Game Day: Ducks vs. Canadiens- Both Teams Look to End Losing Streak

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The night that the Ducks take on the Montreal Canadiens is a special night at Honda Center. Friday night the Anaheim Ducks will appreciate all law enforcement and the sacrifices they make to keep everyone safe and away from harm, it is a night that the Ducks say thank you for all that you have done for us, the fans, and our community. We are saying thank you to police men and women for taking the oath saying that you will protect and defend no matter what the cause may be. 

Photo by Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks look to end their 2 game losing streak, they are currently (2-3-1). While the Montreal Canadiens are looking to end their 6 consecutive game losing streak, they are currently (1-5-1). Both teams hungry for a win, we will have to wait and see which team ends their losing streak tonight. There is no blood between these 2 teams, we will have to see how the Ducks will come out playing, I hope they play hungry and focused on the game, shooting the puck and keep shooting and scoring on the Canadiens goalie, who most likely will be Carey Price, also that the Ducks defense will shut them down and keep the puck away from Ducks goalie, who most likely will be John Gibson. Gibson has been the starting goalie for 6 consecutive games for the Anaheim Ducks.

The Ducks go up against a team that will be close to breaking a franchise record.  According to Dab Arritt (reporter for the Canadians), “The Montreal Canadiens will try to avoid matching their worst 8-game start since 1941 when they play the Anaheim Ducks at Honda Center on Friday. The Canadiens have lost six in a row and are one of two NHL teams (Arizona Coyotes) without a regulation victory this season.”

The Canadiens California road trip concludes losing: they lost 5-2 when they played the San Jose Sharks, they lost 5-1 when they played the Los Angeles Kings.

Former Nashville Predator, Shea Weber is now with the Canadiens has played 36 games against the Ducks. As we all know there is some hate that has come between the Predators and the Ducks, feelings leftover from the Playoffs last season.

Montreal forward Andrew Shaw shares his thoughts about how to end the losing streak, “You’ve got to get mean, you’ve got to get ugly, you’ve got to get dirty, and you’ve got to get aggressive.”

Injury Update 

Randy Carlyle said that it’s “very doubtful” for Ryan Getzlaf and Patrick Eaves join the line-up for the game tonight. Getzlaf and Eaves have missed the past few games due to having lower-body injuries and continue to be evaluated to see if they are close to being or if they actually are game ready.

October 9th was the game that Ondrej Kase left the game and did not return to the game. He recently has started to show improvement and has taken part in practice with the team. So I’m hoping that is a sign to pull him off of the injured list to being a player that is in the line-up for the game.

Are there any Ducks ready to join the line up? Hampus Lindholm said, “I feel really close. It’s just about the little things like being comfortable battling and feeling strong in all positions.” Hampus Lindholm has been back practicing with the team and it has been a few weeks, I think that he really wants to make sure that his body is ready for a game. Having a 100% healthy body is needed due to the fact that physical contact is a huge part of the game, bodies do get shoved and run into and the occasional fights on the ice. I’m sure that he will make sure that he is healthy before stepping on the ice for his NHL 2017-18 season game debut. “One last hurdle for Lindholm, specifically, is being able to engage physically without hesitation or discomfort.” Hampus Lindholm said, “You don’t want to be too quick, but you want to be. I’ve played with an injured shoulder in the playoffs. When you get close like this, you want to play games. You don’t want to be skating around. It’s going to be fun when I finally get out there.”

Lindholm and Vatanen probably are two of the injured players closest to returning and they must be eager to play in a game. It has been 5 whole months since they have played in a NHL game. They are 2 of the Anaheim Ducks that went through surgery in May and understand that recovery is important but it probably hard on them that they are not recovering as fast as they would like.

Not to mention Ryan Kesler, his recovery is taking the longest for him to recover from his hip surgery and it must be so hard not being able to play the game you love. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like watching your teammates play and try hard to win the game without having him out there on the ice with his teammates and contributing to the team.

Despite all of these injuries that the Anaheim Ducks been faced with, all the players are either taking part in practice making their recovery come to an end or having your body recovering from surgery. For me, a good sign is always seeing that they took part at practice because I see that as they are steps closer to being able to play in a game.

Photo by creator of “The Mighty Ducks”

It was the 25th anniversary  celebration of the movie “THE MIGHTY DUCKS” maybe some of that Charlie Conway magic and Bash Brother action be hanging around Honda Center tonight. Let me hear you say “QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK…..DUCKS” -the pre-game chant before taking the ice in the movie.

The team that flies together, wins together. I WANT TO TOTALLY SEE THE FLYING V, I WANT TO SEE THE ANAHEIM DUCKS FLY TOGETHER. – my thought based on “THE MIGHTY DUCKS” the movie. QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK QUACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Anaheim Ducks are looking to turn the tables tonight. The same for the Canadiens, they are looking for a win, they have been on a downward spiral since their season opener, they are coming off of 6 consecutive game losing streak. The Ducks take on the Montreal Canadiens @7 pm at Honda Center. Don’t forget that it’s law enforcement appreciation night, the Ducks will be saying thank you for all you do to keep us safe. Who’s ready to see the Ducks end the night with a win? I am ready to see the Ducks put an end to this losing streak that they are currently on. Both of the teams will be looking to make an end to a losing streak but sad to say that only one team will be putting an end to their losing streak tonight. Fight for the win Ducks, play this game all that you got starting at the very second that the puck is dropped in the beginning of the first period and keep the momentum going for the full 60 minutes and not just 30 minutes of the game.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by Anaheim Ducks

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