Rival Time- Ducks vs Kings (preseason game)

Once again the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings face each other, these two teams meet a week ago for a pre-season game at Honda center and the Anaheim Ducks were successful coming out with a win against their rivals, THE LOS ANGELES KINGS. So today on September 30, 2017 the Anaheim Ducks head up the I-5 freeway to face the Los Angeles Kings for their last game for the pre-season. I am hoping for a really good battle and each team fight with everything they got to win this game also hoping that the Ducks is the team that ends up on top.

When these two teams play against one another it isn’t really a typical normal game for the Anaheim Ducks, when there is a Ducks vs. Kings game a majority of the fans know before going into Honda Center and Staples Center that this match between these two specific teams is going to be a brutal one. Meaning that there is a certain amount of hate between these teams and you can expect blood and some intense fights and fans angry at the referees for making bad calls. Either if you are in the arena or watching on the TV you will hear chants from the crowd or going in on the chants with the crowd. Most likely the chants that you may expect to hear are: “Ref you suck, ref you suck” or Kings fans antagonizing the goalie by saying things like, “Gibson Gibson Gibson you don’t belong here and you suck” and the Ducks would say something like, “Quick Quick you suck” they say this to try to get the goalie’s attention hoping that their distraction be the cause of the goalie letting a puck in the net and allowing the announcer to say, “And the Los Angeles Kings Score” or “And the Anaheim Ducks Score” which  mostly leads to fans screaming and yelling cause their team just scored or yelling because they think that the goalie could have saved the puck from going in the net. One thing you may not expect to hear at Honda Center is fans chanting “BEAT LA BEAT LA”. There are mixed chants because there are both Kings and Ducks fans in the building and those might be “Let’s Go Ducks” while at the same time the Kings fans chanting “Let’s Go Kings” and can tend to be interesting when you go to the game due to hate between these two teams which often leads hate between fans which can cause chaos at the game which makes the game even more entertaining.

As you know that I’m such a huge Ducks fan, growing up I was thrown a twist when it came to hockey. One of my sisters got married to a Kings fan. Since my brother-in-law is a Kings fan it makes going to Ducks vs. Kings games very interesting and entertaining. It makes watching games with him so much fun especially when the Ducks score a goal on Jonathan Quick but sometimes that backfires when the Kings score a goal on John Gibson.

It’s the second of many freeway faceoffs between the Ducks and Kings. LET’S GO DUCKS. QUACK QUACK QUACK. LET’S GO DUCKS. AND BEAT L.A. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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*Remember to download the NHL app to access everything Ducks. It’s a go to place to see stats on players, you can subscribe in order to listen to the game just like you would in the car, track the team points to see what place they stand in for the playoffs, and my favorites you can shop through the app and read articles of and watch interviews of the games and everything to do with the Anaheim Ducks.*

Most of you are probably on Social Media so here’s another source to get: Follow the Anaheim Ducks on Twitter and Instagram if you don’t already. It is a great way to stay in the loop of what is going to be happening with the Ducks and the Honda Center. Also you can follow each player on Twitter to see what they are up to besides playing the game and practicing for the games.

*Continue to check out the Ducks Team Store because there is always new items and merchandise that the Anaheim Ducks Team Store. So check it out before it’s gone.*


Sources: Anaheim Ducks Player News- Ducks Daily and Twitter @AnaheimDucks

Sources are all by The Anaheim Ducks/ anaheimducks.com


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