Ducks Camp

Just saw some pictures on the @anaheimducks Twitter of the one of the defenseman, Hampus Lindholm, took part on the ice for the #DucksCamp. There are still 44 players on the team and it is up to head coach Randy Carlyle to weed out the players until there are only about 25 players to have by the opening games in the  ’17-’18 season.

Just like I said before I am constantly looking at posts on the Anaheim Ducks Twitter page and the Anaheim Ducks NHL players Twitter pages as well and there is good news that just came across and I believe it will be interviews that will be shown on Ducks Daily.  Anaheim Duck, Sami Vatanen said, “I actually feel really good right now. At least I can skate now and get my legs going when I get the call to pay again.” (from interview video saw on Ducks Daily.)

It is so good to see some of the injured players taking part in the #DucksCamp and skating on the ice with the rest of the team and for me as a huge Ducks fan it is so good to see the players on the injured list on the ice and taking part in team practice and since it is pre-season it is good to see them take part in #DucksCamp  I take as a good sign and a sign that those players are steps closer to be back playing in the NHL games. My hope is that the injured players will come back playing stronger in the games better than ever before but one can only hope.

Practice makes perfect, a saying that is often used in sports to encourage players to want to work harder and harder to be the best they can be which gives motivation that will possibly give any human being the drive and will power to do whatever it takes to become the best they can be. And if you want to play in the NHL, the player needs to have the motivation, determination, and the will power to be the best player they can be and have the hope that if they work hard enough they might deserve a spot on an NHL team or an AHL team which is the league that comes right before playing in a real live NHL game.

My opinion on Ducks Camp and Pre-season is that it is basically the time of the chosen few which for the Anaheim Ducks started with about 68 player and now a few weeks from the opening game of the season there are now  44 players left but it is those players all have to prove to coach Randy Carlyle that they deserve a spot in the NHL with the Ducks. For young athletes the dream that they most likely have is to play the game at the professional level of playing in the AHL or NHL.

I am looking forward to see what the ’17-’18 Anaheim Ducks are going to do with their season this year. And no matter what the Ducks face this season I have a feeling inside me that through everything that they will face the team will overcome and have the strength and determination to take the Anaheim Ducks back to the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I am hoping that the Anaheim Ducks WIN THE STANLEY CUP

As of October 2nd the Anaheim Ducks Staff announced some roster moves, moving players down to the Gulls and now your Anaheim Ducks have 27 players on the roster. Go to the NHL app to see the remaining training camp roster for this season.

Will there be any more roster changes before the first game on October 5th? We will just have to wait and see on game day what is the final roster of the 2017-18 ANAHEIM DUCKS.

The end of Ducks Camp is almost here.

Where oh where is Wild Wing?

The time has come Wild Wing yes it is now time to flap your wings because DUCKTOBER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LET’S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



*Remember to download the NHL app to access everything Ducks. It’s a go to place to see stats on players, you can subscribe in order to listen to the game just like you would in the car, track the team points to see what place they stand in for the playoffs, and my favorites you can shop through the app and read articles of and watch interviews of the games and everything to do with the Anaheim Ducks.*

Most of you are probably on Social Media so here’s another source to get: Follow the Anaheim Ducks on Twitter and Instagram if you don’t already. It is a great way to stay in the loop of what is going to be happening with the Ducks and the Honda Center. Also you can follow each player on Twitter to see what they are up to besides playing the game and practicing for the games.

*Continue to check out the Ducks Team Store because there is always new items and merchandise that the Anaheim Ducks Team Store. So check it out before it’s gone.*


Sources: Anaheim Ducks Player News- Ducks Daily and Twitter @AnaheimDucks

Sources are all by The Anaheim Ducks



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