Loss To The Kings (preseason game #2)

The Anaheim Ducks ended their pre-season with a loss against the Los Angeles Kings but if you either watched the game on TV or was at Staples Center you can definitely see that the goaltending was outstanding. John Gibson gave quit an outstanding performance, I was very impressed with the way he was able to move and slide around the ice to prevent almost all of the pucks going into the net.

People will judge and if you’re a Ducks fan and have a family or friend that just so happens to be a Kings fan well some bragging and the “Did you see the game last night?” when they probably know you watched and rubbed it in your face just because they want to for who knows what reason that may be. Some people might even question or wonder why in the world did the coach scratch this player (you can see the scratched players from that game on the @AnaheimDucks twitter) or what was the coach thinking when he decided to do this or that. Well that is a question only the coach can answer all we can do as fans is either be curious about it or we can speculate about it.

Now many of you know that my brother-in-law is a Kings fan and when the Kings defeat the Ducks or when the Ducks defeat the Kings I normally and almost always take the high road and will say what a great game the Kings goalie had or what an awesome goal that whatever player scored, or when I was shocked when the team did something where my reaction was like “what? How did they do that?”. I’m not really the kind of person that likes to shove the hahahahaha my team beat you.

When I was watching the game on TV I was in awe with how the goalies were able to move their body in the ways they did to save the puck from going in. I also noticed some things that the Ducks could work on and some things that they should and need to continue to work on. I would really like to see the Ducks improve the way they play on the power-plays because they had 5-on-3 and 4-on-3 power plays and wasn’t able to do anything with it. So if I was the coach, which I am not, at practice I would focus some time on being more successful on the power-plays. Your goalie really showed and proved what he is capable of doing in a game and the forwards and defenders have shown what they are capable of throughout the season but as a fan I think that it is the coaches and/or assistant coaches job to help the players keep putting out their very absolute very best EVERY game and maybe it can be possible for the ’17-’18 Ducks take it but that won’t happen, I don’t think it will if they don’t work on improving their game.


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*Remember to download the NHL app to access everything Ducks. It’s a go to place to see stats on players, you can subscribe in order to listen to the game just like you would in the car, track the team points to see what place they stand in for the playoffs, and my favorites you can shop through the app and read articles of and watch interviews of the games and everything to do with the Anaheim Ducks.*

Most of you are probably on Social Media so here’s another source to get: Follow the Anaheim Ducks on Twitter and Instagram if you don’t already. It is a great way to stay in the loop of what is going to be happening with the Ducks and the Honda Center. Also you can follow each player on Twitter to see what they are up to besides playing the game and practicing for the games.

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Sources: Anaheim Ducks Player News- Ducks Daily and Twitter @AnaheimDucks

Sources are all by The Anaheim Ducks/ anaheimducks.com


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