Ducks Win!!!! Anaheim Ducks Defeat the Canadiens Big Time 6-2 with Gibson on Fire and Derek Grant Scores 1st NHL Career Goal

The Anaheim Ducks come out on top with the big WIN against Montreal Canadiens, putting the end to their 2-game consecutive losing streak, but the Montreal Canadiens’ now have a 7-game losing streak, due to the lose to the victorious Anaheim Ducks. Both of the teams were searching for answers and the team that got an answer was the Anaheim Ducks with the win 6-2 ending their 2-game consecutive losing streak, the Montreal Canadiens are still searching for a way to end the slum the appear to be in.

They went into the game knowing that Ondrej Kase will be in the lineup. According to John Ahlers, who briefly spoke about Kase in Ducks Live, he discussed and talked about how dangerous of a player that Ondrej Kase is and can be. Kase did show that in the game.

Guy’s Keys on the game against the Canadiens: 

  • Goalie woes
  • Shea Weber
  • Keep balance with scoring
  • Corey Perry with the odds on scoring on Carey Price

A player the Anaheim Ducks have issues with is Andrew Shaw, throughout the game he really got under the Ducks skin and ended off with a very angry defender putting the end to Shaw due to the fact that he never received a penalty when he deserved one.

Ducks Live on Chris Wagner and John Gibson

Wagner leads the team with hits, he has 20 hits so far this season. Kent French met up with Randy Carlyle and discussed ‘what he has liked about Chris Wagner’, he talks about that he has continued to build off last season and they finally found where and what position he should be playing in the game. Carlyle also mentioned about the injustice that was made on Chris Wagner, in the past season the Ducks played Wagner in the middle when he shouldn’t because he is much better and comfortable playing as a winger for the team.

Gibson, who left the game against after 20 minutes of play in the game against Avalanche. Guy Hebert discussed about the message that John Gibson is sending to his team, some of the points he made are that John Gibson wants to be in the net at all times to be the ‘working  horse’ for the team, he also knows that Miller is unavailable to play and wants to be the go to goalie for the Anaheim Ducks. John Gibson has become more technically sound with his position and the way he plays, he definitely showed that in his performance in the game on Friday.

Ducks on Identity with Randy Carlyle, Andrew Cogliano, Cam Fowler, and Jakob Silverberg

Randy Carlyle firmly talked about the importance of foundation and that for the team to have a strong foundation. The strong foundation for the Ducks consists of structure and work ethic to continue to become a better and stronger team. Andrew Cogliano discussed that they have been inconsistent in the way they played and play good defense are the things that they need to do to win this game, which is what they did in the game. Cam Fowler talked about how they need to be a team that is much stronger on fore-checking and speed through neutral zone is needed. A big thing for Jakob Silverberg is that we need to win the puck battles and keep shooting the puck at the goalie, Carey Price.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

If Josh Manson and Chris Wagner was in the movie “THE MIGHTY DUCKS” I consider them as the ‘BASH BROTHERS’ he was a big hit-man in the opening period, and some nasty ones at that.

The Anaheim Ducks get off to the a great start with a goal by Dennis Rasmussen rookie year with the Anaheim Ducks. Rasmussen taps the puck in from a shot by Bieska that ultimately broke his stick in half. Sometime after that goal the Ducks go go on a power play due to a tripping call on Canadiens player, Galchenyuk. Will the Ducks generate or do anything with their 1st power play of the game? The Canadiens made the Ducks mad when they made Cam Fowler skate into the side boards, something went wrong with Fowler because the first thing he did was grab his knee and putting barely any pressure on his leg, skated off the ice by holding onto 2 teammates on the ice to help him off the ice and into the locker room. After the period head coach Randy Carlyle said that Cam Fowler has a lower-body injury and will undergo a further assessment tomorrow (Saturday).

With signs that Cam Fowler will not be returning to the game, that means that the Anaheim Ducks are down to 5 defenders for the rest of the game Manson, Bieska, Montour, Beauchemin, and Megna.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

Also, during the power play, the Anaheim Ducks score, that is 4 minutes after their first goal. Derek Grant with a sweet pass from Brandon Montour he just taps it in, getting it past Carey Price. Derek Grant gets his very first NHL goal and his goal makes the first power play goal of the season.

This game is starting to get physical. Two players that had the second that the puck was dropped are Nick Richie and Andrew Shaw. Richie says enough is enough and they go at it and a penalty for roughing has been called after punches are thrown. Manson and Boll team up for a big hit on Montreal and to make it worse they made the hit right in front of the Montreal bench.

With puck battles wins, a steal from Wagner gets it to Vermette, slap-shot and the ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!!!! Tonight the Wagner-Perry-Vermette line is looking good and seem to be on fire in the first period, with the goal by Vermette the Ducks lead the Canadiens  3-0. The Ducks head to the locker room with a 3 goal lead against the Canadiens.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

With Antoine Vermette sitting in the penalty box for slashing, this gave the Canadiens their first power play and bad things happened in that power play. Bieska got so angry at the referees after he was clearly boarded by Canadiens Galchenyuk, he was mad that there was no boarding call made by the officials. Unfortunately the Ducks were unsuccessful in killing Vermette’s slashing penalty, Canadiens score, Byron got a bouncing puck past John Gibson.

The new rule of ‘face-off violation’ which I think is ridiculous, Ondrej Kase goes to the penalty box for a face-off violation penalty. No matter how many hits the Ducks threw at Andrew Shaw he still managed to get under their skin, especially for Gibson when Shaw chops Gibson and there was absolutely no call on that chop well more of a slash on John Gibson. Even after that chop/s;ash Gibson kept coming up with glove saves that I couldn’t believe he caught those pucks flying at him. Oh no another slashing call has been made and Kevin Bieska is going to the box for the slashing call and Beauchemin is off to the box on a hooking call and even with John Gibson’s solid performance the Ducks failed at killing a 5-on-3 Canadiens power play because the Montreal Canadiens score, and Gallagher gets a rebounded puck through the pads of John Gibson. Josh Manson ends the period by sweeping the puck that forced a turnover and that turnover  that prevented a very dangerous scoring opportunity that the Canadiens could have scored on Gibson making it a tie game going into the third. Josh Manson continues to prove to head coach Randy Carlyle that he is capable of so much more than what he has offered to the team in past seasons.

The Anaheim Ducks showed their physical side in the second with the big hard hits by defender Kevin Bieska and Josh Manson, and center Derek Grant. After a very physical period by the Ducks they head into the locker room with a 1 goal lead 3-2, the Ducks need to come out in the second period on fire and the momentum that they had in the opening period, and with goalie John Gibson on fire and giving a solid performance.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The third period is off to a good start with Gibson looking sharp from the first shot in the third to the last one. Right off the bat, ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!!!!!! BRANDON MONTOUR. Kevin Bieska passes the puck to Brandon Montour breaking his stick with a pass to Montour who just makes a rocket shot that gets by Carey Price. So unfortunate for the Canadiens they now trail by 2. The Ducks lead the Canadiens 4-2. Then it’s Kase, who is behind the net, confuses the goalie to think it’s gonna be a wrap-around instead of a sneaky pass to Derek Grant standing infront of Price and ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL… it’s Derek Grant with his second NHL career goal and with one more it could have been a hat trick for him but that didn’t happen for Derek Grant. Something good happened to the Ducks just 1-minute later, ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!!!! Chris Wagner with an assist from Perry and Vermette. Perry tries to get it in the goal but unfortunately for Price Chris Wagner was there to tap it in, from the great attempt of scoring for Corey Perry.

Andrew Shaw is now a hated player to the Ducks or at least it seamed that way every single time he ran into Nick Richie and Kevin Bieska. Rage is unleashed in Kevin Bieska once Andrew Shaw cross-checked Kevin Bieska and since the referees didn’t call a call on Shaw for the cross-check Kevin Bieska decided to take matters into his own hands because no one was doing anything about it. So what happened to Shaw? Well, Nick Ritchie and Kevin Bieska. Bieska starts throwing punches and then Ritchie is loose and angry, Bieska plus Ritchie not pretty. Andrew Shaw gets drilled by Bieska and Ritchie. With 11:20 to go 3 nasty penalties are called they lead to 3 players to the locker room. According to Ducks reporter Adam Brady, “After the flurry of goals gave the Ducks a four-goal lead, they were forced to play with four defensemen the rest of the way thanks to a donnybrook that broke out near the midway point of the third. Bieska threw punches unimpeded at a misbehaving Andrew Shaw, receiving a four-minute double minor for roughing and a 10-minute misconduct (Shaw also got a 10-minute misconduct).” Dooms day hits the Canadiens hard for the rest of the game making it a total of 3 penalties for the Canadiens. Max Pacioretty gets a trip to the penalty box for tripping. A well deserved penalty for high-sticking was made by the officials. Joe Morrow gets the high-sticking call for high-sticking Antoine Vermette in the face, I was so glad to see that he wasn’t hit in the eye. Thomas Plekanec was sent to the penalty box for slashing. Gibson denied the Canadiens a goal again and again for the rest of the game, he delivered a stellar performance, he made the Canadiens fight so hard to get pucks past him and because of his stellar performance he denied the Canadiens victory against the Ducks.


MILESTONE: Corey Perry broke another Anaheim Duck’s all-time franchise record in assists. With the assist on Wagner’s goal, Corey Perry (370) surpassed Paul Kariya for third place on the franchise’s all-time assist list.

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

A huge part of the win is by a stellar performance by Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson. He has set a Anaheim Ducks franchise record, John Gibson was very busy in the second period, with 28 saves in a single period alone now sets the franchise record of goals saved in a period. He had a total of 49 saves out of 51 shots on goal in the entire 3 periods (60 minutes) of play.

Some thoughts on the game from Derek Grant, John Gibson, and Coach Randy Carlyle:

Derek Grant on his first NHL career goal (with Kent French after the 1st period): It’s nice to get one that finally counts.

Derek Grant (on scoring his first two career NHL goals): It was a good feeling. It’s nice for the team to get one on the power-play, as well. Hopefully we can get that one going a little more. Kaser [Ondrej Kase] made a great play on the second one to get me an easy one. All the credit to him.

Derek Grant (on the game): We got the start we wanted, which hasn’t been our strong point. We sat back a little in the second, but we were able to find our game again in the third, show a lot of character and get the win.

John Gibson (on the game): We found a way to win. It was a big win for us. They needed a win, too, so it was a desperate hockey game. Just a lot of different pushes. It wasn’t the prettiest, but a win is a win.

John Gibson (on the third period): We came out and probably had our best period of the night. It was a good response.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on the start of the game): We’re going to try and take the positives out of it because that was the best start we’ve had this year. We’re going to have to start more games like that. I’m not suspecting we’re scoring three goals in the first period every time, but we have to show that energy, that spark and that grittiness to go out and compete. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

Head Coach Randy Carlyle (on scoring on the power play): We’ve had a lot of chances and we’ve had one goal we scored earlier that got called back because it was an offside review. Those are the hurdles you have to overcome. That’s the mental part of it. We know we have people in positions that can score goals and utilize the power-play time effectively. We just have to get more people making more contributions on the offensive side of it

The rookie Ducks players are looking good: Dennis Rasmussen with a goal and Derek Grant with 2 goals contributing to the BIG WIN against the Montreal Canadiens on Friday night.

Coming off a big win the Ducks head out on the road, they play the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday @4 pm. This is the final time of the regular season that these 2 teams will meet. The Ducks lost to the Flyers in the Ducks 2nd game of their season, they will probably come into the Wells Fargo Center hungry and ready to defeat the Flyers by giving it all they got and play like they did against the Canadiens on Friday night at Honda Center.


LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to leave your comments and thought below in the comment section.


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Sources: Anaheim Ducks Player News- Ducks Daily and Twitter @AnaheimDucks

Sources are all by The Anaheim Ducks/

Source: Adam Brady “Grants Scores First Two of His Career in 6-2 Ducks Victory”

Source: Ducks interviews: John Gibson, Derek Grant, Randy Carlyle

Photos by The Anaheim Ducks

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