The Anaheim Ducks Fall Short To The Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1

The Anaheim Ducks fell short to the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1, the score really should have been 3-2 but a Ducks goal got waved off as no goal. The Anaheim Ducks went up against their former teammate Frederik Andersen who has been with Toronto for 2 years now and he is a big reason why the Ducks lost the game. The Ducks had so many chances but Andersen was in the zone and he stopped 28 of 29 shot on goal and that is what lead the Toronto Maple Leafs to victory at Honda Center.

IT IS GIBSON VS. ANDERSEN ONCE AGAIN… First time this season these teams meet but not the last. The Ducks have until February 5th to prepare to face Toronto goalie Frederick Andersen, that will be the last regulation season game that these 2 teams will meet and fight for the win and earn 2 points in the process.

In the opening frame the Ducks had plenty of chances to score early but with amazing goal-tending by Freddie Andersen that didn’t really happen for the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks had 3 power plays in the first period but were unable to generate anything from the power-play. Eric Fehr headed to the penalty box with less that a minute into the 1st period for high-sticking. The Ducks tried to generate something but had a hard time executing and getting it past Andersen but the shots made on Gibson are ones he denied when the Ducks were on their power-play. After all, your best penalty killer is your goaltender. Unfortunately for the Ducks, Maple Leafs strike first with a five-hole goal by Connor Brown. [A five-hole goal is the gap between a goaltender’s legs]. That puck went right through the legs of John Gibson. No need to worry, shortly after that it is all good with the score tied 1-1 because the ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!! IT’S ONDREJ KASE!!!! His 5th goal of the season. With passes from Derek Grant and Josh Manson who got it to Kase and with a deflection of the ankle/skate of Maple Leaf defenseman, Andreas Borgman that puck flew right into the back of the net and it counts, the officials call is GOOD GOAL. With a great shot on the goal Brandon Montour almost gave the Ducks the lead but unfortunately the puck ended up in the glove of Andersen. The Ducks go on the power play once again with Nikita Zaitsev making his way to the penalty box for holding Dennis Rasmussen, it was another power play that the Ducks weren’t able to generate anything from. The Ducks and Maple Leafs head off to the locker rooms with the score tied at 1 after the first period of play.

The second period started off with the goalies looking hot and focused saving puck after puck when both teams trying to get a goal to take the lead in this game. The Ducks got the man advantage when the Ducks went of their third power play of the night, when the whistle blew calling a penalty on James van Reimsdyk for interference, but once again the Ducks didn’t do anything with their power play. Now at about less than 8 minutes the Toronto Maple Leafs go on their first power play of the night when Antoine Vermette gets called to the penalty box for tripping, the Ducks killed their power play leaving with them not able to generate anything with having the man advantage because John Gibson made save after save during their power play. The Maple Leafs had plenty of chances but John Gibson said I don’t think so- he denied each puck thrown at him. In the final minutes of the second period the Anaheim Ducks go on another power play because Jake Gardiner was sent to the penalty box for holding. On the Ducks power play Andersen gave the Ducks the same response that Gibson made when Toronto was on their power play and in the period, I don’t think so because Andersen denied the Anaheim Ducks from scoring a goal in the second period. The Ducks and Maple Leafs both head to the locker rooms with the score remaining the same, tied at 1. Going to have to come out ready to fight hard for the game winning goal and do nothing else but shoot, shoot and shoot the puck to try to get it in the net and take the lead in the game.

Just like in the first period, the Toronto strike first now making the score 2-1 Toronto with a goal by Patrick Marleau. The Ducks now trail by 1. Not long after that, with 14:56 minutes to go in the game the Toronto Maple Leafs go on their second power play of the night, it’s Corey Perry off to the penalty box for goaltender interference, and luckily for the Ducks the Maple Leafs were not able to generate anything on the power play. Silverberg shed some light with a goal that was declared NO GOAL after the play was under review. “the officials determined Silverberg distinctively had his skate moving forward in kicking the puck over the stripe. The call on the ice of no goal was upheld after a relatively brief replay review. In the final minutes of the game Gibson is called to the bench for the extra attacker and the Toronto Maple Leafs got one in the empty net. Empty-netter goal, the final score of the game Anaheim Ducks 1 and the Toronto Maple Leafs 3. This is a loss for the Ducks, they will be looking to turn the tables in their next game, a revenge game against the Nashville Predators due to some mixed feeling left over from losing to them in the Western Conference Final game and the game the Ducks wanted to win to go head to head with the Pittsburg Penguins in the Final Stanley Cup Playoff round last season.

Anaheim Ducks thoughts on the game: Jakob Silverberg, Hampus Lindholm, and Head Coach Randy Carlyle.

Jakob Silverberg (on disallowed goal): As soon as it happened, it was kind of 50/50. I wasn’t really sure if I lifted my foot off the ice. As I saw the replay, it kind of leaned toward disallowing it, but you never know. They watched the video, so I’m sure they made the right call. In a situation like that, it’s in tight, so you never really know what happens. I guess it could’ve gone either way.

Jakob Silverberg (on the game): At times, we got caught playing a little slow. It wasn’t only the bounces that weren’t going our way. If we play like we played in the second period – I thought that was our strong point of the game. That when we moved the puck, moved our feet and gave them trouble. 

Hampus Lindholm (on the game): We were a little sloppy on some plays that got their momentum going. You kill your momentum when you get pucks turned over and feed the rush for those quick forwards on Toronto. We kind of got it back in the second period after the goal. We started battling and playing hard, but in the third we came out flat-footed.

Hampus Lindholm (on the power play): We have to build from this. We can’t be satisfied from not scoring goals. We have to work even harder and get those posts and in instead of posts and out.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the disallowed goal): It looked like he turned his foot, so the referee felt he directed the puck with a kicking motion. If that’s the way he deemed it, then it’s no goal. As far as we’re concerned, you can turn your foot, but I don’t know if that deems a kicking motion. That’s what they called, and that’s the way it goes.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the Maple Leafs): They kept us to the outside. We didn’t really establish that much of a grind period. We had a really good period in the second to get ourselves going with some momentum. We found ways to get the puck in deep, we started to cycle, and that’s the type of game we’re going to have to play with where we’re at with our group. We’re going to have to establish more of that style of game. We can’t turn the puck over. We turned the puck over on the first goal we gave up. It was an odd-man rush. I think we gave up two or three more. We can’t do that.

Toronto Maple Leafs thoughts on the game: Ron Hainsey, James van Riemsdyk, and Head Coach Mike Babcock.

Ron Hainsey (on the team’s performance): We started exactly how we wanted to. The second [period] wasn’t so good. We started to turn it over a bit too much. The result of that was that we had to kill a bunch of penalties. We came back and got that goal to start the third. Once that happened we started to play our game which is to get it in and grind it out a little bit and keep them on their half of the ice.

James van Riemsdyk (on his assist on Connor Brown’s first-period goal): Obviously it’s trying to find the right moment to pass it. It’s not all about blowing down the ice as fast you can, you have to find a way to create a passing lane and I think I have good chemistry with Brownie on some plays like that. He does a good job of getting open and I just tried to slide one through to him and he made a great finish.

James van Riemsdyk (on team snapping out of a losing streak): I think we did a lot of things better tonight. We didn’t do it in a full 60 [minutes], but we found a way to win and that’s the most important thing. We know we can be better still and we know we have a good challenge tomorrow.

Head Coach Mike Babcock (on their attention to detail tonight): Well, I really liked us in the first period. I really liked us in the third. In the second we got back to turning it over. I thought the penalty kill was good for us. I thought Freddie [Andersen] was solid. Obviously a big win, any time you’re struggling you need to find a way to win games and get your confidence back and get rolling.

The Anaheim Ducks are back at it on Friday when they take on the Nashville Predators. There might be mixed up feeling that may be carried over from the Playoffs last season when they were defeated by the Preds. This is the first game against the Predators, I don’t have a clue what this match-up will look like especially now that Mike Fisher (former Predator captain) has now retired.

Hey Smashville are you ready for a revenge and possibly bloody game with the Anaheim Ducks, come to Honda Center @7 pm on Friday if you are ready for a fight, these Ducks will NOT be served to you for dinner, because you may get to see the Ducks when they are really mad.

It’s Ducks vs. Nashville coming up next…

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by Anaheim Ducks

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