Ducks Fall Short to the Sabres 3-1- Injures are Killing the Ducks 

So, the Ducks fall short, the Ducks were unsuccessful on Hockey Fights Cancer. I thought that there might be a fight because it was Hockey Fights Cancer Night but there was none there were only a bunch of hard hits.

After leaving Friday night’s game after just 1 period of play, John Gibson was the goalie in net for the Ducks vs. Sabres game on Sunday.

The injuries of 7 key Anaheim Ducks players have hurt the Ducks but this has giving the Ducks who aren’t normally recognized, they get the chance to show the coaching staff and the fans and teammates what they are capable of now they need to work on coming on top in a game. The 7 key players on the injured list 6 of 7 players their status has changed from injured to day-to-day and 1 of 7 long-term and expected to be on the ice within the next month or two.

Day-to-day injured players: Ryan Getzlaf, Patrick Eaves, Sami Vatanen, Ondrej Kase, Hampus Lindholm, and Ryan Miller.

Ryan Kesler remains at the status of his injury, expected by Christmas. I am hoping that he is back sometime before Christmas.

The game got off to a rocky start for the Ducks when they scored on John Gibson in an empty net, the puck found its way into the net a side that was completely hard to save and prevent the puck from going into the net. Making the score Sabres 1 and Ducks 0.

A big thing that was called the centers being called out of the face-off circle, apparently there is a new rule this season on the face-offs where players can’t go past a line or something.

In the 1st period Brandon Montour bailed out John Gibson, he knocked out a puck that was about to go in and was out of Gibson’s reach, Montour shot is out of the zone and to the sideboards.

Compared to Friday night’s game against the Colorado Avalanche, the Ducks did do a much better job with getting the puck and shooting the puck at the net, they just didn’t gain enough goals in the game.

Jakob Silverberg still is looking for his first goal of the season, he had several shots on goal but the puck seemed to find the glove of the Sabres goalie and not the net. he had some great shots on goal, I wish the Ducks could have got a goal with his attempts in all 3 periods of play but they didn’t.

There were very few penalties in the whole game, the Anaheim Ducks went on a power play early in the game when Kane got a 2 minute penalty for holding. The Ducks only got 2 penalties in the 1st period of play. Rickard Rakell  got a 2 minute penalty for goaltender interference, when he was trying to get the puck in the net from one of Silverberg’s attempts to score a goal, he bumped into the goalie and the net knocking it far from the blue paint. Antoine Vermette got a 2 minute penalty for tripping.

In the 1st period a tactic that the Sabres had or just did was they surrounded Corey Perry which prevented him from trying to score a goal. That strategy worked for the Sabres but it made scoring some what challenging for the Ducks

After the goal in the beginning of the 1st period John Gibson had so many great glove saves and pad saves. He saved 12 out of 13 shots on goal in the 1st period. His great saving only continued throughout the game.

The Anaheim Ducks headed to the locker room scoreless and with only 7 shots on goal. They will need to come into the 2nd period with more ways that will generate much more energy and momentum.

After a nice save by the Sabres goalie, the first slashing penalty was called, Kane goes to the penalty box for his 2 minute slashing penalty. This gave the Ducks another power play but they weren’t able to do anything with it. It is a bummer that Ducks weren’t able to do anything with the power play they received when Kane made a hard slash on Josh Manson.

Chris Wagner is one of those players who doesn’t look intimidating but he causes some pain and hurt, he’s like a secret weapon because you never know what he is going to do, Kane learned that about Wagner first hand. So, after Kane gets out from the penalty box for slashing Josh Manson, he runs into the beast, Chris Wagner, who gave Kane a hard and painful hit into the glass.

Right winger, Corey Perry had a hard hit and in the process slightly hit the goalie, for Perry there was no goaltender interference that was called, but he did have a target on his back after that hit, he got hit a few times after that hit happened.

Again with Montour to the rescue, with Brandon Montour near the goal and Ducks goalie John Gibson, he just came in and swooped the puck out and got it to a spot where Gibson was able to cover up the puck.

I feel that Kane is now a player that causes hate, Kane did a chop on the back of Ducks goalie John Gibson and because of that it ended up with a pile-up behind the net and there were several attempts to penalties for roughing but nothing was called. A hit on the goalie tends to bring the worst out in the players and that is where roughing penalties kick in but that didn’t happen in this game.

Corey Perry heads to the penalty box with a 2 minute penalty for slashing, that I had a feeling that would happen with the target on his back and probably a little rage from the chop on Gibson might have caused that penalty.

ANAHEIM DUCKS GOAL!!!!!!! CHRIS WAGNER. The first short-handed goal by Chris Wagner and with Antoine Vermette with the assist.

After that beautiful goal by Wagner things got a little messy for the Ducks and a few mistakes were made. With bodies all over the place in front of the net the Sabres were able to sneak one in just before the end of the 2nd period. Making the score Ducks 1 and Sabres 2.


After that beautiful goal by Wagner things got a little messy for the Ducks and a few mistakes were made. With bodies all over the place in front of the net the Sabres were able to sneak one in just before the end of the 2nd period. Making the score Ducks 1 and Sabres 2.

The final period there was a bunch of skating and the Ducks desperately trying to get a goal to tie up the game but that plan sorta backfired.

The issue of the centers in the faceoff continued to be a slight problem for the Ducks. It caused the Ducks not being able to set up plays once they get the puck from winning the faceoff, that is something that really hurt the Ducks throughout the period, well all of the periods.

Gibson had a bunch more of his great glove saves, but as we all know a goalie is just one member of the team and it is up to the forwards and defenders to get the puck in the opposing team’s zone and shoot, shoot and shoot the puck until it goes in.

Gibson to the bench with 1 minute left in the game, which gives the Ducks an extra attacker on the ice, bummer for the Ducks cause the Sabres scored on the empty net and that little puck went right on into the net making the score Sabres 3 and Ducks 1.

Now some thought on the game from some of the players and head coach Randy Carlyle.

Chris Wagner (on playing from behind): “It doesn’t help getting behind because then you’re chasing the game. Maybe we’re squeezing our sticks a little too tight. It’s not fun playing from behind.” Chris Wagner (On turnovers): “We’re just not mentally there, I guess. We’ve been struggling a bit. We’ve talked about it, but we have to go out there and execute night in, night out.”

John Gibson (on playing from behind): “You never draw it up that way, but stuff happens. We usually come back. You find ways. We just haven’t found it yet.” John Gibson (on the frustration level): “That’s the way it’s going. If we’re not scoring, we have to do better defensively. I have to be better. When it’s not going good, that’s the way the bounces are. You saw that on the second goal. A shot that’s not going really going toward the net. That’s the way it is.”

Randy Carlyle (on the game): “These games right now seem to be played in parts. We haven’t been able to put together 60 minutes.  You can tell we’re starting to squeeze the sticks. Loose pucks up for grabs, instead of calmly making a play or corralling the puck, we’re slapping it away and throwing it away from ourselves. Usually that’s a sign of confidence. That’s the one thing we have to try and correct.” Randy Carlyle (on what it’s going to take to get pucks through traffic): “We had our fair share of chances to get pucks through, but when things aren’t going your way, with momentum and the tide of the games, you find ways to hit shin pads. Conversely, if things are going your way, you find a way to get the puck directed at the net. We need to put our nose to the grindstone, breathe a little bit and get back to work.”

The Anaheim Ducks play on Friday the October 20th. Game time is 7 pm at Honda Center, where the Anaheim Ducks will face the Montreal Canadians, they will be looking to bounce back from their lose to Avalanche and the Sabres.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photos by The Anaheim Ducks


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