Anaheim Ducks Fall to Kings in the Physical Rival Night Game 4-3 in Overtime

When watching a Ducks vs. Kings game literally anything can happen and the unthinkable and unpredictable things happen with these two rival teams. There are no pre-game predictations that can really be made between them and because they are rivals they will give all that they got in them both physicality, emotions, and skill. With the Anaheim Ducks and Los Angeles Kings giving it their all, their is really only one prediction that can be made is that it’s going to be a good and very physical game.

Pre-game reports-

Randy Carlyle moved Chris Wagner back to center, and I think that he did that was because of Ryan Getzlaf being out of the game for about 2 months for his facial injury that will require surgery on his cheek. The Anaheim Ducks are somewhat vulnerable defensively with Cam Fowler out of the line-up for his knee injury. Lastly, Andrew Cogliano, (super-hero name now is IRON MAN) was called the Ducks Iron Man due to the fact that he has played in 801 consecutive NHL games in his career. That’s right he hasn’t missed a game, he has left a game to head to the locker room but always returned back to the game after being looked at, so indeed the Anaheim Ducks do have a solid super hero on the team. Mr. Iron Man aka Andrew Cogliano.

Tonight it will be Jonathan Quick vs. John Gibson in the net, the Kings and Ducks will have to find ways to get the puck past these 2 outstanding goaltenders. Tonight the Kings did get a chance to see Anaheim Ducks 1A and 1B goalies (Ducks don’t like the idea of “backup” goaltenders) when Ryan Miller stepped in for John Gibson in the third with 6:53 remaining in regulation.    

 Corey Perry finds himself in a fight with Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick (keep reading to hear more about this fight between winger and goalie)

 Photo by Anaheim Ducks

With just 5 minutes into the game it’s Antoine Vermette and Ondrej Kase with a clean breakaway but unfortunately it denied by Jonathan Quick. Great goaltending by Quick.

With about 6 minutes into the game the unbelievable happens for the Ducks by Jared Boll. ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!!! JARED BOLL!!!! With a pass behind the net from Brandon Montour spots Boll wide open after he gets the puck from the crazy scramble for the puck in front of Jonathan Quick and from the pass from Montour it’s Jared Boll who finds the empty side of the net, and goal. GOOD GOAL!

Click here to see Jared Boll score an unbelievable goal: Jared Boll Goal

Injury has been a huge defination of the Ducks season so far and that dosen’t seem to end tonight. Ondrej Kase is down and tried to get up but he fell back down, stomach on the ice, he needed help off of the ice by his teammates and the Ducks medical staff. Off to the locker room goes Ondrej Kase. He was hit hard when Kase was blindsided he got elbowed (near his face) by Kurtis MacDermid. MacDermid’s hit on Kase resulted in a game misconduct and gave Anaheim a five-minute major. It wasn’t until seconds after the Ducks power-play ended was when the ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!! IT’S SAMI VATANEN!!!! Being able to control the bouncing puck after a slight pass from Rakell near the circle find Vatanen who just shoots a wrist shoot and the puck landed in the net. With the goal from Vatanen the Anaheim Ducks lead by 2, it’s Ducks 2 – Kings 0, they trail by 2.

Click here to see Sami Vatanen’s wicked wrister: Sam Vatanen’s Wicked Wrister 

Gibson just robs and denies Anze Kopitar from scoring that was one of those unbelievable how did John Gibson get a handle on that puck. Big save Gibson, he is looking good tonight.

It is one of the Ducks fighters, Kevin Bieska is off to the penalty box for slashing Anze Kopitar. Knowing the type of player that Kopitar is I’m thinking that he got under Bieska’s skin and thought that maybe Kopitar deserved a slash but nobody can really say if it was intentional or not, only Bieska can answer that. During the Kings power play the Ducks gave the Kings minimal chances to even play in the Anaheim zone during the power play. Penalty Killed. The Ducks are back to full strength.

*Some may not know this but George Perros, who when I was young he was my favorite player mostly because he was THE FIGHTER for the Anaheim Ducks and when someone talked to him about who he would say basically the next George Perros on the Ducks would be? He immediately said KEVIN BIESKA without a doubt. *

With just 3 minutes to go in the period, dun dun dun, Los Angeles Kings Goal. It’s Aze Kopitar with the goal, the puck rebounded and the puck went straight to him and point aim shoot and the Kings now trail by 1. It’s 2-1 Ducks still have the lead.

Click here to see Kopitar’s nifty tally: Anze Kopiter puts Kings on the map

Rickard Rakell is off to the box to serve a penalty for face-off violation. I still think that the new face-off rule is rediculous, I feel that it gives the officials more power than in the seasons past (last 100+ years of the NHL). That’s just my opinion. With the period coming to an end the Kings will come into the second period with :13 seconds left of the power play which means that the Ducks have :13 seconds to kill the face-off violation penalty called on Rickard Rakell.

The Ducks head to the locker room at the end of 20 minutes of play in the lead 2-1, which leaves the Kings trail by 1 heading into the second period.

The Kings were unable to gain or generate anything on their :13 seconds left of the Kings power play. Penalty is over, the Ducks killed that penalty. With Rakell out of the box the first thing he does is land a huge solid hit on Anze Kopitar.

One thing you hardly ever see in hockey is a fight with the goalie and this play was one I didn’t expect to see. Corey Perry tries to screen Jonathan Quick and I think that Perry got under Quick’s skin since he is the kind of goalie that is very protective about protecting his goal-crease. After Perry attempts to screen Quick there is a dual at the top of the crease between Corey Perry and Jonathan Quick and Perry tries to push Derek Forbort into Quick then seconds later things get heated up and Quick and Perry go at it and punches ARE being thrown between Kings goalie Jonathan Quick and Ducks winger Corey Perry. Man I wish I was at Honda Center to witness that fight between Perry and Quick.

Click here to see Corey Perry and Jonathan Quick fight in the LA zone: Perry Fighting with goalie Jonathan Quick

Here are the penalties given for the fight between Perry and Quick:

Corey Perry 2:00 minutes for roughing

Jonathan Quick 2:00 minutes for roughing- Andy Andreoff to serve Quick’s penalty

Derek Forbort 2:00 minutes for roughing

Anaheim Ducks are on a power play for the penalty called on Forbort for roughing. The Ducks did well with puck recovery on the power play but they were unable to generate anything from the power play.

Kings go on a power play when Perry recieves a penalty for delay of game when the puck flips over and into the stands. The Ducks made sure that the Kings couldn’t generate or really do anything on the power play.

So wish I could find a video of this but Manson sends Alec Martinez to the locker room in pain. I first thought Manson dumped Martinez into the Kings bench but when they did a playback he boarded Martinez right at the corner of the end of the bench and with a hard hit from Manson it sent him off to the locker room and he did look like he was in pain as he went back. When that type of thing happen to their teammate it tends to bring out a bunch of anger out of the team. Soon enough a bunch of players gather behind the Anaheim net and go at it in response to Josh Manson’s hit on Martinez. It’s Chris Wagner, Kevin Bieska, Sami Vatanen, Logan Shaw, Drew Doughty, Andy Andreoff, and Brooks Laich are the players that mixed things up behind the Anaheim net.

Andy Andreoff is sent to the penalty box for roughing when he mixed things up with Chris Wagner. The Ducks go on the power play and once again noting was done on that power play. It was after their power play when they actually generated something. ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! IT’S RICKARD RAKELL!!!! With a distraction from Corey Perry and Oscar Fantenberg who were battling for the crease position. Josh Manson got the puck to Rakell who just shoots it from the board and it goes over the glove of Jonathan Quick.

The goal is under review to see if there was any goaltender interference by Corey Perry. And after the review of the play the call on the ice stands, Anaheim gets the GOOD GOAL. The Ducks are in the lead 3-1, and the Kings trail by 2 once again in this hockey game.

Click here to see the Ducks GOOD GOAL: Rickard Rakell GOAL RickRakAttack is Back

With only 4 minutes to go in the period, Alec Martinez returns to the game after being hit by Josh Manson. Then out of the blue Andy Andreoff just decides to go right ahead and throw a punch on Jared Boll. Even though he went right ahead with the punch and some punches were thrown, there was no call on that made by the officials.

Gibson with then outstanding save with 1:30 left in the period and just seconds before the period was over the Los Angeles Kings score. Kings goal by Adrian Kempe.

Click here to see Adrian Kempe’s goal: Kempe Buries Pearson’s Shot

The Ducks head to the locker room still ahead, the Kings trail by 1. It’s 3-2 Ducks after a very physical period of play in the second period.

What better way than to start the game off with a nasty and hard hit by Josh Manson, well, hard hitting is a definate requirement when the Ducks take on the Los Angeles Kings.

The period started off with incredible glove saves by Gibson and Quick. Then with about 5 minutes into the period there is a penalty on the Anaheim Ducks with the Too Many Men on the ice penalty and it is Nick Ritchie to serve the penalty for the Ducks. Oops. The Ducks didn’t kill this penalty. The Kings Goal, it’s Dustin Brown with the goal, the goal that ties the game at 3, Ducks 3 – Kings 3.

Click here to see Dustin Brown’s goal: Brown’s game tying goal

Kempe is heading over to the penalty for high-sticking Chris Wagner right off of the face-off. There is blood, lots of blood coming from his mouth because he got high sticked in the mouth. Kempe got a double minor penalty, he was given a 4 minute penalty. The Anaheim Ducks go on a 4-minute power play. During the Ducks power play the Ducks get a call and it is Silverberg off to the penalty box for interference. It’s 4-on-4 for 1:10 left in Adrian Kempe’s high-sticking penalty.

Bad news for the Kings. Dustin Brown goal with the back door play, but the officials are checking the play for offsides. The play is under review. After review of the play there is NO GOAL the player was offsides the score in the game remains 3-3 and that is the end of the Kings power play. The power play ends with a big glove save by John Gibson.

Anze Kopitar is off to the locker room even though he said that he was fine. I’m thinking that one of the plays shook him up a little bit.

Bad news Ducks, John Gibson was hit in the mask, Kings goal was waivered due to the situation when John Gibson’s mask was knocked off from the hit by Liach. John Gibson is off to the locker room to get looked at.

So what time is it? It’s MILLER MILLLER MILLER TIME….RYAN MILLER IN THE NET FOR GIBSON. There is 6:53 minutes left in the game and it is now up to Ryan Miller to stop the pucks from going in the net.

The LA Kings are on a power play with a tripping penalty being called on Kevin Bieska, and around the same time Anze Kopitar is out of the locker room and is now on the ice. As one penalty ended another one began, with Josh Mason off to the penalty box for cross-checking and he was so frusterated and angry at the call made by the officials.

With Ryan being balanced and in control this Ducsk vs. Kings game goes into overtime. An additional 5 minutes of 3-on-3. Miller just makes goaltending so easy. he was solid up until there was 1:09 left in the overtime period when Kings goal. It’s Nick Shore with the game winning goal.

Click here to see the game winning goal:Kings Game-Winning Goal

Thoughts on the game from the Anaheim Ducks players and coaches: Francois Beauchemin, Rickard Rakell, Assistant Coach Trent Yawney

Francois Beauchemin (on the penalties in the third period): We have to play with the new rules. The emotion got high in the third period and we were still playing to win the game. We want to be physical at the same time, so we will take penalties, but have to limit those for sure. 

Francois Beauchemin (on special teams): I thought we had some momentum in the first period. We had that five-minute power play. We created a lot of chances and had a lot of shots on net. We had a goal at the end of that one. Same thing in the second period. We were strong on the power play and had a few good chances. PK [penalty kill] was strong all night. Our goalies made the big saves.

Rickard Rakell (on cutting down penalties): We talk about discipline, but it’s still tough. Everybody in here is trying to work their [rear] off and try their hardest. We just have to be more careful with our sticks.  

Rickard Rakell (on sepcial teams): I thought that our PK guys did pretty good today. They have a really good power play. Sometimes our power play looked good, too. We had some scoring chances, but it wasn’t good enough in the end. If we would’ve been more effective there, we probably would’ve won the game.

Assistant Coach Trent Yawney (on the momentum shift): You have to be in control. The goal at the end of the second period kind of deflated usa little bit. We never got any traction against a really good team.

Assistant Coach Trent Yawney (on the power play): I thought the first one was pretty good. We just didn’t finish off the play. The other thing I’d say is their penalty kill is like 93 or 94 percent. That’s pretty good. When it got down to it, they kind of shut us down. You have to give them credit, too.

Click here to see Ryan Miller’s post-game thoughts: Duck Post-game: Ryan Miller

1- Los Angeles Kings

Thoughts on the game from the Los Angeles Kings players and coaches: Nick Shore, Anze Kopitar, Head Coach John Stevens:

Nick Shore (on the game-winning goal): It was a big game for us, it took everyone. We got down early there and battled back. We had two-on-one coming down the ice and Brownie [Dustin Brown] made a really good play. We got the D [defense] and the goalie to bite and we were fortunate it went in. 

Nick Shore (on playing in playoff-like atmosphere): It was a really good atmosphere tonight. It was an emotional game for both sides. That’s what you look for and tend to see when it’s a division game like this. 

Anze Kopitar (on Alex Iafallo’s performance): He’s definately not shy to go right into the thick of things. He’s been doing that all season. My goal was really his work. He was in there by himself and he somehow got the puck and sent it to me. That’s what makes him a really special player. 

Anze Kopitar (on playing from behind): There’s really no quit in here. We get down two goals early, but it seemed like there was a sense of calmness on the bench. Nobody panicked, nobody was running around likea maniac. We just kept our cool, kept our composure and started plugging away.  

Head Coach John Stevens (on fighting and clawing their way through the game): Certainly a lot of elements to the game. The penalty kill was really taxed with the five minute major and the four minute, but at the end of the day, I thought our PK [penalty kill] did a really good job and I thought our power play scored a huge goal. Certainly gratifying that the guys just stuck with it. There’s lots of times where we could have thought that it wasn’t our night.  

Head Coach John Stevens (on the team’s resilience): I thought it was terrific. We got some big efforts by lots of people. Quicker [Jonathan Quick] shut the door in the third period, PK really dug in on that four minute penalty, goals called back and there was a lot of emotion in the game. I think that’s good thing. We had guys step-up and picked up the pieces for the short bench.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks


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