Game Day: The Anaheim Ducks Fly to Colorado to Face the Colorado Avalanche

The Anaheim Ducks face former teammate Jonathan Bernier who is now the goalie for Colorado Avalanche. Photo by Colorado Avalanche.

Tonight the Anaheim Ducks play their very first away game of the season, they are playing the Colorado Avalanche. Now the Colorado Avalanche had the lowest points in their league. Their league-low  which is 48 points (22-56-4) last season, this season they are doing good so far with (3-1-0), but that is also what the beginning of last season looked like. They are going up against a team that just gained one of the teams key scoring player, Patrick Eaves, so the Avalanche will have to work hard to get the win from the Ducks who defeated the New York Islanders 3-2.

Cogliano, Rakell, and Eaves got goals in Wednesday’s game and those goals were not plain simple slap-shot goals they found a way to make that puck go in the net. Like Rakell’s goal, just a slight tap to make that puck slide through the goalie’s wickets. Eaves just makes scoring a goal so easy. It’s so easy for the Eaves. MUST BE THE POWER OF THE BEARD, FEAR THE BEARD.

Boll is now starting to play his game and it’s so fun to see a Wrecking Boll on the ice. Also it’s fun seeing Manson and Wagner and Megna on the ice, those big bodies shoving their opponents into the glass or get in fights. Fights that is something we all know Jared Boll is good at he’s like a ‘Punching Boll’ , the Ducks version of a punching bag.

The Anaheim Ducks face Jonathan Bernier, the former goalie of the Anaheim Ducks. A word about facing Bernier from Antoine Vermette, ” I’m sure Bernie is going to be ready. He’s a competitive guy, One thing I appreciate about Jonathan, the way he plays, he’s not a big guy, but he’s a smart goalie. He reads the play pretty well and gets in position when he’s on his game. It’s impressive for a smaller goalie.” Logan Shaw shares some thoughts about going up against Bernier, “We know what kind of goalie he is, so that’s definitely going to help. He’s a competitor. He’s going to work hard and show what he can do.”

John Gibson has been the starting game for all of the season games so it is most likely that he will be the goalie in the lineup for this game against the Colorado Avalanche

The main focus in this game is the opening period, the players and coaches that were interviewed after Wednesday night’s game all talked about that they need to get a better start and keep the momentum going for not just half of the game but for the whole entire 60 minutes of the game. Also they should work on finding many ways to get the puck in the Colorado zone and keep shooting until the puck goes in the net. Also, they should work on the defense, keeping the puck in their zone and trying not to leave any opportunities or chances to score against John Gibson, even though he has been in the zone and has been coming through for the Ducks with his stellar performances in the past 4 games, despite all the calls not made for goaltender interference that should have been called in my opinion.

Injury Updates

Ryan Kesler is still out for the count, he is still healing from the surgery he had during the off season and had not yet taken part in any morning skates or practices. Something we do know is that he can walk so he is expected to be skating before Christmas, I am hoping that will be sometime in November or early December.

Hampus Lindholm and Sami Vatanen who had to recover from their surgeries received in the off season have been spotted at practice and morning skates the past few weeks. So I wonder if we will see them play this month, we will just have to wait and see.

Ondrej Kase was injured in the games against the Calgary Flames. He left the game after taking a high hit from Flames defenseman Dougie Hamilton and hasn’t been at a morning skate since he recieved that high hit.

Nick Richie was injured during a game and didn’t play Wednesday due to a upper-body injury. Richie has been spotted at the morning skate, so he is on his way to being able to play in a game.

Get your game faces on Anaheim Ducks and bring us home a victory, a victory against the Colorado Avalanche.

Tonight at 6 pm the Anaheim Ducks go up against the Colorado Avalanche at the Pepsi Center in Colorado. Tonight marks the first watch party at The Tilted Kilt. Get ready for a exciting match tonight, game time is just about 5 1/2 hours away.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sources: Anaheim Ducks Player News- Ducks Daily and Twitter @AnaheimDucks

Sources are all by The Anaheim Ducks/


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