Thanks to Anaheim Duck Corey Perry Gets the Goal in Shoot-out. The Ducks Win 4-3 Against the Carolina Hurricanes

The Anaheim Ducks really battled this one off to the end, that’s right this game went through 3 periods of play, 1 overtime, and a shootout, a shootout that Corey Perry was like a hero, he came to the rescue won the game in the shootout round. This was the first back to back game of the season, even though they were probably tired from the 4-1 win against Tampa Bay they battled hard and they are at the start with a 2-game winning streak when the head home to face the Toronto Maple Leafs at Honda Center on Wednesday.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Bad news struck for the Anaheim Ducks early in the game when Ryan Getzlaf got hit in the face by a puck and was unable to return to the game tonight, the Ducks were going to have to win it without their captain Ryan Getzlaf.  The puck to the face of captain Ryan Getzlaf happened right away, it happened on his first shift on the ice.

There were a bunch of puck battles and hard hits and skating up and down the ice until there was about 10:48 minutes left to go in the first period when ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!ONDREJ KASE!!!!!! It is Nick Ritchie for the assist, he won a puck battle, got it to Kase then aim shoot and score is just what happened. The Ducks are in the lead 1-0. Some pucks go in some get shot wide and then there are the few that hit the post, that was the case for Corey Perry with a nice pass from Josh Manson, that rocket shot from Corey Perry just missed the net and said hello to the post.

Just about 2 1/2 minutes to go in the period the ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!! DEREK GRANT! Andrew Cogliano with the assist, he caused a turnover and with Grant all alone in front of the goal it was a easy no-brainer goal for Derek Grant. Now the Ducks are in the lead 2-0.

Josh Manson is one of those big guys who doesn’t look that intimating but he is one of those real tough guys and he showed that side of him at the end of the period when he hits Justin Williams with his hip and he just watches Williams fall to the ground. Then off Manson goes to the box for interference with Justin Williams. The Carolina Hurricanes are on a power play and with just 6.6 seconds left in the period Hurricanes goal, Jeff Skinner got the puck right through Miller’s right arm, now the Hurricanes trail by 1. The Ducks head to the locker room with the lead, 2-1 Ducks.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

It seems to me that the Ducks just liked skating up and down the ice until there was about 15 minutes left in the period it’s Jordan Staal with the Hurricane goal, the second goal of the night for the Hurricanes.

Nick Ritchie heads his way to the penalty box for holding Brett Pesce. Shortly after the Ducks killed the penalty the Carolina Hurricanes score again. It’s Justin Faulk with a slap-shot goal, the Anaheim Ducks trail by 1, the Hurricanes are in the lead 3-2.

That’s the buzzer the Anaheim Ducks head into the locker room trailing by 1 with the score being 3-2 Hurricanes. They are going to have to figure out a way for the puck to get through Scott Darling and into the back of the net.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The puck is dropped and skating continues with a bunch of hard his by Chris Wagner and Josh Manson. Josh Manson’s big hit was at 16:12 minutes to play in the third period. Even though there was a bunch of hits in the period there seemed to be more skating than hitting, the Ducks’ broadcasters discussed that hitting requires some energy. That energy was saved for skating and trying to get a goal to tie up the game.

As I have said before, the officials did it again, Justin Williams high-sticked Josh Manson and there was NO CALL on Justin Williams for the high-stick. They must be blind because they didn’t see the high-stick to the mouth caused some bleeding and one of the trainers had to look at it. I’ve never seen Josh Manson get so mad about a call in a NHL hockey game before.

Holtzer who like Bieska is a fighter and decided to mix things up with Justin Staal behind the net, lucky Duck there was no call for roughing. the referees seemed to let the game go on with little to no penalties in the game.

Just under 5 minutes to go in the period, Jakob Silverberg, who is known for his scoring capability, hadn’t scored a goal in 11 games. ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!!! IT’S JAKOB SILVERBERG!!!!!! His first goal of the season. “The play started when Hampus Lindholm led the rush into the zone. From there, he sent a pass to Andrew Cogliano, who left a drop pass to Silverberg. A quick one-timer that skidded across the ice beat Darling five hole, much to the relief of Silverberg, who nearly went 11 games without a goal.”

We are all tied up thanks to the goal by Silverberg, now at the end of regulation we go into the 5 minute 3-on-3 Overtime period and if there is no score at the end it comes down to a SHOOTOUT.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

It’s time for OVERTIME! 3-on-3. The Ducks and Hurricanes basically skated around and the goaltenders had some great saves. Especially Miller. No goal in overtime so off it is to the shootout round, which team will it be that get’s the puck past the goaltenders?

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

It’s time for the shoot-out, which players will go out for the shoot-out? This shoot-out lasted for only 2 rounds. Here’s how the rounds went, Carolina went first:

Round 1:

Hurricanes: Justin Williams- X- NO GOAL

Ducks: Rickard Rakell- X- NO GOAL

Round 2:

Hurricanes: Jaccob Slavin- X- NO GOAL

Ducks: Corey Perry- GOAL

Round 3

Hurricanes: Sebastian Aho- X- NO GOAL


Ryan Miller’s 1st start and 1st game as an NHL Duck, he wins it for the Ducks with his tremendous goaltender skills through 3 periods of play, overtime, and 2 shootout rounds.

Corey Perry

Corey Perry saves the day in the shootout, he got the only goal in tonight’s shootout. COREY PERRY GETS THE GAME-WINNING GOAL FOR THE ANAHEIM DUCKS.



Thoughts from the Anaheim Ducks players:

Corey Perry (on his shootout game-winning goal): The five-hole was there, it was open, and it was big. It found a way to go in.

Ryan Miller (on the win): I’ve been doing a lot of breakaways with the guys, and it certainly paid off.

Ryan Miller (on the game): I felt good early. I felt like I was moving pretty well. I’ve been doing a lot of breakaways with the guys, so it certainly paid off. It was certainly a good feeling.

Ryan Miller (on his mindset in the shootout): I tried to get good positioning and make them get around me. It worked out tonight. I was right with the puck on those plays. It was nice.

Thoughts from the Carolina Hurricanes players and coaches:

Jordan Staal (on the first period): Another poor start that just wasn’t even close. We need more. There’s still more. There’s still better starts we can have… We need to get more out of everybody right from the start. 

Justin Faulk (on the first period): We let them come in and dictate the first period. We were chasing. We had a better second and third, but you just can’t expect to win these games when you let a team come in and you have a chance to take it to them early on. 

Coach Bill Peters (on the second period): We were quicker in the second. Three is enough to win. We had enough to win tonight. 

 Jordan Staal (on the over-time period): Good teams find ways to win those, and we didn’t tonight.

 Justin Faulk (on the game): We’ve been in some tight games and haven’t got that extra push to get us on top in those scenarios. We’re getting chances. We need to score goals.

Jordan Staal (on the game): Just moving our legs, being aggressive and not waiting for the game to come to you. Take control of it right away. I think we’ve been coming out flat too often. It’s not good enough. 


LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks


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