cooper (on the West Coast road trip being the best test of the year): Coming through California is a tough road trip and everybody out East knows that. You’re hoping, is there any way you can get six points out of that? Obviously, we started the trip off right by taking those two (San Jose and Los Angeles) but this is a tough game. You have a couple games in between, it’s an afternoon game, we’ve been on the road a week, we know we are going home right after this and I was really impressed with the guys focus in trying to get this win tonight.

Head Coach Jon Cooper (on the goaltending): It was definitely a goaltending duo tonight. The guys both played well. Probably the first two periods he (Vasileskiy) sat there for a lot of it and didn’t see a lot of work, then had to respond to the challenge of the third. That’s why he is our guy back there. In those tight games, when we just couldn’t get that two goal lead, he was there and he was huge for us. It was big.


The Ducks have a few days to clean up mistakes and get ready for when it’s Ducks vs. Bruins on Wednesday @7 pm in Honda Center

The Anaheim Ducks are back at it on Wednesday when they take on the Boston Bruins in game #4 of their 5-game home stand. Since the Ducks lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning the Anaheim Ducks will be looking to turn the tables in the game that is just a few days before the Ducks host their Hall of Fame night for honoring former Ducks Paul Kariya and Teemu Selanne for making it into the Hall of Fame. They were inducted on November 13th. On November 19th the Anaheim Ducks are going to be facing the Florida Panthers in front of 2 Anaheim Ducks legends and a legend that is truly known as an inspiration and role model for all hockey players young and old in Finland, THE ONE AND ONLY TEEMU SELANNE. He has even made a difference in lives of some current NHL players. Check out the post that is about the thought on Selanne from the Finnish NHL players former and current.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to leave your comments and thought below in the comment section.


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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks

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