Ducks Go Up In Flames and With the Loss Records are Broken

Ducks Go Up In Flames and With a Loss Records are Broken

Nothing lasts forever so that means all things must come to an end. According to Adam Brady, “They say all good things must come to an end, and for the Anaheim Ducks tonight that meant one of the more extraordinary streaks in all of pro sports.” As a result of Monday night’s game, “Anaheim ‘s 2-0 loss to the Calgary Flames at Honda Center finally broke an NHL-record string of 25 consecutive regular season home games over Calgary, the league’s longest home winning streak against one opponent. It was the first regular season loss at home to the Flames since- remarkably -Jan. 19, 2003. The Ducks had won nine of their last 10 regular season games vs. Calgary dating to Nov. 24, 2015.”

I feel that a major part in the result or outcome of the game was basically based off of the terrible and some sorta ok calls made by the referees. For instance, having your goalie being knocked out of the blue paint and almost to the side boards and there is no goaltender interference call when the referee is standing right in front of it all and just doing nothing but watch a player slash John Gibson and have his goalie mask break and yet again no goaltender interference calls were made even though it was so obvious. Then there is the 10-minute penalty that was given to Corey Perry for misconduct, roughing and fighting, it was an entertaining fight in the moment but the call was such a terrible one in my eyes cause all that I saw was a penalty 2 minutes for roughing or possibly 5 minutes for fighting. Something I was upset about was the way the Flames continued and were constantly pinning and shoving Corey Perry in the glass and the boards. Another thing that was upsetting was the way that Ondrej Kase got shoved to the point was so bad that he left the game and did not return to the game and the Anaheim Ducks are going to be doing a re-evaluation of his body to see if he’s good to play or if we have another player being added to the injured player list because there are so many players that are on that list as it is.

The Ducks got lucky with the news of having Ryan Getzlaf returning back into the lineup in game #3 after missing the home opener against the Coyotes and game #2 against the Flyers, the captain came back in the game ready for action and was in the same line as let’s say his ‘bash-brother’ Corey Perry but they weren’t able to execute from all the shots they made at the goal. Smith, the Flames goalie, stopped every single puck that came his way. Even though the Ducks have their captain Ryan Getzlaf back there are still some key players that are missing and not on the lineup due to their injuries. Ryan Kesler, Patrick Eaves, Nick Ritchie, Hampus Lindholm, and Sami Vatanen. “That leaves Anaheim without a significant amount of firepower, though they were able to amass 43 shots on goal and 35 more that were either blocked or went wide of the net.”

In an interview with captain Ryan Getzlaf he said, “I don’t know if we did a good enough job getting in there for second and third opportunities. We directed a lot of pucks at the net, but I don’t think we had any rebound opportunities until the third period.” As a fan, over the years I have seen time and time again that the Ducks best period in the game is the third period. Then an interview with head coach Randy Carlyle, “We had chances. We created a lot more chances in the second half of the game versus the first half of the game. That’s been our Achilles heel in these last three games. We haven’t had a start we could be proud of.” Over time the Ducks have shown that they are capable and I feel that the Anaheim Ducks just need to find a way to get to that place where they are executing in the way they need in the way that benefits them in the scoring aspect of the game. Then in the interview with Corey Perry he said some of his thoughts on the game, “We weren’t crisp. Our game is moving the puck, skating, getting in on the forecheck and banging bodies. We haven’t really consistently done that yet. It’s a work in progress.” Based on what Perry said I feel that the Ducks need to take action to get to the place or spot they need to be where they are moving the puck, skating and getting in on the forecheck and banging bodies, and be in the place where they can execute the way they feel that they need to be at.

The season just started and there are many more games so all the Ducks need to do is find and play their game and win games so they can have a spot in the Stanley  Cup Playoffs.

The Ducks face the New York Islanders Wednesday @7 pm in the Honda Center the final game in their 4-game homestand.

LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sources: Anaheim Ducks Player News- Ducks Daily and Twitter @AnaheimDucks

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